Desire To Control Her (Part: 74 My Caring Boyfriend)


“Wear your clothes.” As he ordered, my eyes widened in shock.

What! He can’t leave me in the middle.

“Master, you can punish me more but please don’t leave me like this in the middle.” I pleaded, still bending on the slab, looking at him over my shoulder.

“You didn’t follow my order and now this is your punishment. Anyway, It’s enough for today.”

“No, no, it’s not. I need you more.”

“Don’t argue with me, Butterfly because I’m still angry with you.” He sneered at me.

“If you’re angry, then why aren’t you punishing me?” I asked him, raising my brows.

“Butterfly, stand up and wear your clothes.” He ordered me sternly, glaring at me like if I don’t follow his orders, then I’m gone.

I immediately stood up and started wearing my clothes with a sad pout while he wore his jeans.

“Now go to the dining table as I’m bringing the dinner.” He ordered me before taking out bowls from the cabinet.

“No, I’m not going. I’ll go with you.” As I uttered stubbornly, he gave me an angry look.

“Butterfly, I’m already angry, don’t raise my anger more.” He warned me, pointing his finger at me.

“If you’re angry, then punish me more, please.” I pleaded, grabbing his collars and pulling him down, closer to my face.

“Just go.” He said curtly, pushing me away and I became upset.

I think it’s time to tell him why I said those words to him because I can’t take his rudeness.

I’ll tell him while having dinner. Now I should go.

“Okay.” I nodded my head meekly before walking out of the kitchen.

First I wore my shorts and undies which were lying in the hall and then I went to the dining table. I settled down and waited for him.

He came with the dinner and settled down beside me. He has serious look on his face.

“Are you still angry?” I asked, initiating the conversation but he didn’t respond.

“Please, talk to me.” I implored, holding his hand. He moved his eyes to me.

“I’m hurt, Butterfly. How could you say that you will go and find a new Master?” He spoke in a dejected tone and now I felt a pang of guilt. I didn’t want to hurt him, I just wanted to bring back his Master side.

I stood up from my chair and sat over his lap. “I’m sorry.” I apologised, placing my hand on his face. I continued, “I just wanted to bring back my Master. Believe me, I can never ever think to have a new Master as you know how much I hate to be controlled. I’m a free bird, your Butterfly. Only you can control me and nobody else. You’re perfect for me and I’m sorry again. I was just missing my Master badly.”

I kissed him chastely and softly, cupping his face. He kissed me back with equal softness, gently holding my waist. I just love it when he kisses me like this. I feel like through this kiss, he directly kisses my soul.

“Never ever say that you will go and find another Master.” He whispered against my lips, panting as we pulled apart.

I smiled and murmured, “never,” still catching my breath back. He kissed my forehead, making me smile with utter contentment.

“But if you again take away my Master from me, I’ll,” he shushed me by slamming my lips and kissing me passionately and wildly this time, grasping my hair roughly and yanking my head back. He squeezed one of my tits very hard with his free hand, making me moan in his mouth. I just love it when he becomes so rough.

“Don’t even say that.” He warned me sternly after leaving my lips.

I smiled with triumph. Oh, God! I missed my Master so much.

“I won’t, I promise.” I hugged him, smiling.

“You’re only mine, I can’t even imagine you with someone else.” He uttered possessively, hugging me firmly, pulling me closer to himself. I felt secure in his warm arms like always.

He suddenly moved away from me. “Are you fine, Butterfly? I was so hard on you today.” He asked me concernedly, checking my wrists. He placed kisses all over there and I just smiled at him.

So my caring boyfriend is back!

“I’m absolutely fine, baby,” I uttered smilingly, placing my hand on his face.

“Don’t call me baby, I’m not baby.” He complained, rolling his eyes.

“But I like to call you baby when you get unnecessarily worried for me like a baby gets anxious for his close ones,” I explained to him.

“First of all I’m not getting unnecessarily anxious for you, your hand is already hurt and I hurt you more. Why did you make me angry?”

Oh God, this man!

“You didn’t hurt me,” I uttered, cutting his words. “You make me feel alive and take my desires to another level. You know your Master side is a huge turn on for me. I like to be controlled by you. You can never hurt me because now I like everything about you.” I explained to him, gazing into his deeply while unbuttoning his jeans and sliding my hand into it.

He left me in the middle and now it’s time for him to complete the unfinished business.

“Not now, Butterfly.” He suddenly stopped me, holding my hand. “Before this, I have to do something.”

“What?” I raised my brows.

He lifted me by grasping my waist and made me sit on the dining table.

“I just come.” He stood up and went to the room, buttoning his jeans.

He came back within a half minute and sat down on the chair before placing my feet on his lap. I clearly saw guilty in his eyes when he noticed the red marks on my ankles.

He caressed the marks before kissing there. As his lips touched my skin, I shivered and closed my eyes to feel his soothing touch.

“I don’t know why but I can’t see marks on your exquisite body, Butterfly.” He murmured, looking at me, still stroking my ankles, sending electric current down my spine.

I love this man so much! I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

“But I want you to mark every inch of my skin.”

“That I’ll surely do.” He said, placing his chin on my lap, looking up at me.

I just smiled at him broadly. “Don’t you think, it’s time to complete our unfinished work,” I uttered, splaying my legs for him and gazing at him with a sensuous smile on my face.

He stood up and leaned closer to my face, standing between my wide-open legs. “It’s enough of your punishment, now it’s time for your reward.” He breathed against my lips.

“Reward?” I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

“Reward for taking your punishment like a good submissive.” He whispered, opening the button of my shorts and sliding his hand into my undies. He had just touched me there just a few minutes ago but it still feels like I have been longing for his touch for ages. A shiver rushed down my spine and I closed my eyes as his cold hand touched my warm honeypot.

“Still so wet for me. Not bad.” He said huskily, rubbing between my thighs vigorously, driving me crazy. He planted a lingering kiss on my lips, rubbing me fast.

“Strip.” He suddenly ordered, taking out his hand and moving away from me. His mere word sent chills down my spine and my heartbeat accelerated with excitement.

I instantly complied by taking off my top, shorts and undies. He is gazing at me with deep desires in his eyes, I’m feeling like he is eating me through his eyes.

“You’re looking so sexy right now, Butterfly, sitting like this naked on the dining table, splaying your legs for me.” He whispered hoarsely, stroking up my thighs, making me shiver with his touch and words.

He suddenly grasped my waist and yanked me to himself with a swift motion, making our front body collide. “You missed my Master side a lot, right?” He asked, rubbing his jeans against my dripping wet crotch.

“Yes, Master…” I answered, moaning and closing my eyes. I just love the way how first he excites me with his words and then pleasures me with his actions.

“I promise now I’ll never let you miss your Master.” He whispered in my ear and looked at me with a mischief grin on his face.

What’s going on in his mind? I wondered, narrowing my brows. But whatever I’m glad that my Master is finally back.

But the next moment only, his phone started ringing in the pocket of his jeans, disturbing us.

Why does somebody have to call right now? This phone has spoiled my all mood. I pouted like a grumpy kid.

We ignored it at first, but when it rang again, he took out the phone and answered it. “Hello.”

Suddenly his expression changed, he became anxious.

“What? How?” He freaked out.

“I’m just reaching.” He disconnected the call and hastily slipped the phone into his jeans pocket. I’m just staring at him bemusedly, wondering, ‘whose call it was?’

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