(Beyond Love} Chapter: 37 (Sidnaaz)


He hastily opened my jeans button and slipped his hand into my jeans and then into my undies too, sending chills down my spine, making my breath hitch.

Shit! I’m dripping wet for him and my core is throbbing for him. It seems like, every cell of my body is craving for his touch as it feels so intoxicating being so close to him, like this.

My mind wants him to stop because we’re sitting along with his friends but my heart and my body wants something else, something beyond words.

It’s getting difficult for me but I really need to stop him. Exhaling a deep breath, I stared at him with pleading eyes.

“I already told you, Baby girl, if you don’t tell me what you want, then I would assume myself.” He murmured, smiling devilishly at me.

Gee, I can’t believe that he can be this naughty too. His evil side is coming out now, which is indeed a big turn on for me and I would be lying if I’ll not say that I’m not enjoying every bit of it. He is looking so attractive and hot with a mischief smile on his face, making my heart flutter. I’m literally liking him more and more with each passing second.

Indeed, a Greek God he is!

The next moment, I breathed heavily, closing my eyes as he cupped my crotch with his cold hand. Gee, for the first time, someone is touching me there and it feels heavenly incredible as well as extremely sensuous.

At Game Center’s washroom he had rubbed me over the fabric of undies but now there is no fabric between my crotch and his hand. It’s much more incredible now.

Holy shit, I can’t take this anymore. Right now I just want him to carry me to the room and satisfy me in every possible way as my whole body is on fire.

Gawd, I’m literally sounding like a horny bitch but I can’t deny the truth that only he can make me think like this. He literally evokes so many unnamed emotions in me that I can’t even name them.

No, no. I screamed in my mind when he started rubbing my sensitive bud with his fingers. It’s heavily pleasurable. I can’t even describe in words how I’m feeling right now. I bit my lips after taking them in my mouth to control my moans and mechanically splayed my legs for him inside the blanket. When he is around me, my body doesn’t support me.

I’m literally finding myself melting in his touch, all over again.

But it’s so hot to romance like this in front of his friends, fearing of getting caught, I won’t lie this is arousing me on more.

He is rubbing me vigorously now and my core is throbbing profusely for him. I can’t control my moans anymore.

I just opened my eyes and immediately captured his lips like a wild cat, forgetting everything around me, making him startled a bit.

Such a bold move, Sana!

He instantly grasped my hair with his free hand and kissed me back with equal passion, still rubbing me rapidly inside the blanket. I can’t believe we’re doing this but clearly, he is rubbing off on me.

Well, it feels so daring and who knows what is going inside the blanket, right?

“Oh my God! What’s going on here?” We instantly pulled apart and Sidharth took his hand out as we heard Rosy’s voice.

Shit! We have been caught.

A red hue immediately appeared on my face, feeling their eyes on us. Shit, it’s so embarrassing. I can’t face them, I hid my face in his chest without even glancing at them, shying to no extent.

“I can’t believe someone can romance while watching an action movie too.” Jack chuckled.

Sidharth embraced me in his arms and uttered casually, “so what? We were just kissing. It’s normal.”


“Come on Jack, who said they were romancing? They too were doing an action inside the blanket, isn’t it Sidharth,” Cabir commented, making others laugh. I literally dug my face more in my man’s chest, hearing their words. It’s hell embarrassing!

“Ha ha ha, very funny.” Sidharth mocked, making them giggle.

“Newly Love Birds,” Ashley commented, making me blush. Gawd, I can’t believe I’m blushing in this situation too.

But Love birds? Really? Are we?

“Okay, guys, we’re going as we’re feeling sleepy. You guys enjoy the movie.” Suddenly he stood up from the sofa, carrying me in his warm arms after wrapping the blanket around us. I just snuggled in his arms. I can feel him, glaring at them for teasing me. I don’t even need to see his face to know his expression.

Thank God, he is taking me from here because I’m not in a state of facing them.

He is taking me to a room. It must be a guest room, I think.

As we entered the room, we both looked at each other and in the next moment we both burst into laughter and he kicked the door close with his leg.

“God, I can’t believe that I did something like this today,” I said in utter embarrassment, looking at him after raising my head from his chest.

“Baby girl, so get used to it now.” He caressed his nose against mine and made me blush.

“By the way, thank you for always saving me, my saviour,” I murmured, smiling at him.

“Now will I get the reward for saving my baby girl?” He asked after laying me down on the bed and smirked at me.

“One day, you’ll surely get,” I whispered, placing my hand on his face, rubbing his stubble with my thumb and gazing at him affectionately.

“I’m waiting for that day.” He breathed against my lips before kissing me chastely, sliding his fingers into my hair and stroking my cheeks with his thumbs. The way he’s kissing me, I’m feeling like he directly kissing my soul. I’m feeling heavenly incredible.

After breaking the kiss, he kissed me on my forehead. “Now you should sleep, you must be tired.” He uttered.

And my caring Shukla is back!

“But how will I sleep in these tight jeans and t-shit. It’s so uncomfortable?” I asked him.

“No problem, sleep without it.” As he said, my eyes widened a bit.

He laughed at me and I stared at him innocently. “Baby girl, I’m just kidding. You can take off your clothes and sleep in my shirt.” Now I pouted angrily at him. He will never stop teasing me.

Monster Shukla! Huh!

“Even one day I’m also gonna tease you so much. I’ll certainly take my revenge.” I said with confidence.

“Sure, sure. Nobody is stopping you, baby girl.” He said, opening the button of his shirt.

And I’m dead now after seeing him shirtless. I’m seeing his muscular body with six packs abs for the first time. I’m gazing at him with an open mouth. Oh my God, he has maintained his body so perfectly. I licked my lips, staring at his body with desires in my eyes.

“Are you liking what are you seeing?” He asked, taking off his shirt. I nodded mechanically, lost in his perfect body. My hands suddenly ached to feel his body.

“I must say you have maintained your body so well, Sidharth,” I said, looking back at him. He is just smiling at me. I asked him in disbelief. “How do you manage to do so many things? Take care of your body, office work, college. I’m highly impressed.” I praised him, making him smile broadly.

“It’s called talent, Baby Girl. Now change it, I’m going to the washroom.” He handover me the shirt and went to the bathroom after pecking my forehead. I smiled contentedly.

I took off my clothes and put on his shirts hurriedly before folding my top and jeans and placing it on the side table.

My gaze fell on the mirror, making me startled. I moved my eyes from top to bottom admiring my reflection. I’m looking so beautiful in his shirt. A red hue appeared on my cheeks, seeing his love bite all over my neck as two buttons are open. I caressed the hickeys with a beatific smile on my face. I want him to mark every inch of my body like this.

“Could I come out? Did you change?” My trance broke, hearing his words. I literally smiled contentedly as he asked like a gentleman before coming out.

How can someone be so sweet?

“Yes, Sidharth,” I shouted, covering myself with the blanket.

He opened the door of the washroom and walked out. “You know what is the best part of giving you a shirt?” He asked, strolling to me.

“What?” I raised my brows.

“That I can sleep without a shirt. Gawd, that was so difficult for me to sleep in with clothes.” He said, lying down beside me and taking me in his warm arms. His arms are my paradise, I can stay here forever. Now he kissed my hair and I kissed his bare chest before stroking his chest. It feels so great! I was craving to do this.

I giggled when he said, “Baby, stop doing this. You’re turning me on.”

I deliberately caressed his bare body again. “What to do, I’m liking it.”

“Don’t tease me, Bacha otherwise I’ll not stop.” He breathed, sucking my lips making me blush.

“Who wants you to stop?” I uttered boldly.

“Gawd, it seems like I’m rubbing off on her. She’s becoming so bold.” He talked to God, looking above, making me laugh.

“Now sleep because I don’t want to exhaust you more,” he said lovingly, tightening his hold around my waist.

Aww… this man always thinks about me.

I kissed his lips softly before again hiding my face in his bare chest and listening to his soothing heartbeat.

At last, I fell asleep in his arms after spending one of the best days of my life with him. Well, my every moment is best when he is with me and I can’t thank God enough for sending him into my life.

Next morning

I woke up lazily but a broad smile flashed on my face as I found him sleeping like a baby, burying his face in my chest. His hot breath is falling on my cleavage as I forgot to close the first two buttons of his shirt. I blushed really hard, seeing our position. It’s hot and this position is making me wet between my legs.

Gawd, this guy is turning me into a horny bitch!

I chuckled at my thoughts and leaned down and kissed his cheeks, ruffling his hair. In my entire life, I never thought that I would get so much attached to someone like this, that I’ll break my all barrier and submit myself to someone like this. He really makes me feel things that I never knew existed in this world. I really feel out of the world with this man who is sleeping beside me with so much innocence.

“Who will say that you’re the same naughty Sidharth who tease the shit out of me,” I murmured caressing his face.

“Do you forget I’m loving too?” I flinched at my place and he smiled, opening his eyes, looking at me adorably.

God! When did he wake up?

“When did you wake up?” I asked, raising my brows.

“I was in a half-sleep from a few minutes ago.” he smiled sheepishly, making me chuckle.

“Well, Good morning, baby girl.” He sucked my lips lovingly and softly.

Best start of the morning. I want my every day to start like this, with him.

“Morning, Mr Brown eyes,” I whispered as we pulled apart.

“Now tell me.” He suddenly said, making me confused.

“What?” I asked, wigging my eyebrows at him, in utter confusion.

“I’m loving too, right?”He asked, raising his brows and I would be lying if I’ll not say that he was looking extremely hot and super cute with that ‘morning messy hair’ look.

“You’re perfect.” I smiled, pecking his mole above his lips.

He smiled, tucking my hair strands behind my ear and murmured, “you kissed me there, after so long. I really love it when you do that.” He confessed honestly.

“Really? I thought you don’t like it. But you know what? Your mole literally fascinates me about you. It’s my favourite.” I too confessed, pecking it again and he smiled.

“Really? Just my mole? Nothing else?” He asked mischievously, moving his hands on my bare thighs, making my breath hitch.

“Tell me, baby girl.” He asked huskily and I closed my eyes, breathing heavily waiting for him to go further but he stopped at my waist.

“What? Were you expecting something?” He teased, looking at me.

“Sidharthkkk!” I whined, punching his stomach and he laughed. “See, I was right. You’re Naughty Shukla!” I said, flicking his nose.

“Really? So should I start doing my naughty kinds of stuff as I already got the title?” He asked huskily, coming close to me. His breath fell on my exposed cleavage and before he could move further his phone beeped. He cursed under his breath, making me giggle.

He glared at me and he picked up the phone from the side table.

“Shit! I have an important meeting in two hours. I have to get ready. I almost forget about it.” He became a bit tense.

“Relax, Sidharth. You’ll reach on time.” I tried to calm him down, rubbing his bicep.

“I’m not upset because I won’t be able to reach there on time, I’m upset because I have to go leaving you.” He uttered and my eyes softened. I just couldn’t able to move my eyes from him. Did he have any idea what his words did to my poor heart? He makes me feel so contented.

“Promise me, baby girl, you’ll take care of yourself? ” He asked, cupping my face, looking with so much affection, filling my heart with immense love.

“I will, Sidharth,” I confessed and just hugged him because he always make me speechless.

As we pulled apart, he suddenly stroked the hickeys on my neck with his thumb and whispered, “My baby girl.”

I blushed. “Yes, only yours,” I murmured, gazing at him lovingly. He kissed me passionately, coming over me and straddling me, pinning my hands against the mattress.

Naughty Shukla!

After what felt like an eternity, finally, we get ready, wearing our clothes. He already asked the driver at night to drop our clothes here and when I went to took shower, rosy kept them in our room.

Thank god, his friends left for college early and I shouldn’t have to face them because if I had to, it would have been hell embarrassing.

I blushed as the flashes of last night came across my mind.

Gawd, that was hot though!

Chuckling my thoughts, I picked up my phone to book the cab.

“What are you doing on phone.” He asked suspiciously.

“Sidharth, I’m booking the cab,” I said, opening the app.

“Are you crazy!” He snatched the phone from my hand, making me startled. I looked at him in confusion and he continued, “When I’m here for you, why are you booking the cab.” I nodded my head in disbelief. Wasn’t he was getting late?

“Sidharth, you’ll get late,”

“I don’t care, I’m dropping you and that’s final.” He said in a stern tone and I didn’t argue with him because I know he is more stubborn than me.

“Okay. Fine.” I gave in, nodding my head in disbelief. He literally scared me when he snatched my phone. Monster!

“Baby Girl, when I’m there. You don’t have to worry about anything.” Now he said in a loving tone, placing his hand on my face. I just gave him a big smile.

My sweet monster!

After half an hour, Finally, we reached the college.

“Take care of yourself and don’t forget to have breakfast in the canteen.” He instructed me, making me happy from deep inside as he cares for me so much.

“I’ll take care of myself and you too take care of yourself.” I waggled my finger at him.

“Okay, baby.” He kissed me chastely before I stepped out of the car.

I looked at him through the glass window and we waved at each other, smiling.


“Sidharth why did you come to pick me up? I know you were busy in the office. Please don’t stress yourself because of me. I would have managed my shopping.” I said, taking the seat beside him in the car. I know how hectic his schedule is. He is in the final year, his exams are near, plus he works in the office too with his dad. Gawd, apart from all that still, he always priorities me before everything. After that Raghav incident, not for once he leaves my side. The whole day he took care of me and made me feel like I’m the only person around whom his world revolve. How can he be so selfless? How can he shower so much care towards me?

“Gawd, I was expecting a kiss not this.” He sighed and I wiggled my eyebrows, asking him what ignoring his comment.

“Sidharth why you came, I would’ve managed. Don’t stress yourself because of me.. Blah.blah.” He dramatically mimicked me and I laughed.

“Oh Gawd, how do you manage to make me laugh so much.” I chuckled.

“I have my ways.” He kissed my nose and I giggled.

“I love it when you giggle like this.” He flicked my nose, making me smile.

“Drive mister, don’t waste my time. I have to get ready too.” I teased him and he rolled his eyes.

“Such an unromantic woman!” He murmured under his breath, making me blush.

“I thought we were going to the mall, ” I realized we are going far away in the opposite direction.

“We are going to a designer store, Baby girl.” He replied casually, focusing on the road ahead.

“What the fuck! What are you saying, Sidharth? I don’t have that much money. Please turn the car.” I cried out loud.

“Jeez! Relax Woman!”

“Don’t ask me to relax, Sidharth. I’ll not let you buy anything for me. Gawd, I swear I’ll kill you.” I looked at him with my best angry look.

“Whoa! Feisty I like it. You know what baby girl, you should use this line while we are doing other stuff. ” He winked at me, making me blush.

Control Sana… Control!

“I’m not gonna talk to you. You’re very bad. Huh.” I folded my arms and sunk into my seat. The silent treatment is the best way to convince him. I’m so gonna win this. He started poking my sides. He wouldn’t dare. I started laughing like a maniac. He knew exactly how I would respond to his tickles. Finally, I gave in and spoke.

“Fine! Stop it.” I laughed, catching my breath.

“We are almost there!” He smirked at me.

“Well, I’m not gonna get out of the car.” I brought my game back on.

“Again I have my ways!” He wiggled his eyebrows playfully. God, he is looking so cute and hot at the same time. How can a person be both? I narrowed my eyes at him.

“You wouldn’t.” I knew exactly what he meant.

“Try me, sweetheart.” He replied Coyly.

We parked the car at the small but costly looking boutique. It screamed money. He got down to open the door. I sat in my seat, not moving an inch.

“Come on, baby girl, you can pay me back whenever you can.” He tried to convince me.

“That would take years.” I reasoned with him.

“So what’s the problem with that? I have all the time in the world, only for you.” He came closer to me and moved strands of my hair from my forehead. I took a sharp breath and got lost in his touch and scent. Suddenly he pulled me by my waist and before I could blink, he had already thrown me on his shoulders. HE WAS DISTRACTING ME. I’m such a dumbass.

“What is with you and this Caveman behaviour?” I laughed at his silliness.

“Well, I get to smack your ass this way.” He smacked my ass and I let out a squeak.

Fuck!! I’m kind of turned on actually.

“I’ll walk on my own, put me down.” I giggled, feeling hell shy.

He finally put me on the ground and took my hands between his. We are acting like crazy in the parking lot which is hell embarrassing as well as funny. I wish we didn’t draw any attention.

Laughing at our silliness, we went inside the store hand in hand.

Gawd, we are so crazy!

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