Desire To Control Her (Part: 73 His Strictest Side)


“Now I can do anything with you, Butterfly.” He whispered in my ear and his warm breath caressed my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

“I can kiss you wherever I want.” He uttered before placing soft kisses down my neck, I’m utterly lost in his heavenly touch.

“I can spank you wherever I want.” He smacked between my thighs which are spread for him wide-open. I moaned, closing my eyes. Whenever he spanks me there with his bare hand, seriously my whole body trembles with his mere spank.

“I can suck any part of your body.” He sucked my left tit, taking my breath away from me with his words and actions.

“I can bite you anywhere I want.” He bit one of my nipples and I controlled my moans, biting my lower lip.

“I can thrust my fingers in your any hole.” As he shoved his middle finger deep into me, an electric current passed through my entire body.

Oh God, it’s just the beginning and I’m already going crazy with pleasure.

The next moment only he took his finger out and sucked it erotically, gazing at me with a smile of satisfaction on his face but still I can see anger in his deep eyes.

“You’re only mine, Butterfly, I have only right to control you, touch you, spank you, kiss you, suck you, fuck you, wipe your tears and make you smile when you cry,” he said in a possessive tone, taking my breath away with his grim voice.

He is so damn serious right now.

And I’m loving it.

As I love to play with this fire.

“You’re fully in my control today, Butterfly, I’ll do so many things with you in this kitchen that you never imagined before.”

I wanted this only, I was craving to see his master side.

His words took my excitement to another level. What he is going to do with me? Is he going to use kitchen utensils?

He strode to the freezer, opened it, took out the ice cube tray from it and transferred all the ice cubes in one bowl. He kept the bowl on the slab before opening the drawer and taking out a tong and a spatula from it. He kept the spatula on the slab beside me and held the tong in front of me. I don’t have any idea what he is going to do with this tong, I’m just staring at the things with anticipation. He placed the tong in the bowl full of ice cubes.

Why he is doing this? What is going on in his mind? I wondered, getting excited with each passing second.

He moved the tong in the bowl three-four times and left it there only before picking up the spatula from beside me.

“I bet you after this session, you will never even think to have another Master.” He uttered, staring at me with a mischief smile on his face and his eyes are scorching with anger.

I can never think to have another Master. I can never give the right to control me to anybody except him. Only he can order me and nobody else.

I’ll tell this to him after this punishment session because I don’t want to lessen his anger, I want him to punish me like this only as I love to see his wild and rough side, it’s my biggest turn on. I never thought that I would ever crave for someone to punish me like this.

“Aaaa…” I came on the earth back and screamed when suddenly he spanked my crotch with the spatula without warning and it throbbed profoundly. I tried to close my legs but can’t move them even an inch. I badly want something to rub against my pulsing crotch.

“No voice should come out of your mouth, so be quiet or else I will tie your mouth also. I’m giving you last warning, do you understand, Butterfly?” He gave me the last warning in a pure dominating tone, making me nod my head mechanically.

I have awakened his inside devil today! And I’m loving it.

But this is so fucking difficult for to me control my moans and scream when he is doing so many things to me. Oh God, how I’m gonna control it?

Today surely! he gonna tie my mouth.

“I asked you something, Butterfly! Answer me, Am I clear to you?” He spanked my right tit with the spatula very hard.

“Yes! Master…” These words came out of my mouth as a moan.

As he directly hit my clitoris with the spatula, an electric current passed through my body and I controlled my moans with difficulty, biting my lower lip.

Now he’s hitting hard on my clitoris rapidly, not even letting me take a breath, my core is badly throbbing for him. I’m controlling myself from shouting and moaning with very difficulty by pressing both lips inside my mouth, my clit is vibrating automatically. He isn’t stopping, he is hitting me on the same spot, again and again, nonstop. I just want to close my legs because of the intense sensation, but I can’t. It’s torture, man, yet so intense, it’s giving me some kind of magical pleasure.

He finally stopped spanking me and started rubbing my clitoris hard and fast with his fingers before spanking it again. He repeated this, rubbing me with his fingers and spanking me with the spatula.

Ohh, God!

Knots started building in my stomach and my legs are shuddering, I can explode at any movement.

“Cum for your Master, Butterfly!” He ordered, accelerating the speed of rubbing and spanking. I’m throwing my head right to left, this is what I can do right now, I can’t move anything else except my head. And controlling my moans when he is giving me immense pleasure, it’s so hard task.

I exploded hard on his fingers, he just grinned at his victory. I’m just trying to catch my breath back after the intense orgasm.

“Only I can make you cum like this, Butterfly,” he uttered again possessively and sucked his fingers, gazing at me. He took out his fingers from his mouth before all of sudden jabbing his two fingers deep into me, shocking me. I closed my eyes shut in response, he eased out his fingers before again pushing them back into me very deep with roughness.

“Open your eyes, you bad girl.” As he ordered me, grabbing my hair with his free hand, I opened my eyes immediately.

“When I’m giving you pleasure, I want you to look into my eyes.” He told me in a full dominating tone, staring at me darkly and ramming his fingers in and out roughly. He left my hair and started slightly hitting my both twins one by one with his free hand, I’m breathing heavily with this torture and pleasure.

Today I’m seeing his real dominating side, his strictest side.

And I love it because I’m getting to see his every side

Only I have the right to see his all side. His sweet side, his strictest side, his master side, his angry side, his possessive side and his romantic side.

Now he smashed three fingers inside me very roughly, making me crazy with extreme pleasure. Then with his free hand, he took out the tongs from the ice bowl.

He held the tong in front of me with an evil smile on his face and I wondered, ‘now what he is going to do with me with this tong,’ staring at the tong bemusedly.

What is going in his evil mind now?

He glided it down my underarms, which are fully opened for him. A shiver ran through my entire body as it has become so fucking cold because of the Ice cubes.

Now he placed the cold tong on the neck, taking my breath away from me. He slowly slid it down from my neck to my cleavage. The cold tong is sitting my whole body on fire. He placed it on my right tit before pressing my nipple between the cold tong, making me crazy. I can’t control my moans, that so cold, he stretched my nipple with it. This is so intense! How can I control my moans when he is fingering me so hard and fast and playing with my nipple like this?

I finally moaned, not able to control it anymore.

“I asked you to shut your mouth, Butterfly.” He yelled angrily and took out his fingers before hitting hard on my crotch with that cold tong, leaving my nipples, an electric current passed through my body.


“I can,” I was going to tell him that it’s impossible for me to control my moans when he shushed me by palming my mouth and came dangerously close to me, gazing into my eyes deeply. I can now also see possessiveness in his eyes. Damn! His possessive side is my favourite side of him.

His mere possessive gaze is enough to take my desire to another level.

Suddenly he shoved himself deep inside me without any warning. I didn’t even get to know when he opened his jeans and thrust into me because I was so lost in his eyes. My moans got suppressed because of his palms, he is thrusting in and out of me roughly and I’m trying hard to keep my eyes open. He is gazing into my eyes deeply. He increased the speed of his thrust, driving me crazy with immense pleasure.

Fuck! He gonna kill me today.

My bonded legs and hands are shaking, but still, I don’t want him to stop, I’m feeling out of the world.

“You only belong to me, Butterfly, I have only right to fuck you like this.” He groaned, giving me a hard stroke like a crazy person.

“You can only feel me inside you.” He uttered after taking himself fully into me.

Oh, God! This is so intense.

Now he left my mouth and cupped my both twins with his hands, pounding into me hard and fast. “Only I can grab your twins while fucking the hell out of you.”

His words increased my pleasure more.

Man, his possessiveness is beyond my imagination.

I’m loving it.

As soon as he opened my legs, I instantly wrapped them around his waist. Now he is slowly gliding his hands up my underarms to my tied wrists, I’m breathing heavily, gazing at him.

He freed my hands too and I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, taking him deeper and deeper into me. He started giving me hard shots, we both are moaning and groaning crazily.

The warm sweat of us, our hot breath, my moans, his groans, his deep and hard shots, our proximity, our bare bodies touching each other, everything is making my soul and body alive.

We climaxed together, screaming each other names.

He grabbed my face with his hands and deeply gazed at me. “With this mouth, you can only moan my name.” He whispered against my lips before taking my lips inside his mouth, he is still deep inside me. He is devouring my lips wildly, not letting me kiss to respond to him.

He came out of me and stood in front of me after kissing me.

“Now stand up and bend over the slab.” He ordered and I took a deep breath before standing on my feet. My legs are shaking badly from profound sex, he is smiling on my condition and his eyes are saying to me, just do what I said.

The evil him!

I turned around and bend over the slab, flattening my both arms on the slab, my hard nipples pressed against the cold slab. Oh, God! This is so cold.

Now I felt a spatula hit my right butt and I moaned his name loudly.

“Who will spread your legs for your master?” He chided me. God! How could I forget to spread my legs? I instantly splayed my legs as much as I can for my master but then only he hit between my legs directly on my clit from behind, shaking my whole body. “Stand on your toes and lift your ass in the air for your master.” I complied with him immediately by raising my heels and pushing out my butts.

This is his real Dom side which I’m seeing today for the first time.

“When I order you to bend down, it means your legs should be wide open, butts should lift in the air and the heels shouldn’t be touching the floor.” He explained to me while rolling my hair around his knuckles. He yanked my head back, pressing his body against mine, sandwiching me between the slab and him, grinding himself between my butts.

“It’s my right to dominate you like this butterfly!” He whispered in my ear, taking my breath away.

Yes! This right I have given to him only.

He can only dominate me like this and no one else.

Now he rammed into me from behind deeply, clutching my waist with his free hand and pulled my hair hard with other his hand. I can’t stand on my toes when he is so deep inside me.

“Don’t dare to touch your heels to the floor, if you touch it, you’ll regret it badly I swear.” He gave me a warning and with very difficulty, I stayed on my toes. He is thrusting me roughly, I’m moaning his name like an insane person.

I can just feel him going in and out, and nothing else. Next moment I placed my heels down on the floor by mistake because it was getting completely impossible for me to stand on my toes when he was ramming himself into me so hard and fast.


He immediately came out of me and spanked my butts. “Now you’re gone, Butterfly.” He uttered in a stern tone and my heart thumped with excitement and nervousness.

Now, what is he going to do with me?

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