Desire To Control Her (Part: 72 Bringing My Master Back) Sidnaaz


Finally the part is here. Missed me?

“As you say, Butterfly.” He pecked my lips before kneeling in front of me with a smirk on his face.

He slowly pulled the shorts and undies down my legs, staring at my wet honeypot with deep desires in his eyes. With his intense gaze, I became even wetter and my core throbbed for him. He does this to me with his just a mare gaze.

He took my legs out of my shorts and undies and I’m gazing at him with anticipation.

“Turn around, Butterfly.” He ordered, looking at me passionately.

I instantly complied by standing facing my back to him. My heartbeat is accelerating with excitement.

I closed my eyes as he squeezed my butts before fondling them and again squeezing them. Suddenly he slightly hit my butts with his hands before kissing it and squeezing another one hardly, taking my breath away. I screamed his name loudly when he bit my right hip and spanked the left one, electric current passed through my entire body.

“Only I have right to play with them, Butterfly!” He stated possessively, stroking them softly, driving me crazy with his acts and words.

So that’s how he’s removing the touch of that bastard from my butts, I’m just loving it.

He kissed, sucked, nibbled every inch of my butts, driving me insane. I just love it whenever his lips touch my skin. I can’t even describe this feeling in words.

He again ordered me, “turn around.”

It’s time to become his naughty submissive again.

Haven’t I punished myself enough in this week by being his good submissive?

I kept standing, facing my back to him with a mischief smile on my face and didn’t follow his order deliberately.

“I asked you to do something, Butterfly.” He chided me, giving me a hard spank on my both butts, making me squeak and jump.

So my Master is back, finally. I’m so happy.

I turned around with a cheerful smile on my face.

He smirked, staring at my extremely wet core with his watery mouth, making me excited. I just spread my legs wider for him, gazing at him with anticipation. He gave me a ravishing smile, glancing at me with wild desires in his eyes before started devouring my honeypot like a crazy animal.

I grabbed his hair tightly and buried his face deeper between my legs, moaning his name crazily. He sucked my bud hard, taking my breath away from me. He squeezed my butts and pulled me into his mouth, his tongue is flickering my bud, driving me crazy. Oh, God… It’s so damn incredible and heavenly pleasure. My legs are shaking and I’m breathing heavily but still, I don’t want him to get stopped.

After satisfying me, he stood up, gazing at me intensely and kissed me passionately, pulling my head back by grasping my hair and clutching my waist. He made me taste myself through this kiss.

We pulled away, breathing heavily.

“How are your hands, baby? And what were you doing in the kitchen?” He suddenly asked me, holding my hands. He checked them worriedly.

So again my caring boyfriend is back and I was thinking my master is back. But whatever I just love him so much. He cares for me a lot.

But now what will I say to him about what I was doing in the kitchen? As he had strictly ordered me to don’t cook for a month.

I sighed deeply and spoke, “I was making dinner for us,”

He shouted, cutting my words, “I strictly told you that you can’t cook until your marks disappeared completely but you never listen to me Butterfly.”

I knew his reaction. I was certain that he would freak out like this only because he is overprotective towards me.

“It’s not hurting me anymore, Sidharth. You’re overreacting.” I tried to explain him but he glared, frowning at me.

“Am I overreacting? See your hands, they still have marks.” He looked at my hands with sorrowful eyes.

“But it’s,”

He shushed me again by placing his finger on my lips. “I don’t want to listen to anything. You disobey me and now you deserve punishment.” He uttered in a stern tone, staring at me with anger in his eyes.

I didn’t argue because I want him to punish me, I was missing his punishments. I’m longing to see his Master side again.

“Okay, Master.” I nodded meekly like an obedient submissive. Inside my heart is dancing with joy as finally, he is going to punish me after more than a week. I was craving to see his Master side again.

He left me alone in the lobby and came back, hiding one hand behind his back with an evil smile on his face. My eyes glinted with excitement, wondering what he is hiding from me.

He slowly moved his hand in front, revealing a pair of feather handcuffs which he is holding in his hand. I became even more excited to see this, thinking about what he gonna do next. This excitement is arousing me.

“Now I’ll handcuff your hands so that you can’t use your hands for cooking and anything else.” As he said, all the excitement went into the gutter.

What? It’s so boring punishment.

I was getting so excited unnecessarily. When did my Master become so boring? I wondered.

“Oh Sidharth, such a boring punishment. You get so boring nowadays. What I’m thinking I should find a new Dom for me.” I said intentionally to bring out his Master side as I badly want him to punish me like before.

“What did you just say?” He asked in a grim tone, widening his eyes in shock.

“I’m saying, you get so boring, so I should make a new Master,”

He cut my words. “How dare you say this? You only belong to me, Miss Sana. You’re only my Butterfly.” He shouted at me in an authoritative tone and pulled my head back, grabbing my hair with one hand and from his other hand, he grasped my chin tightly, digging his nails. His eyes are burning red in anger, making my body shiver.

Holy shit!

I didn’t think that he would get this much angry after listening to my words.

But that’s what I want! After losing his Master side, I realised that I have become habitual of it. Now my life is utterly incomplete without my master. I want my sweet boyfriend and my strict Master both in my life, both are equally important to me.

He moved closer to my face, staring at me darkly and not leaving my hair and chin. “Look into my eyes when I’m talking to you.” As he ordered me in a pure dominating tone, I immediately complied by looking into his eyes. He is staring at me dangerously, killing me with his mare gaze as it is so damn intense.

His voice has that much power that anybody will follow his orders in a second.

“Now! You’ll see how boring I’m, Butterfly.” He whispered in my ear in a husky tone, making me excited and bringing a smile to my face.

Yes! Yes! That’s what I wanted! My plan is working so well.

As he moved away from me, I instantly hid my smile.

“Now follow me.” He ordered sternly before strolling to the kitchen. I walked behind him silently.

Why he is taking me to the kitchen? I wondered.

Is he going to punish me in the kitchen? I thought he would take me to the playroom.

“Why did you,” I opened my mouth to ask him but he showed me his finger, staring at me with anger in his eyes.

“If you speak a single word now, I’ll fucking tie your mouth.” He warned me grimly.

What the fuck!

But I’m getting wetter after listening to his warning.

I missed my Master so much.

Great job, Sana, you finally brought him back! I praised myself.

He suddenly grasped my waist, lifted me from the floor and made me sit on the slab. I’m just staring at him in anticipation and still wondering how he gonna punish me in the kitchen.

He brought the kitchen scissor and tore off my bra and top. I shivered every time the cold scissor touched my skin.

“Now raise your hands.” He ordered and I instantly complied. He bonded my already handcuffed hands with the cabinet’s handle by using a white kitchen cloth.

I breathed heavily and my whole body shivered as he rubbed down my forearms to armpits.

His touch is heaven!

Now he held my right leg, spread it wide-open and bonded my ankle with the handle of the bottom cabinet by using another white cloth. Then he did the same with my left leg, splaying both legs wider.

Ohh god! This is so fucking intense. I’m dripping wet for him and my core is pulsing.

I can’t move my legs even an inch, they’re spread so much, it’s taking my breath away.

My vertical lips also got a bit apart in this bondage and my desires increased more. He grinned devilishly, staring at my position with desires and anger both in his eyes.

He is still so angry with me but looking so tempting and attractive and it’s taking my desires to another level. And I’m so damn excited for our today’s punishment session because it’s going to happen in the kitchen and I have also turned on his full master mode.

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