Desire To Control Her (Part: 71 My Possessive Master)



After a week

It’s been a week past since Ethan is making me rest. He is unbelievably overprotective towards me. He doesn’t want me to get hurt a bit even. I love him so much.

My hands are fine now, marks are still there but it doesn’t hurt anymore and we got back to normal now, I’m glad he gave me a second chance. I’m still punishing myself by being his good submissive and indirectly he punishing me by not making love with me.

Whenever I try to proceed further, he just stops me and says, “you’re not well Butterfly.”

Moreover, I’m missing his Master side. He’s becoming extra sweet, it doesn’t mean I’m not liking it, I’m loving it but I want to see his every side. I’m carving to see his master side.

He isn’t showing his master side to me and I’m feeling so incomplete like something is missing in my life. I want my sweet and Dominating Master both because I’m addicted to both of them. Now I’m planning to do something to bring back his Master side because I’m missing Master like hell.

Think Anna! Think something.


I reached his place in the evening to surprise him. He was gone out for some work and he told me he would come back in the evening. I opened the door because now I have extra keys to his house.

Mary told me that he hasn’t arrived yet. I pouted, becoming upset after listening to this, I badly wanted to see his handsome face as since yesterday evening I haven’t seen him. I’m missing so much.

But I have no other option left, I have to wait for him. So to pass the time, I started preparing dinner for us after putting the headphones over my ears and listening to my favourite playlist.

I’m wearing denim shorts and a crop top today. I clicked a few selfies and sent them to him with a message.

Me: Waiting for you, come soon.

He replied to me back instantly, making me smile.

Sweetie Master: Wow! You’re already at my place. I was just about to message you to come to my place as soon as possible.

Me: I’m know everything. Now come soon.

I can’t wait anymore to meet him. I’m just addicted to him and this addiction is not dangerous.

Sweetie Master: I’m on the way, Butterfly.

I sent him the heart emoji and slipped the phone into the back pocket of my shorts, now headphones are wrapped around my neck.

Hurry up, Ethan’s Butterfly! He is on the way and if he sees you working in the kitchen, he’ll start giving you boring lectures like a teacher again.

I again put headphones over my ears and started completing my work, humming the song.

After a few minutes, I gasped as suddenly someone smacked my butt.

It’s not my Ethan hand, I can feel it.

Who the fuck dare to spank me?

I instantly turned around, scowling and clutching my hands, my eyes are scorching in anger.

“You bastard! How dare you touch me?” I roared at the person who just spanked me. I wanna cut his hands.

Only my Ethan can spank me or touch me and nobody else.

“You have a big mouth, Bitch,”

And thud. I gave him a hard punch on his face, gritting my teeth.

Now he shot daggers at me, putting a hand on his bleeding cheek.

“Who the hell are you? And how dare you called me bitch and hit me?” I growled at him like an angry tigress.

“It seems like Ethan didn’t train you well! But don’t worry I’ll train you better.” He spoke and smile evilly at me.

Fucking Bastard!

“Fuck off!” I shouted at him.

“You behave with me.” He lifted his hand to hold my arm but stopped, hearing Ethan’s grim voice.

“Zack, stay away from my girl.” I smiled, seeing him while he marched to us, killing Zack with his cold look.

So my hero is here!

“Ethan, what happened to you? We used to share our submissive, so why are asking me to stay away from your new submissive? I know she is extra hot but that doesn’t mean you’ll have fun with her alone,” he dare to utter these words, glancing at me with lust in his eyes with a smirk on his face, I glared at him disgustingly and this was enough for Ethan.

“Just shut the fuck up, Zack. Don’t dare to even look at her with your evil eyes ever again or else I’ll take out your eyes.” Ethan roared at him with outrage, grabbing his collars.

“But Ethan?”

“No word, just get the fuck out of my house, right now.” He shrieked, cutting his words and waggling his finger at him.

But I want Ethan to beat this bastard like a hero for spanking me. He can’t let him go so easily.

“Ethan, don’t leave him because he spanked me. By the way, I have already given him one punch but it’s not enough for the bastard like him.” As I murmured to him, he clutched his hands, shooting daggers at him.

“I want her, Ethan as she is making me hard.” My eyes widened in shock as Zack spoke this with his gutter mouth.

The next moment only, Ethan started punching him constantly, growling, “how dare you touched my Girl and said so cheap things about her?” He is so much angry.

But the way he is saying my girl and in this situation also, it’s giving me some kind of peace.

It seems like Zack’s words have added fuel to the fire.

“Ethan, stop. Why are you beating your brother for a submissive?”

Brother! He is his brother? But he never told me that he has a brother and he used to share his previous submissive with his brother.

I think I should know about him more.

“She isn’t just my submissive, Jack. She is my whole fucking world and she is only mine. Only I can touch her, feel her, smell her, see her and control her and nobody else.” He yelled possessively, grasping his collars and I fucking love his every word. I love everything about him.

For the first time, I’m seeing his possessive side for me and I’m dumbstruck and loving his possessiveness for me. In this situation also I’m feeling like pulling his cheeks and kissing him hard.

Oh! God Anna, he is killing him and you’re thinking about kissing him.

He is punching, kicking and hitting his stomach with his fist and knee constantly. I wanted him to beat the bastard but didn’t want him to kill somebody.

I have to stop him before it gets too late.

“Ethan, stop. He’ll die.” I yelled but he paid no heed to my words.

“Ethan, stop please, baby, stop.” I just hugged him tightly from the front to control him, burying my face in his solid chest.

But he is so out of control that he tried to push me away, shouting, “Butterfly, don’t stop me, I’ll fucking kill this bastard.” He is damn angry that today my hug also didn’t calm him down.

He pushed me away and again started beating Zack. He is already bleeding, his eyes are swelled up and he is just going to become unconscious.

“With you these hands, you spanked my Butterfly, right?” He grasped his hands and asked from the unconscious Zack.

My eyes widened in shock when he uttered, “I’m going to cut them.” He rushed to the fruit basket to grasp the knife.

He isn’t in his senses. I have to do something before he does something which he regrets later.

This time I hugged him from behind by tightly grasping his arms behind his back to stop him. It was so difficult to do this but I succeeded.

“Just leave me, I fucking want to chop his hands for hitting you, Butterfly.” He’s struggling to come out of my grip.

“Ethan, please, calm. You have already beaten him enough. Please, baby, for me, for your butterfly, calm down.” I whispered in his ear and he finally stopped resisting. I sighed with profound relief, resting my head on his back. I can feel he is breathing heavily, trying to calm down himself. I slowly rubbed his body to make him feel better.

I raised my head from his back and as I still saw Jack standing there shamelessly, I flared up.

“Now get the fuck out of the house or do you want him to chop your hand or kill you?” I roared at Jack and he disappeared within a second.

“Are you fine, Butterfly?” Ethan anxiously asked, glancing at my hips after turning towards me.

“I’m fine but you tell me, Ethan, are you fine?” I asked him softly, clasping his face.

“No, I’m not. Because of me, he hit you, Butterfly. I can’t even imagine someone spanking you. I don’t even want anybody to touch or see you except me and he fucking hit you. It’s my fault.” His eyes glinted with guilt.

I can’t see him like this! I have to do something to make him feel better.

“Just relax! I’m fine, my posso bf.” I tried to distract him with my words.

“What posso?” He asked, narrowing his brows.

I think my plan is working.

Yeah! I’m smart.

“Posso is the short form of possessive.” I laughed out after saying this.

“So you found abbreviation for possessive word also. You’re unbelievable.” He shook his head and I chuckled.

“But yes I’m very possessive for my Butterfly! You’re mine only.” He uttered, gazing at me intensely after yanking me to himself by grasping my arms.

Finally, I succeeded to distract him.

“I’m only yours, baby.” I smiled broadly and chastely sucked his lips after standing on my toes and cupping his face. He grasped my waist and yanked me closer before kissing my lips passionately and wildly.

“Say this again.” He left my lips and whispered against my neck. I can feel his hot breath caressing my neck and it’s making me dam insane.

“Baby! I’m all yours.” As I whispered, smiling, he bit my neck, directly sending shivers between my thighs. I moaned his name loudly, grabbing his hair tightly with my both hands. He makes me feel heavenly incredible.

We pulled away, beaming at each other.

“Give me your hands.” I suddenly asked for his hand by holding out my hands in front of him. He narrowed his brows bemusedly and placed his hands over mine.

“I’m fine but I want you to remove the dirty touch of that bastard from my hips,” I ordered him, sliding his hands into my shorts from behind. I had already opened the button of my shorts when he was kissing me so that his hands would slip inside my shorts with ease.

I’m smart!

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