Desire To Control Her (Part: 70 My Little Butterfly)


The next morning, I woke up and slowly opened my eyes. My eyes widened when I didn’t find Butterfly lying beside me. I dashed my eyes to the bathroom, but she isn’t there too as its door is open and the lights are off.

Did she again leave me? As this thought came into my mind, I became anxious and my heartbeat accelerated.

I hastily climbed down the bed and rushed outside. I sighed with profound relief and a beatific smile flashed on my face after seeing her working in the kitchen, humming the song cheerily.

Suddenly I frowned as I saw her bandaged hands. Why she is working when she is injured? This girl never takes care of herself. Sometimes she makes me so angry.

I marched to her and swiftly turned her towards me by tugging her arm. “Are you crazy, Butterfly? What the hell are you doing?” I flared up.

She stared at me bemusedly, narrowing her brows. “I’m preparing breakfast for us. Why are freaking out?”

“Your hands, they need rest for a quick recovery. Don’t stress them.” I explained to her in a calm tone, placing one hand on her face and holding her hand with my other hand. I asked, “understand?”

“But it isn’t hurting that much.”

Why did this girl never understand me at one time?

“But if you work, it will hurt you, butterfly.” I made her understand again. She gave me a meek nod.

“Now you go, I’ll make the breakfast.”

“Why you will make? Your hand is also hurt.” She pointed at my knuckles.

“It’s just a minor scratch. Don’t worry about it.”

“It’ll be minor for you, but not for me.” She clasped my hand and kissed my knuckles. I closed my eyes and my lips stretched up to a contented smile. The touch of her soft lips is heavenly incredible.

“Okay, fine. No one will prepare the breakfast because we’re going out.” I stated because I’m sure today she won’t let me prepare the breakfast as I didn’t let her prepare.

Sometimes she behaves like a kid but I love my little Butterfly so much.

“That’s a great idea. You’re very smart.” She squealed and raised her hands to pull my cheeks but stopped in the mid, remembering something and moved her hands down.

“You can pull my cheeks.” As I uttered, she stared at me in utter shock.

“No, I won’t pull them.” Now I stared at her in shock as she denied pulling my cheeks. It’s like a kid denied having his favourite toy.

I instantly asked, “why?”

“Because I have promised to be your good submissive which means I’ll follow all your rules, won’t pull your cheeks, won’t roll my eyes. Say Tata bye to your naughty submissive. It’s my punishment for myself for hurting you.” She explained to me.

I closed my eyes and sighed deeply before making her understand. “Butterfly, you don’t have to punish yourself. You have already suffered a lot and especially I don’t want you to get changed.”

“I’m not changing myself. I’m just punishing myself. Please, don’t stop me. I deserve this for hurting you. You care for me so much, you never force me for anything, but still, I doubted you.” The guilt engulfed her and tears streamed down her cheeks. Now it’s hurt me more when she blamed herself like this.

I can’t see her in guilt and punishing herself like this. I know she did wrong but I have already punished her enough by shouting at her and throwing her out of my house.

“Butterfly, you don’t have to do this, please.” I requested, wiping her tears. “Do you remember once I had also doubted you after seeing you with your cousin? After all this, we’re still together, now you should only think about this.”

“But that time I had punished you for your mistake and now if you aren’t punishing me, I’ll punish myself.” She said stubbornly.

“Okay, fine. Do whatever you want to do but don’t overthink about all this. Now I’m fine and it isn’t hurting me that much.” I told her truly.

Yes, it isn’t hurting me that much. I’m ready to give her a second chance as she gave me a second chance when I had doubted her. It’s just that I need some time to come out of this properly.

“Now come inside. I’ll do your dressing after getting fresh. I need to pee, it’s an emergency.”

“So go, I’m not stopping you.” As she said, I rushed inside and she followed me while laughing.


I stepped out of the washroom after getting fresh and saw her struggling while combing her hair as she is unable to hold the comb properly because of her burned hands. She is adorably complaining the God for this.

She can’t able to hold the comb even and Madam was thinking to prepare breakfast.

I shook my head and strolled to her. I stood behind her and she glanced at me through the mirror. “Give it to me.” I held my hand out to her, looking at her in the mirror.

She meekly gave the comb to me. I started untangling her matted hair carefully and slowly because I don’t want to hurt her. This is the first time I’m combing a woman’s hair. Seriously now I can do anything for my Butterfly because she is my girl, the love of my life. She is special to me.

And I can’t believe I’m that same strictest Dom. She has completely transformed me into a new person but I like the person I have become because of her. I feel like I found myself after meeting her. I’m so blessed to have her.

She is just gazing at me intensely with love in her eyes. We looked into each other eyes deeply, going into another world. We came on the earth back when she hissed in pain as I pulled her hair unintentionally because I was so lost in her intoxicating eyes.

I instantly apologised, “I’m so sorry.”

She just smiled at me. “It’s okay. You’re doing this perfectly.” I smiled at her too before again started combing her long hair.

“It’s done.” I put the comb on the table and she turned around, beaming at me ear to ear.

“Thank you, my sweetie Master.” She swiftly stood on her toes and placed a kiss on my cheek. I just smiled.

“Now it’s time to do your dressing,” I said after taking out the first aid from the drawer.

“No, don’t do this. It’ll hurt.” She said like a baby, hiding her hands behind her back.

“Butterfly, it won’t. I promise you.” I reassured her, placing my hand on her face and blinking my eyes.

She put her both hands in front of me. “Okay, then do it fast.”

“First sit down,” I said, pointing at the bed. She settled down and I knelt before her. I unwrapped the bandage of her one hand and my heart ached, seeing the deep red and black burn marks and some big ulcers all over palm. It must be hurting her so much. I felt a sudden pang of guilt, I shouldn’t have burned our painting in anger because If I hadn’t done this, she wouldn’t have to go through this.

I closed my eyes to compose myself before started applying the healing cream while constantly blowing the warm breath on her palm. The ulcers are on her hands and my heart is aching more than her. Today I understood the real meaning of love. I really love her so much and I can’t see her pain.

I glanced at her, she is sitting, shutting her eyes and pursing her lips.

“I’m sorry.” I apologised, looking at her with guilt and pain in my eyes.

She instantly opened her eyes and asked, “why are you saying sorry? It’s my fault, I have hurt myself.”

“But still I shouldn’t have let you hurt yourself. And after that, I haven’t even treated your hands on the time that day because of my anger.” I moved my eyes down in remorse. The guilt is killing me from inside.

“Shut up, it was my fault. I have hurt myself. Don’t blame yourself.” She chided and I just stared at her with sorrowful eyes before glancing back at her palm.

“Don’t worry, my hands will get fine with time.” She reassured me.

“Promise me, you won’t hurt them more. You’ll ask for help from me but won’t carry and do anything with your hands until they get properly healed.”

“I promise.” She leaned down and sucked my lips chastely. As she moved away, I immediately grabbed her hair and yanked her closer to me before capturing her lips and devouring them hungrily and passionately until she became breathless. I felt like I got my breath back with this intense kiss.

Fuck! I missed so much to taste her luscious lips. They’re my addiction.

She placed her forehead over mine, painting, our eyes are closed. We both are trying to catch our breath back after the passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry! I love you so much, that’s why I overthought about the video.” She confessed, breaking the silence.

“I have forgiven you, Butterfly but I just need some time to overcome what happened two days back. Could you give me some time?” I asked her.

“Okay, but don’t make me wait so much. Anyway, I can wait for you for my whole life but still don’t make me wait,” I shushed her by sealing her lips with mine.

She babbles a lot, but I have my ways to shut her mouth. I said to myself in my mind and smirked while kissing her.

She started opening my jeans button and then,

To be continued.

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