Desire To Control Her (Part: 69 Time heals Everything) Sidnaaz


“Butterfly, get up and wear your clothes. You’re not well.” I uttered, making her stand up by holding her arms.

I can’t punish her right now because she isn’t well and also I’m not even feeling like punishing her.

She sadly moved her eyes down. I carried her in my arms and took her to the bed. I laid her down and pulled the blanket over her. She just stared at me silently now.

I went to her cupboard and took out one of my shirts for her as I know she prefers to wear my clothes.

“Wear it, I’m bringing something for you to eat.” I went out after closing the door.

After feeding her, I gave her the medicine and she fell asleep, placing her head on my lap. I leaned down and kissed her temple before placing her head on the pillow. I tugged her into the blanket properly. I love to take care of my little Butterfly.

My anger and our fights are nothing in front of my Butterfly’s health and happiness. Nothing matters to me more than her comfort. I leaned down and whispered against her forehead, “I’ll always take care of my Butterfly no matter what.” I placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

As the doorbell rang, I hurriedly went to open the door because I don’t want her sleep to be get disturbed. I opened the door, it is Dev and Eve.

“How is she?” Eve asked concernedly.

“She is fine. I just put her to sleep after giving her the medicine.” I told her.

They stepped inside and I closed the door. We settled down in the hall.

“Sidharth, Sana is very innocent, please give her a second chance. I know she has hurt you a lot but please you don’t hurt her more. A pure soul like her doesn’t deserve this.” Eve requested to me and tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Hey, baby, everything is fine. Don’t cry.” Dev clasped her face and gently wiped her tears with his thumbs.

“Don’t worry, Eve. I won’t hurt her.” I reassured her, blinking my eyes.

“I just come after checking her.” Eve went to the Butterfly’s room.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I woke up after taking a nap and found Eve sitting beside me.

Where is Sidharth? Did he leave? The first thought that came to my mind is of Sidharth.

“Sidharth?” As I uttered, Eve looked at me.

“Don’t worry, he is out,” Eve told me and I sighed.

She asked, “how’re you feeling now?”

“Much better,” I answered her, sitting up and she placed a pillow behind my back.

“Don’t know why I’m feeling like nothing will be the same between me and Sidharth,” I uttered in a dejected tone after thinking why he didn’t punish me. He is behaving so different, earlier he used to find reasons to punish me.

She clasped my hand and explained to me, “Sana, you’re overthinking. Everything will get fine between you both with time. Just give him some time and trust me, time will heal everything.”

“Do you really think that he’ll treat me the same as before?” I asked her in a disbelief tone.

“I’m hundred percent sure.” I felt better after seeing her confidence and a small smile flashed on my face.

“Now let’s go outside.” I climbed down from the bed and went out, Eve followed me.

I came to the hall and found Sidharth and Dev talking. Suddenly my eyes fell over her wounded knuckles.

“I just come,” I murmured to Eve and darted back to the room. I came back with the first aid box and knelt before Sidharth. I took out the ointment.

“You always take care of me but never take care of yourself.” I chided him while applying the ointment on his knuckles and blowing air on it.

“Because I know you’re there to take care of me.” As he uttered, I swept my eyes from his hand to his face. We gazed into each other eyes intensely, getting lost in them.

We came on the earth back when Dev cleared his throat. I put the ointment back into the box before closing it and standing up.

Eve and I sat down with Dev and Sidharth. Dev asked, “how’re you, Sana?”

“Fine.” I gave him a small smile.

“Well, Sana, who sent you that role-play video?” Dev asked, getting suspicious.

“Oh, shit! I completely forgot to ask you this. Who was the person?” Sidharth asked curiously.

“I don’t know it came from an unknown number,” I answered them, clueless.

“Give me your phone.” Sidharth held out his hand to me and I gave him my phone.

“We have to find the person because whosoever the person is, he must have sent the video with evil intentions,” Sidharth uttered, staring straight, his eyes are scorching with anger.

“You’re right. Give me the number, I’ll try to find out whose number is this.” Dev said to Sidharth and he sent him the number.

“I think I shall leave now,” Dev uttered after standing up.

“I’m coming with you.” Sidharth stood up and my face hung down in sadness. I hurriedly went behind him and grabbed his shirt tightly to stop him from going. As Sidharth tried to walk, I grasped the shirt tighter. He glared at me over his shoulder and I shook my head, still not leaving his shirt like a stubborn kid.

“You don’t go please.” As I implored him, Eve and Dev looked at us.

“Yes, Sidharth, you stay with Sana. I’m going with Dev.” Eve spoke, holding Dev’s hand.

I know she is doing this for me. She is the best.

“Thank you,” I murmured to her, smiling and she blinked her eyes.

“Let’s go Dev.” And she left with Dev hurriedly before Sidharth could say something. I grinned widely with victory.

“Now you can leave my shirt, Butterfly.” He uttered, looking at me after turning his face to me.

“No, what if you run away.” I nodded my head.

“It’s your habit to run away, Butterfly, not mine.” He taunted me and I left his shirt, becoming upset.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have disappeared like that yesterday.” I again apologised, hugging him from behind and burying my face in his back.

I walked in front of him and moved closer to him, our front bodies are touching now and sending shivers down our spines. I raised my heels and stood up on my toes to face him. We’re gazing into each other deeply. I moved closer to his lips, opening the buttons of his shirt from down.

I slipped my hands into his shirt and he breathed heavily as my fingers caressed up his bare stomach and chest, making him shiver.

He suddenly pushed me away and hastily buttoned up his shirts, shocking me.

“Why did you stop?” I asked grimly.

“Tell me what do you want to have for dinner.” He asked, ignoring my words, saddening me more.

First, he didn’t punish me and now he didn’t even let me kiss him. He is still so much angry with me.

When will everything get fine between us like before? Am I being impatient? I think I should give him time. Eve said right, everything will fall into place with time. I should be positive.

“Whatever you make with your hands, I’ll eat.” I clasped his hand and kissed his knuckles before answering him. A smile flashed on his face and my heart smiled.

“Now you go and take a rest.” He ordered me.

Rest! I’m tired of taking a rest today. But I don’t want to defy him because I have promised him that I’ll be his good submissive.

“Okay.” I nodded meekly and went to the room.


At night, he lay down on his side, facing his back to me. I pouted sadly and wondered, “now he won’t even sleep, hugging me.”

I moved closer to him from behind and slowly encircled my arm around him. “Please, don’t push me away,” I whispered in his ear pleadingly, pulling him closer to me.

When he didn’t remove my hand, I smiled cheerfully. “Thank you.” I thanked him merrily and wrapped my leg also around him, smiling.

Whatever happened between us, it was worst, but the thing which matters to me is that he is still with me. I’m so glad and thankful to God for this. Now I also feel like with time, everything will get alright.

Because of the effect of medicine, I fell fast asleep with the positive thought, hoping to have a better day tomorrow after hiding my face in the crook of his neck. I feel so damn peaceful when he is around me.

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