Desire To Control Her (Part: 67) Manan


Master’s P.O.V.

I came to the terrace to get some fresh air because it was suffocating me inside. I threw Butterfly out of my house, my only happiness. Why did you do this to me, Butterfly? Why did you force me to give you tears?

Her burned palms are again and again coming in front of my eyes. Will she apply the ointment in this condition? She is so careless, she won’t treat her wounds. I’m so fucking worried for her. I just don’t want to think about her. She hurt me, she has no faith in me. I can’t let her come into my life again to hurt me again.

But she is my everything, she is the only one who makes me smile and makes my heart fills with joy. How will I survive without her?

“Oh, God! I’m going crazy. I can’t forgive her but I can’t even stay without her because I’m completely incomplete without her.” I yelled frustratedly, clenching the railing.

Suddenly my eyes dilated in horror as I saw my Butterfly lying unconscious on the floor outside the house.

My heart skipped beating for a second after seeing her like this.

“Butterfly….” I shrieked, getting hell anxious for her but I didn’t get any response from her.

I hurried down, breathing  heavily in anxiety, praying to god in my mind, “please don’t let anything happen to her.” I came running to her, distraught for her.

I knelt and put her head on my lap. “Butterfly, wake up. Your Manik is here.” I tried to wake her up by patting her face but she isn’t responding to me. Tears started rolling down my cheeks mechanically.

I love her so much, please God, don’t let happen to her.” I cried out anxiously, burying her in my arms.

I’m not understanding what happened to her.

I held her hand and kissed her palm which got burned while trying to extinguish the burning painting. I’m so damn angry with her but still, I can’t see her in pain because I love her. I’m so much hurt because of her but the truth is that I can never stop loving my Butterfly.

But I won’t forgive her for not trusting me because it’s hurting me so much whenever I’m recalling how she left me, thinking that I’m a monster.

But right now I have to put everything on the side and take her to the hospital. I promptly stood up and rushed to the car, carrying her in my arms. I’m just praying that there is nothing serious and she would be fine.

My driver opened the car and I settled down into the car, holding her in my arms. Tears are constantly cascading down my cheeks and just staring at her.

Dev’s P.O.V.

I came to meet Eve when she told Nandini has come back and why she had disappeared yesterday.

I rang the bell, she opened the door and welcomed me with a warm hug which I carved always. I embraced her in my arms and she tightened the grip of her arms around me.

“Where is Nandini? Is she fine?” I asked her after coming out of her arms.

She told me everything, making me shocked. She let Nandini go alone to meet Manik when he is so angry with her. I know my friend very well, he would have gotten so hurt after knowing that she didn’t trust him. He had never let anybody come close to him when his first girlfriend had cheated him but he let only Nandini come into his heart and now this happened. He would be so heartbroken.

“What! why did you let Nandini go alone? He must be so angry with her and he can do anything with her in anger.” I freaked out.

She rubbed my biceps. “Relax! Dev, he loves her and he can never hurt his love.” Eve uttered with utter confidence, making me shocked a bit with her words. I stared at her with my eyes widened slightly.

“How are you so confident about it?” I asked her in a surprised tone, raising my brows.

“Because, you have also never hurt me in anger and yesterday I saw true and immense love in Manik’s eyes for Nandini, the love which I always see in your eyes for me.” She explained to me, softly holding my face, making my heart smile and taking away my all tension like magic.

“My baby is getting smart like me.” I teased her, grinning.

“You meant I wasn’t smart before?” She made a cute pout, looking super adorable, taking my heart away from me with her cuteness. I pecked her pout.

“You’re my cute baby girl!” I pulled her cheeks and she gave me a winsome smile, making me smile broadly.

Then I kissed her hard, taking her lips into my mouth, sucking it after pinning her both hands against the wall, above her head, not letting her kiss me back and touch me. It’s the pure dominating kiss, I know my dominating side makes her excited and arouses her carnal desires more.

I know everything about my baby!

I ground my crotch against her, making her insane for me. I’m biting her lips like an animal who has been hungry for many days for his food. She’s moaning in my mouth crazily and it’s is turning me more. I held her both hands with my one hand above her head and with my other hand, I squeezed one of her twins after sliding it inside her top.

I left her lips, breathing heavily, “what do you want baby girl?” I asked huskily, caressing my lips against the corner of her lips. She is panting and her warm breath is caressing my face and driving me crazy.

“Answer me, baby.” I breathed against her lips, slipping my other hand also inside the top.

“Aaa…” she moaned as suddenly I pinched her both the nipples, indirectly warning her if she doesn’t answer me, she gonna see my roughest side which she won’t like.

“I want you, Master.” She answered me like a good girl and that’s it!  I quickly opened the button of her jeans and held the waistband of jeans to pull it down but suddenly my phone started ringing, disturbing us.

“I’ll kill that person for sure,” I growled in frustration, taking the phone out of my jeans pocket. Eve laughed at me while I picked up the call, glaring at her without seeing the caller Id.

“Dev!” As I listened to Manik’s sorrowful voice, my expression changed instantly.

“What happened, Dev?” Eve asked me worriedly, noticing my facial expression.

I put the phone on speaker.

“What happened, Manik?” I asked him.

“Dev! Nandini, she suddenly became unconscious and I brought her to the hospital.” He told me in a worried tone.

“Manik, what doctor said? What happened to Nanz? Is she fine?” Eve asked him, freaking out.

“I don’t know, the doctor is checking her, I’m so worried for her.” He answered her in a helpless tone.

“Manik, we’re coming, don’t worry she’ll be fine,” I reassured him.

“Okay,” he said before disconnecting the call.

I clasped Eve’s face and assured her, “Baby, she’ll be fine.” She nodded her head, staring at me blankly. Then we left for the hospital.

Master’s P.O.V.

The doctor came outside after checking Nandini and I rushed to him. “What happened to her? Is she fine?” I asked him in a worried tone.

“She got fainted due to anxiety attack and low bp. Just keep her away from stress and she’ll be fine.”

It’s all my fault, I was so hard on her and didn’t see her pain because of my anger. At least I should have listened to her.

“When she will gain her conscious back?” I asked him.

“In a few hours.”

Suddenly I recalled about her hands and asked him, “And how are her hands?”

“We have done the dressings but it will take time to be healed and it’ll hurt her.” As he told me, I closed my eyes dejectedly.

She hurt me and I hurt her even more.

“Could I meet her?” I asked and the doctor gave me a slight nod before leaving.

I pushed the door open of her wardroom and strolled to her slowly. She is lying unconscious on the bed, her glowing face is looking so dull right now and her hands are swathed in the bandage. My heart cried from inside after seeing her condition.

I started carving to see her smiling face which makes my heart and soul immensely happy.

I sat on the stool which is kept beside her bed, gazing at her with sorrowful eyes. I didn’t think that my anger would bring her to the hospital.

I softly clasped her hand and placed a soft kiss on the bandage. “Butterfly, I never wanted to hurt you but I just lost my mind when I came to know that you don’t have trust in me. You decided to leave me without even thinking about me. I love you, Butterfly and I’ll always love you. Get fine soon, I promise, I won’t hurt you again like this.” I kissed her forehead, caressing her hair.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I gained my consciousness back, my head is still spinning. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Dev and Manik, standing beside my bed.

“Manik, give her one chance. Everything is new for her, it isn’t her fault that she doubted you.”‘Dev explained Manik, placing his hand over his shoulder.

I closed my eyes back, pretending that I’m still unconscious because I want to know what really is going on in Manik’s mind.

“I’m not angry because she doubted me, Dev. I’m angry because she left me after seeing the video. She declared me a monster without even talking to me. It hurts that she doesn’t trust me, Dev. It’s difficult for me to forgive her but I don’t want to hurt her by not forgiving her. And right now I can’t even stay with her after knowing she has no faith in me.” He said the last line and I felt a sharp pain in my heart. Now he doesn’t want to stay with me. It’s hurting me so much. I lost him. I lost my sweet Master and it’s all my fault. Tears trickled down my cheeks mechanically.

“You keep yourself in my shoes and then think. If Eve was at Nandini’s place, would you be able to forgive Eve so easily for not trusting you?”  Manik asked him after a few minutes of silence.

“I don’t know but please don’t let Nandini go, Manik. Please, think again and think about all those beautiful moments which you have spent with her. You know sometimes if a person did one mistake, we forget that person all good deeds and remember just his one mistake. Don’t do something which you regret later. Think wisely, has she given you reasons to cry more or to laugh more.” I slightly opened my eyes and saw Dev leaving the room and Manik is staring straight, lost in the deep thoughts.

I’m so much angry with myself for not coming to him right after seeing the video. I was thinking that he can’t do this, then also I doubted him. I’m an idiot, I deserve this pain for hurting him.

I opened my eyes and saw Manik closing the door of the washroom. My head is spinning but still, I climbed down the bed and rushed out. If he doesn’t want to stay with me, I won’t show my face to him because I don’t want to hurt him more.

Master’s P.O.V.

I’m splashing the water on my face and Dev’s words are echoing in my ears. “Think wisely, Manik, has she given you reasons to cry more or to laugh more.”

My Butterfly has given me reasons to smile more than to cry. Dev said absolutely right that if a person does one mistake, after that we forget about all the moments which we have spent with that person. I can’t even imagine my life without my Butterfly. I’ll give her a second chance but I need time. I hope I can forgive her.

I came on the earth back when someone constantly knocked on the door. “Manik… Manik…” Dev and Eve are calling me loudly, banging the door.

What happened to them? Why they’re breaking making my eardrums.

I closed the tap and went to the door. “What happened?” I asked after opening the door.

“Where is Nandini?” As they asked, I narrowed my brows bemusedly and moved my eyes to her bed. My eyes widened in shock as I saw her bed empty. A few minutes back, she was lying there. Now, where did she disappear again?

“Where did she go?” I asked them.

“You don’t know?” Eve asked me and I shook my head, taking out my phone. I called her immediately but she didn’t answer my calls.

This Girl! Why does she disappear like this always?

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