(Beyond Love} Chapter: 35 (Manan)


Nandini’s POV:

“What happened?” He asked, noticing my expression.

“The phone is ringing constantly and you’re saying it isn’t important,” I said, pointing at the phone, keenly noticing his expressions.

He remained silent. I can clearly see he’s trying to avoid making eye contact with me.

“Are you hiding something from me?” I asked and he instantly shook his head.

“Really, it isn’t important.” He said, looking here and there. I rolled my eyes, nodding my head in disbelief.

Is he really thinking I’ll buy his lie? He really sucks in lying, he should know this.

“Still I want to know who is the person calling you constantly. Like you want to know everything about me, in the same way, I want to know everything about you, Manik.” I insisted.

He sighed deeply and finally spit out, “he is the Music producer.” I stared at him in confusion, waiting for him to speak further but he didn’t speak anything.

Exhaling a deep breath, I moved out of his lap, settled down beside him and clasped his face in my palm, he looked straight into my eyes.

What happened to him? I can clearly see something is bothering him a lot.

“Manik, you can share,” I whispered lovingly, caressing his face.

He smiled and lay down on the couch, keeping his head on my lap.

“The music producer wants me to sign a contract with him. He wants me to sing for his album.” He told me, playing with the fingers of my hand like a baby.

“That’s so great. What’s the problem in this?” I smiled looking at him.

“If I focus on music, Dad won’t able to handle business alone. I don’t want to burden him. Therefore I’m dodging the producer.” He explained to me and I just stared at him in utter disbelief.

My God! How can anybody be so selfless? For his father, he is ready to sacrifice his talent, his passion.

But I won’t let him do this anymore because we should always follow what we’re passionate about.

“Manik, you should sign the contract with him,” I said.

“I won’t able to manage,” I shushed him, placing my finger over his lips.

“Let me complete first.” He gave me a slight nod and I continued, “Manik, you know you have magic in your voice, don’t let this talent go wasted. Your Dad will be happiest after knowing if you accept this proposal. And I can assure you that you can manage everything. You know everything seems so right when we follow our passion, we become unstoppable, stronger and confident.” I explained to him, caressing his hair with one hand and my other hand is entwined with his hand.

He is just staring at me unblinkingly.

“I’m not forcing you, I’m just advising you,” I said when I saw him not saying anything.

“You trust me that I’ll manage, Right?” He asked in a daze making me smile.

“More than myself,” I replied with pure honesty, gazing into his eyes affectionately.

He smiled and murmured ‘thank you’ after placing the soft kiss on my knuckles.

“And I’ll think about it.” He said, I smiled at him.

“And don’t forget to tell me if you change your decision.” I said flicking his nose, just the way he does with me making him chuckle.

“Of course, my Baby Girl.” As he called me Baby Girl, I leaned down and kissed him softly and chastely.


We enjoyed the whole day together, cuddling, cooking and lots of talking. We came to know so many more things about each other. He showed me his photos from different- different countries which he visited during vacations or sometimes during his meetings. While showing photos, he expressed his passion for travelling, knowing about their culture and eating different foods. Such a foodie he is. I mean trust me when I say that, he has his phone full of pictures with food more than anything else and he literally licked his lips while showing them to me, telling me how much he loved it. I chuckle when he said that now he’s feeling hungry again looking at the pictures.

Foodie Malhotra!

Well moving on, he also showed me his photos doing scuba diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, tracking and whatnot. Gawd, I never knew he’s so adventurous.

I pouted and said, I too want to visit those places. He pecked my lips and promised me that from now onwards he will make sure to take me with him as now it’s difficult for him to stay away from me. I blushed to see his smirk when he said that.

Such a tease he is!

He also told me about his parents’ love story and how it was an arranged marriage that turned into a love one when they met for the first time. How his father fell in love with his mother at the very first sight and how they got married, promising their forever with each other. I smiled hearing their love story. They are indeed the best couple in this world, though I just met them once but the love for each other in their eyes are quite visible for anyone to go all aww on them. I told him that I missed them a lot and wanted to meet them again and also I asked him about his mother’s health and he told me she’s all fine and she missed me too and would like to meet me soon. He told me about the art exhibition too which I almost forget. He said his dad has postponed that because his mother was not well but as she’s all fine, it’s on tomorrow and I have to accompany him. I smiled, nodding my head in approval. How can I ever deny him for anything? I told him that now I need to go shopping as I have nothing to wear to the art exhibition. He smiled and said that we will go together shopping after college and warned me showing his index finger to dare not to refuse.

Well, right now we are going to the game centre which is near my place. As I so wanted to learn bowling from the time he showed his photos to me.


Manik’s POV:

She has been looking so excited from the moment I told her that we are going to the game centre. She’s such an adorable baby. She always gets happy with small things which really make me go crazy for her.

She’s so different in her own special way.

As we entered the game centre, we tried so many games. We played pool, car racing, table tennis and whatnot. She was literally so happy. She was jumping like a bunny whenever she was winning any game. She literally showed me her tongue saying she’s the best player more than me, making me laugh. Her every action makes me happy. I really adore her so much. My cute baby girl.

After playing other games we went to the bowling place.

“Finally bowling!!!! I always wanted to do that but I don’t know how to do it.” She pouted, making me want to bite those lips. Did she have any idea how much hard she’s making me with her those cute pouts?

“It’s alright, Baby girl. I will teach you.” I said, giving a quick peck on her lips. Her eyes winded and then she blushed hard after seeing the surroundings making me laugh harder.

My shy baby!

I took her hand and went near the blowing place. I started teaching her basic stuff and showed her how to do it and also how to hold the ball. She is literally paying her whole attention to the ball and stuff which I’m telling her as if her life depends on it. She is literally looking so fucking adorable while making those cute pouts, looking at the ball.

She squealed loudly when I threw the lots of stricks.

“Wow Manik, you’re so perfect in this.” She whooped, kissing my cheeks and making me blush.

Only she can do this, only she can make me blush.

“Aww, you’re so cute.” She laughed, pulling my cheeks after seeing my flushed face.

I nodded my head in disbelief. She’s calling me cute? Oh god, has she even seen herself? She’s the epitome of cuteness.

I gave her the ball and told her to try it. I was about to tell her that it’s a little heavy but before I could say anything she snatched it from my hand and she almost dropped the ball, making me laugh.

“You didn’t tell me it is heavy.” She whined and tried to implement the steps I told her.

“I was about to but someone has no patience.” I teased, and she glared at me, making me giggle.

She again picked up the ball and threw it, but failed terribly. She tried it so many times but was not able to do it, the ball is going in the wrong direction every time. It’s fun watching her bowling. She sucked at it and sat down grumpily every time she failed.


I laughed when I saw her looking at me with an angry pout. She immediately turned her face when I took out the phone. I giggled, still clicking her photo and she whined.

‘Someone is trying really hard!😛

Isn’t it? @nandinikapoor

I posted this pic on my Instagram story tagging her.

Gawd, she will definitely going to kill me for this.

“Alright, pick up the ball and I’ll help you,” I stood behind her and held her hand which have the ball and guided her to swing the ball in the correct place and direction.

“Yes! I did it. Thank you, Manik!” She squealed loudly, hugging me.

“It’s my pleasure, baby girl.” I smiled, flicking her nose.

“I just need a little practice. Let’s do it again.” She cutely said, making me giggle. Gawd! She is so enthusiastic and I love her energy. Once again I stood behind her and repeated the same action by bending over her from behind but this time I can feel her ass pressing against my crotch and I can’t focus. She kept moving without standing still, and I’m fucking so turned on. The fact that she isn’t aware of it made it even harder for me to focus.

The next moment, I turned her to myself and kissed her passionately after cupping her face, shocking her with a sudden kiss. I bit her lips indirectly asking her to respond and as soon as she realised it, she responded with equal passion.

Now bowling has become a long-forgotten business. I don’t know from how long we are kissing each other.

“I can’t control myself anymore.” I whispered, panting as we pulled apart.

She breathed, “I never asked you to control yourself.”

And this is enough for me to take her to the washroom by grasping her hand.

I peeked inside the washroom and luckily there isn’t anybody inside. I hurriedly took her inside and shut the door before locking it.

She is silently gazing at me with anticipation and breathing heavily. I moved closer to her face and again captured her lips with mine.

My whole body is burning with desires and I can feel the same intensity from her side too. Sucking and nibbling at each other’s lips, I pinned her to the wall, holding her both hands into mine above her head. She moaned loudly, pressing her front body into mine.

God, she is making it harder for me!

This feels so good. Her body pressing against mine feels so intoxicated.

Tilting her head a little, she wrapped her one leg around my waist, giving me better access for the kiss, turning me on more. Deepening the kiss more,

I slightly left her hand and slowly moving my fingers down, I caressed her bare thigh.

After what felt like an eternity, we broke the kiss, panting heavily but not for once, I moved my eyes away from her face. I kept gazing at her intensely with all the passion and desire.

She blushed, slightly pushing me back, looking around, making me smile at her shyness.

“Do you have any idea what were you doing to me outside?” I asked huskily in her ear, snaking my arms around her waist, taking her breath away.

“Tell me,” I whispered, glancing at her and she gave a slight nod.

“Do you wanna know?” I asked, now clasping her face. She nodded her head again, biting her lower lips making me hard.

Exhaling a deep breath, I held her hand and placed it over my crotch. “This.”

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