(Beyond Love} Chapter: 34 (Manan)


Nandini’s POV:

I clutched my towel tightly from my chest biting my lower lip in utter embarrassment. I can clearly feel his intense gaze on me, noticing my every moment which is literally making the environment so hot.

“I d-didn’t… I didn’t k-” I stammered, licking my lower lip, not knowing how to form a proper sentence.


I heard him cursing under his breath and the next moment he grasped my hand and yanked me to himself, making my breath hitch. His warm breath is falling on my face, making the air thick with sexual tension. The intensity of his gaze is searing that I can’t even express that in words. I was so lost in him that I didn’t even realise when he clasped my face and landed his lips on mine. It happened so suddenly but as soon I realised it, I gave in pulling him more into me. He kissed me deeply and passionately, our bodies rubbed against each other, burning our bodies with wild desires. I never felt this feeling ever before which I’m feeling right now. It’s something beyond words.

Kissing and nipping each other’s lips, we both fell on the bed, breathing heavily. His body pressed against mine as he hovered over me. We both are panting heavily with our eyes still locked. Our upper body is pressing each other, intoxicating us.

“Never touch them. It’s my right to suck, bite and worship them. Okay?” He breathed, slightly licking my lips with his tongue, making me feel all different kinds of sensations on my body.

“I want the answer, Baby girl.” He breathed against my lips while his fingers are moving on my bare arms sensually, making it more difficult for me to even speak.

“Y-yes,” I breathed and he captured my lips again while his fingers moved down to my collarbones to my chest making my mind and soul lost in him all over again.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally broke the kiss as he felt me getting out of breath. His hands slid down my waist to my thigh and I took the deep inhale. Placing wet kissing all over my neck, his face moved to my cleavage giving an unknown sensation to my body. I moaned loudly when he took the skin between his teeth and nibble.

Oh god, it feels so intoxicating!

He sucked that place immediately to soothe the pain, making me moan in immense pleasure. Caressing his hair, I pulled him closer to me how much it’s possible.

God, this feeling is so tempting.

I can’t take it anymore!

I flinched and closed my eyes tightly feeling his fingers just near my lower part. I panted heavily, not knowing how to react. But suddenly I felt no moment of his fingers on my body. I frowned and opened my eyes which met his intense chocolate brown eyes, which are already gazing at me with so much affection.

Why did he stop?

“I know you’re not ready for this. So please stop me before I do something which you are not comfortable with.” He breathed against my lips, slightly smooching them, making me smile in between.

How so purely he always answers my unasked questions with so much affection.

“How can you be so caring, always?” I whispered in a daze, drowning in his deep chocolate brown eyes, all over again.

“Well, my baby girl is such a kid sometimes. So, I need to be extra caring towards her and-” He stated and my stomach groaned making him stop. We both kept looking at each other and then burst into laughter.

What a timing!

“Well, let’s go bacha and we need to fill your stomach.” He said, making me smile. I know he deliberately said ‘Bacha’ because I told him I like it.

Well, what to say?

His Hindi accent is so cute.

But I like whatever he calls me. Whether it’s baby girl or bacha. Both have different feelings as well as different emotions.

He stood up on his feet and stared at me. His eyes roamed around my body from top to bottom. I blushed hard, seeing him looking at me like this. Exhaling a deep breath and giving me his palm, he made me stand as well.

I instantly hugged him out of shyness and felt his chest vibrate as he laughed.

He nuzzled my neck and murmured, “you smell so divine, Baby girl. God, you’re turning me on.”

“You’re doing the same to me,” I uttered, looking at him and smiled shyly.

“Stop seducing me like this, baby girl.” He groaned and pointed his index fingers at my towel, making me go all red out of shyness.

“Shut up.” I pouted, smacking his arms and he chuckled. I clutched the towel securely around my chest and turned around to move towards the bathroom when he again jerked me closer to him, wrapping his arms around my waist, making me go all weak on my knees.

“Look in the mirror.” He breathed against my neck, arising goosebumps on my skin, giving a tingling sensation. I moved up my eyelashes slowly and my gaze fell on the reflection of us which is visible in the mirror.

My body is wrapped with a white towel, neck and cleavage full of hickeys. His hands are securely wrapped around my waist, hugging me from behind. We both are looking so ethereally hot together.

“We’re looking so sexy together, isn’t it?” He whispered, gazing intensely at our reflection in the mirror, making me blush harder. His breath is falling on my bare shoulder which is enough to accelerate my heartbeat even more.

“You smell so exquisite, Baby girl. God, you’re literally turning me on again and again.” He murmured, nuzzling my neck, our eyes still locked. He sucked my bare shoulder, the warmness of his mouth around my cold body erupted the butterflies in my stomach. When I couldn’t look into those chocolate brown eyes anymore, I turned around and hid my face in his chest and again I felt his chest vibrate as he laughed. Huh!

“How can someone be so hot and cute at the same time?” He teased, rolling his tongue inside his cheeks and I pouted, peeking from his chest.

“You’re such a monster Manik!” I murmured, hitting him slightly on his chest and he laughed out.


After breakfast, Manik and I are lying, cuddling on the bed talking god knows what. Being around him always makes me feel like the happiest soul in this world.

It seems like I completely lost myself in him.

“So now you tell me what do you want to do today?” He asked, flicking my nose with his index finger making me smile softly.

“I just want to stay like this with you,” I answered him truly, gazing into his eyes affectionately. “Forever,” I added, making him smile widely.

“I’m with you only, Babygirl.” He kissed my hair, making me pleased with his gestures. “And you know what?” He asked, mischievously sliding his hands inside my top and drawing circle with his long fingers on my back, giving a tingling sensation throughout. I breathed, pulled his hands out and asked what with raising my eyebrows.

“Anyway, I can’t take my hands off you after the stunt you just pulled in the morning. So I’m planning to stick with you for the rest of your life.” He confessed, rubbing his nose with mine, making me giggle and his hands again went back to his work.

“Well, that’s just an excuse. Before that incident too you can’t take your hands off-“

I bit my lips and blushed hard when I realised what I just said.

Why does this happen to me always?

Why do I have to blurt out everything in front of him?

He laughed out, seeing my flushed face, making me chuckle at my stupidity.

“Did I ever tell you that you take my breath away with your blush?” He whispered, rubbing his thumb on my lower lip and I looked at him with the utmost affection.

“Did I ever tell you that you took my breath away with your loving gestures?” I whispered back with pure honesty, drowning in his eyes, rubbing my forefinger on his one-day-old stubble which indeed make him look more irresistible.

His breath fell on my lips as he cupped my cheeks in his palm, staring intensely into my eyes and quickening my heartbeat.

I closed my eyes, wrapping my arms around his neck when I felt him leaning down to my lips and sucking them softly, making me smile.

His every action sends a burning sensation throughout my body, making my heart desire for his touch.

After that he softly placed kisses on my nose, head and eyes to my neck, making me feel ticklish.

“I think I can’t take my lips off your skin too.” He murmured against my neck and pulled me closer to himself. I opened my eyes when I felt his touch missing and blushed harder as I saw him staring at me teasingly.

“Don’t you dare tease me?” I warned him, showing my index finger to him as I saw him opening his mouth. He giggled, raising his hands in surrender, making me laugh.

“Well, let’s play games on PSP4. What’s say?” He asked me, wiggling his eyebrows making me squeal in excitement.

“Yes, I’m an expert in all the games. You can’t win from me.” I said praising myself.

“Are you challenging me, Baby Girl?” He asked, moving closer to me and taking my breath away from me.

“Yes, I’m challenging. Now let’s play.” I replied hurriedly, pushing him away.

He chuckled, seeing my flushed face. God, he’s so bad, he deliberately did this.

Huh! Monster!

But adorable one!

Then we settled down on the couch, holding the wireless controller. We decided to play a car racing game and I mentally smirked. I’m a champion in this. I’m going to win, I’m hundred percent sure.

Well, I know I’m praising myself a lot but what to do? Self-praising is also important. Isn’t it?

“All the best, Baby Girl.” He said, grinning.

“You need it more. So, say all the best to yourself.” I said with full confidence and a chuckle left out of his lips.


“Let’s see who will win.” He said and started the game.

Oh my God!

From one minute, I’m in the first position. Woah! Yes!

Raising my brows proudly, I looked at him. He chuckled, pecking my cheek, making me blush.

“Don’t try these tricks, I don’t allow my opponent to kiss me. Okay.” I said, showing him my tongue and he giggled.

My brows narrowed and lines formed on my forehead as he overtook me and came in the first position.

No, No, this can’t happen!

I want to win the game. I always win.

I became tense.

He laughed evilly and I shoot daggers at him. “You know what, Baby girl, I won’t mind if my opponent kisses me though she’s losing, I guess.”

“Okay, then, don’t blame me.” I hurled my controller on the sofa and sat straddling him. His eyes widened in shock and I smiled, seeing his facial expression.

Then I hugged him tightly. “You play, I don’t want to play anymore. This game is so boring.” I murmured, burying my face in the shoulder.

“When you start losing, the game becomes boring. Waha.. kya baat hai.” He said mocking me.


I broke the hug and glared at him. “Don’t angry me,” I warned him, pointing my finger at him.

I know he spoke Hindi…but right now I didn’t find his accent cute. Huh!

“Or else what will you do?” He asked, raising his brows.

“I’ll eat you raw,” I whispered in his ear and bit his ear lobe. “Like this.” he hissed but instantly wrapped his arms around my waist, keeping the controller aside.

“You’re becoming so bold.  What happened to my shy baby girl?” He whispered, and I blushed.

“And here she comes.” He pointed at my cheeks and laughed while I blushed harder.

“Don’t you think, I deserve reward as I was clearly winning.” He whispered huskily, biting my earlobe making me flinch at my place, knowing exactly where this is going and before I could utter he captured my lips in a soul-searing kiss. My hands are roaming in his hair while his hands are securely wrapped around my waist, balancing me. We both are drowning in the pool of pleasure. His lips on mine feel like heaven to me. I always find myself melting in his touch.

He broke the kiss when he felt me getting out of breath. We both were panting heavily, passion is clearly visible in our eyes. Exhaling a deep breath he moved down his face, placing wet kisses from my neck to collarbone, giving a tingling sensation to my body. I threw my neck back, giving him more access.

God, his kisses feel so good. Thank god, his one hand is wrapped around my waist otherwise I would have fallen due to this intoxicating kiss.

I let out a shaky breath when I felt him pulling the strap of the top down my shoulder with his other hand.

“Manik!” I moaned his name when he softly bites my shoulder, placing soothing kisses.

Oh god!

He is moving his fingers to another side of my top, dipping his head in crook my neck, when suddenly his cellphone started ringing, making me startle.

“Manik your p-phone,” I whispered, breathlessly.

“Ignore it.” He groaned, sucking my skin.

“But it might be something important,” I said, moving his face out from my neck. He groaned and cursed the caller under his breath, making me chuckle.

I pulled the strap of my top back, blushing on our encounter, still sitting on his lap while he extended his hand to the side table where his phone is kept.

As he saw the caller id, his brows narrowed and he shook his head. He placed the phone back on the table after putting it on silent and looked at me.

“The call wasn’t important.” He said to me but I glanced at the phone and saw that it’s still ringing.

Why I’m feeling like he is hiding something from me?

I wondered, staring at him dubiously.

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