Desire To Control Her (Part: 60 Regretting)


He stopped the car in front of my home and I narrowed my brows bemusedly as I thought that he would take me to his mansion to punish me.

Why did he bring me here? I wondered, confused.

As I opened my mouth to ask, he ordered sternly, “get out of the car,” without looking at me. He is glaring straight, his brows pulled together, lips are tightened and the vein in the middle of his forehead is popped out.

Oh, God! He is so fucking angry.

I slowly placed my hand on his shoulder, staring at him. “I,”

“Just get the fuck out of the car.” He shrieked, making me flinch and he threw away my hand, frowning at me.

“No, I won’t step out of the car until you talk to me,” I said stubbornly and his looks became darker.

“Fine.” He hastily opened the door of the car, stepped out of it, stormed towards the door of my side, opened the door, took me out by grasping my hand.

“Ethan, I know,”

“I don’t want to listen to a single word from your mouth.” He again shut me up, pointing his finger at me and staring at me dangerously.

“Now go straight to your home,” he ordered, moving his finger from me to my home. I just stared at him pleadingly. “I said now.” He growled and I winced.

My heart is aching after seeing him in so much anger. I’m feeling so guilty because it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have lied to him. I want to pacify him. But how will I do it, he isn’t letting me speak a single word even?

Oh, God! Please, help me and show me the way.

“Fine, I’m going. You stay here.” He rushed to the driving seat.

“Ethan, please, don’t go like this. You can punish me.” I tried to stop him by holding his hand, pleading.

But he removed my hand furiously and sat inside the car. I became hysterical and started crying. “Please, don’t leave me like this. I’m sorry. Ethan, please forgive me.” I begged, hitting the window. But he drove the car away from me, paying no heeds to my pleads.

Now it’s hurting me. I didn’t think that my small lie would hurt us so much.

I stepped into the home, sobbing and scolding myself. Tears are streaming down my cheeks continuously. I’m in the pool of guilt because I hurt him so much.

Master’s P.O.V.

How could she lie to me? I got so worried for her when she did that drama. She played with my emotions. This time she has made me very very angry.

Suddenly I applied the brake and the car screeched to a halt. I grabbed the steering and as I closed my eyes, her tearful face came in front of my eyes.

Fuck! I can’t see tears in her eyes.

She hurt me by lying to me but it doesn’t mean I’ll also do the same thing. I can’t hurt her like this, she deserves my anger but she doesn’t deserve tears.

I should go back to her. I can’t make her cry. She is my Butterfly. I can’t hurt her.

But I have to do something so that she won’t lie to me again. If today I forgive her so easily, she will again do this.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I can’t stay here, he is so angry with me. I can’t sit idle, I have to go back to him.

I stood up from the bed, wiping my tears and rushed out of the room after picking up my car’s key from the table.

“Where are you going, Anna?” Eve asked me as she saw me, opening the door.

“I’m going to meet Ethan,” I answered her after turning my face to her.

“It’s 2 AM, Anna.” She strode to me.

“But I want to meet him now… Eve.” I emphasised the word now.

“Okay, so I coming with you.” She stated.

“Eve, I can go alone. Don’t worry.” I said in a sad tone.

“Is everything alright? You’re sounding dull.” She asked concernedly, placing her hand on my face.

“Eve, I did a terrible mistake.” Tears brimmed in my eyes and my lips quivered.

“What?” She asked and I told her everything and tears started rolling down my cheeks automatically.

“I just wanted to escape from his punishment. I didn’t want to hurt him.” I cried out.

Eve pulled me into a hug. “Just give him some time, Anna, he’ll understand you.” She reassured me, caressing my hair.

“But I won’t get relief until he talks to me, Eve.” I hiccuped. “What I should do?” I asked her, looking at her after breaking the hug.

“Okay, if you want this, then I’m coming with you.” She uttered, placing her hand on my face.

“Thank you.” I smiled at her faintly.

Then in no time, we reached his place.

“I’m staying in the car, you go.”

“Okay.” I gave her a slight nod before stepping out of the car and hurriedly walking to the door of Ethan’s mansion.

I rang the bell thrice but nobody opened it. Mary must be sleeping. I constantly rang the bell and knocked on the door. She finally opened the door after a few minutes.

She stared at me in shock.

I apologised, “I’m sorry to disturb your sleep.”

“It’s fine, Madam but why did you come here late at night?”

“I came to meet Ethan.”

“But he didn’t come back home tonight.” She told me and my eyes enlarged a bit in shock.

If he didn’t come back home, then where did he go?

Now I became anxious for him.

I just hope he would be fine wherever he is.

I instantly called him but I became more worried because his number is coming switched off.

“Mary, please inform me as soon as he comes here. Please.” I pleaded before rushing to the car.

I saw Eve standing out of the car. I just hugged her. “Eve, he isn’t at home and his phone is switched off,” I told Eve, tensed and tears are rolling down cheeks mechanically.

“Anna, don’t cry, I’m just calling and I’ll ask him about Ethan. Relax.” She comforted me, placing her hand over my shoulder.

“I’m worried for him, Eve.”

“Relax, I’m calling Dev.” She called Dev and put the phone on speaker.

“Why didn’t you sleep yet, Eve?” He answered the call with the question.

“Dev, Is Ethan with you?” I asked him in a crying tone.


“Actually Dev, Anna fought with Ethan. Now neither he is at his home and nor he is answering her calls.” Eve explained to him.

“He didn’t come to me.” As Dev said, I felt a piercing pain in my heart and fresh tears trickled down my cheeks.

“Ethan, where are you? Please, don’t do this to your Butterfly.” I cried out and Eve stared at me helplessly.

“Anna, don’t worry, he will be fine. When he gets angry, he does this only. I’m certain he’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Dev reassured me from the other side.

“Eve, now take Anna home.” He instructed her.

“Okay.” She disconnected the call.

“Let’s go home, Anna.” She wrapped her arm around my back.

I shook my head. “No, I’ll stay here until he comes back,” I stated in a grim tone.

I rushed back to his mansion and Eve followed me.

I stepped into his room grimly and Eve came behind me. I’m constantly trying to call him.

“He’ll talk to you tomorrow, don’t overthink,” Eve said, clasping my face. I just gave her a slight nod.

“I just come.” She said, I nodded and she went to the washroom.

“Ethan, I’m sorry. Believe me, I had no intention to hurt you. At that time I just wanted to escape from your punishment. Your anger I deserve it, but please don’t get disappear like this. I can’t stay without you. Please don’t give such a hard punishment to me. I promise I will never do this drama. Please, come back,” I’m recording the voice message and a sob escaped out of my mouth. “Your butterfly is missing you so much. Please, forgive me.” I sent him the voice message on WhatsApp, shedding silent tears. I’m regretting so much.

I took out one of his shirts from his cupboard and wore it after taking off my dress. I lay down on the bed, hugging my knees and wondering about him, staring straight unblinkingly.

He is upset because of me and I’m feeling so depressed from inside. I’m so silly. I shouldn’t have lied to him. Where he would be? What he would be doing? I just hope he would be safe and fine. I’m missing him so much.

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