Desire To Control Her (Part: 48 Teasing Session)


Master’s P.O.V.

Seriously! My Butterfly is something else. After getting the punishment, still, she teased me and provoked me to punish her more. Controlling her is really a big challenge for me. But I’m liking it. I’m enjoying every moment I’m spending with her.

She is still blindfolded and now I’m missing to see her captivating sparkling eyes. Only I know how I’m controlling myself from not removing her blindfold. But I can’t remove the blindfold, or else she won’t learn her lesson and disobey me again.

Sometimes I feel like I punish myself more by punishing her.

This Girl is making me insane.

This would be my first BDSM session where I let my submissive talk so much. If some other woman was at her place, I would have gagged her.

But I’ll never gag my Butterfly because I love to hear her euphoric and sweet voice.

The first session with my Butterfly has gone mind-blowing. I was getting harder and harder, my erection was longing to come inside her.

I’m gonna have her so soon because I’m dying for this.

Seriously now I’ll feel like this naughty girl will always tease me but I’ll also make sure after this she’ll think twice before teasing me.

I restrained her wrists and ankles from the corners of the bed. Now she is lying in the X position in front of me, looking so damn sexy and taking my desires to another level. I’m so hard as a rock, I want my release. I’m tired of masturbating, today I want her to pleasure me. I can’t wait any more.

But before that, I’m gonna tease her.

I sat between her legs, looking at her face. I’m missing gazing into her bewitching eyes but she is looking sexier with a blindfold over her eyes. I bent over her and moved closer to her lips. I just caressed my lips against her. As she raised her head to kiss me, I moved my face away from her.

She asked frustratedly, “why aren’t you kissing me?”

“You’re a naughty submissive and never listen to your Master, that’s why today you won’t get any kiss and orgasm. I’m just going to tease you today.” As I told her, she made a cute sad pout.

Only she can look adorable at this moment also.

“Okay, fine.” She replied in a dull tone.

I’m going down and down, slightly caressing my lips against her neck, cleavage, I can feel her body is aching for my soft kisses. As I lightly rubbed her hard nipples with my fingers, she arched her back to press her aching nipples against my fingers but I took away my hands, grinning evilly.

I’m liking the way every inch of her skin is craving for my touch.

“This is so frustrating.” She cried out irritably like a baby.

“This is just the beginning, Butterfly. I just want to make sure after this you learn your lesson. You know it’s so much fun to control a badass girl like you. It’s even more astonishing than my imagination. I had been waiting for you only for such a long time. I’m glad that you gave me a chance.” I said merrily and a wide smile spread across her face.

“If you’re so glad to have me, then please don’t tease me.” She requested.

“No, ways, Butterfly. I’m not going to show any mercy on you today because if I don’t teach you a lesson today, you will never learn to follow my orders.” I stated in an utter dominating tone and again she pouted grimly.

I rubbed her already sensitive crotch before easing my two fingers into her. She moaned with pleasure, clenching her hands and stretching her arms and legs. I’m moving my fingers in and out and rubbing her clit slowly and teasingly.

She is moaning softly and pleading to me to increase the speed. “Fast, Master, please.”

The way she is begging me is turning me on.

Fuck! I want her badly.

The next moment she arched her hips and ground herself against my hand like a desperate soul.

“No, Butterfly.” I braced her stomach, still, my two fingers are doing their work.

“I can’t take this, Master.” She cried out frantically.

“Okay, fine.” Then only I started fingering her fast, rubbing her clit vigorously the way she wants.

“Oh Fuck! Thank you, Master.” She moaned and screamed insanely, throwing her head and stretching her body.

But I instantly stopped when I came to know she was about to explode. I took my hands away from her aching and throbbing core. There are beads of sweat all over her exquisite body and she is trying to catch her breath back. I can vividly see that she badly want to close her legs and squeeze her thighs but she can’t because today she is under my intense control. Finally, my desire of controlling her is fulfilling in the best way.

“Master, why did you stop.” She yowled in frustration.

“I told you, Butterfly, today no more orgasm.”

“No!” She yelled. “I need it badly. You can’t do this to me.” She cried out like a baby.

“Butterfly, it’s your fault. If you had behaved, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Fuck you!” She growled in anger and frustration.

“Yes, I’m going to fuck you because I’m also turned on.” I told her, pulling my jeans down and my erection sprung out.

Finally, after a long time, I’ll get some pleasure.

“You’re so sweet, Master.” She chirped, not knowing my intentions.

I laughed evilly.

Today I’m gonna show her how sweet I’m as a Master.

She will very soon come to know what is going in my mind.

I groaned with pleasure, rubbing myself against her bare and wet folds. She is moaning in ecstasy, all ready to have me. I slightly hit the tip of my erection on her clit.

“Master, please…” she begged.

“Please, what, Butterfly?” I asked her, constantly tapping her clit with my hardness, teasing her.

Ohh! God, I just fucking want her but I can’t. Because until she learns to obey me, I won’t give her what she wants.

“Fuck me!”

“Sure, Baby.”

Now it’s time to show what is really going in mind.

Then I hastily opened her wrists and made her sit by grasping her hair.

“What are you,” I shut her up by shoving myself into her mouth.

Oh god! It feels amazing.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I gasped as he put himself into my mouth. I thought that I would finally feel him inside me but not like this.

He’s so evil!

I’m in utter shock right now. This is the first time someone has put his shaft into my mouth. I had never blowjob before in my life.


I gave him a perfect blow job and I’m impressed with myself. His moans were my big motivation. I’m glad to satisfy him the way he satisfies me always.

“You’re amazing, Butterfly.” He kissed my forehead.

I want to see his handsome face.

Fuck!! this blindfold.

“So what do you learn from today’s punishment, Butterfly?” He asked me for the second time after taking me in his arms.

It’s time to be a good submissive because I’m not in a state to take more punishments.

“That I’ll never spank and tease my Master and I’ll always listen to him.” I said obediently.

“Good.” He kissed my forehead. “And thank you, Butterfly for satisfying me.”

“It was my first time.” I smiled shyly.

“Really? I just can’t believe it. You did it so well in the first attempt and also with the blindfold on your eyes. I’m impressed, Butterfly.” As he praised me, I smiled widely with self-pride.

“I’m glad that I could satisfy you, Master.”

“Now you deserve a reward.” My smile grew bigger after knowing this.

“Wow! Really?” I exclaimed with joy.

“Yes, Butterfly.” He whispered against my lips before kissing me passionately. I responded to him with equal passion, encircling my arms around his neck.

He pulled apart and as I opened my eyes and looked at his handsome face, I realised that I’m not blindfolded anymore.

I was so lost in the kiss that I didn’t come to know when did he take it off.

We gazed into each other eyes intensely. We both missed this moment when I was blindfolded.

“I removed your blindfold and kissed your lips as a reward.” He placed soft kisses on my both eyelids and I smiled contentedly.

“If you roll your eyes next time, I’ll seriously blindfold you for a week.” He warned me in a stern tone.

“Okay, Master. Now don’t be so serious.” I pulled his cheeks and kept pulling it because I can pull them only once a day.

“Butterfly, stop.” He threw away my hands, getting irritated and I giggled. “You’re unbelievable.” He chided me, touching his cheeks.

“Oh! Is it hurting? I’m sorry.” I started kissing every inch of his face.

“Now, is it fine?” I asked after looking at him.

He smiled at me blissfully. “Thank you.” I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

“Thank you for giving me a chance and bringing sunshine to my life. You know, nobody made me laugh in my entire life the way you make me laugh. Nobody made me feel the way you make me feel.” He confessed his feelings, caressing my cheek with his thumb and gazing into my eyes deeply.

I gave him a chance because I love him, I want to stay with him forever.

I felt an urge to confess my love to him but controlled myself.

“You also make me feel heavenly incredible in every way. Now I’m liking your every side.”

Because I’m falling in love with you more and more with each passing minute.

I wish you also fall in love with me super soon and then I can tell you that I love you so much, you mean the world to me and now I can’t imagine my life without you. I’m dying to tell him all these things.

“You know even I’m liking your punishments.” I giggled after saying this and he kissed my forehead before engulfing me in his protective arms. I snuggled in his warm arms with a beatific smile on my face and fell fast asleep after spending another one of the best days of my life with him.

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