Desire To Control Her (Part: 47 First Session and Punishment)


“No, Butterfly, no. You won’t get me today. Because it’s your punishment session, not pleasure.” He denied.

He is so evil!

“Then when?” I asked him in a sad tone.

“You’ll have me very soon, Butterfly because I just can’t wait anymore.”

I’m dying to see his facial expression and to feel him deep inside me right now.

“Even I can’t wait.”

He asked, “you know what I’m going to use today on you.”

“What?” I instantly asked.

“The thing which you liked the most at the BDSM club. Remember?” He gave me the hint and I instantly understood.

“Vibrator?” I asked like an excited kid and grinned widely.

“Yes, but for punishment, I’m gonna use one more thing.”

Punishment! Punishment! Uff his never-ending punishment.

But the truth is that his punishments take my excitement to another level.


“Riding crop. You spanked me, now I’ll spank you with it.” He told me.

Riding crop? Will it hurt me?

If it hurts, I’ll use my safe word.

But I don’t think he gonna hurt me ever.

“So get ready for the intense pleasure, Butterfly.”

The next moment I heard the buzzing sound, it means he has turned on the vibrator. My excitement is increasing with each passing second. With only the sound of the vibrator, I’m getting wetter.

“Just feel it, Butterfly.” He whispered in my ear just before placing the vibrator over my exposed crotch, directly touching my most sensitive spot and I shuddered.

Oh, God! It is so damn intense.

I can’t even move an inch.

He slowly rubbed the vibrator against my crotch, taking me to another world. I’m just moaning uncontrollably with ecstasy, throwing my head and arching my back.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned louder as he increased the speed of the vibrator and rubbed it vigorously against my spot.

It is so damn intense and pleasurable than my imagination. Knots started building in my stomach.

I screamed like hell with profound pleasure as he increased the speed of the vibrator more. I’m sure this would be the maximum speed. My legs started shaking and I moved uncontrollably, going insane.

Next moment he removed it. My core is throbbing because of the intense sensation, I tried to close my legs but realised that I can’t close them.


I want more. Why did he stop? I badly want something to rub against me.

“Please, continue.” I frantically begged him.

I heard his evil laugh.

“Pleasure time is over, Butterfly. Now punishment time.” He said devilishly.

“What? No!” I screamed.

“I just want to make sure that after today you will never spank me.” He said in a dominating tone.

“You’re very bad.” I cried out.

“Now like a good submissive, take your punishment.” He said, caressing something down my neck. It must be a riding crop.

Now he is going to spank me. Shit!

I’m a bit nervous but hell thrilled because spanking also turns me on.

He rubbed the crop against one of my nipples before gliding it down and down.

“Are you ready, Butterfly?” He asked me, stopping the riding crop just above my crotch.

“I’m ready, Master…” I screamed as he slightly hit it over my exposed, wet and sensitive crotch. I felt no pain, only pleasure, a pleasure that I have never felt before.

“Oh, God!” I yelled as he directly hit my most sensitive spot. I was already so sensitive because of the vibrator and now this spanking is making me even more sensitive.

I felt an urge to be touched by him as my core is throbbing terribly because of the strong sensation. I want to close my legs to get relief but I can’t because today I’m under his intense control and surprisingly it is a huge turn-on for me.

I just can’t believe that I love getting dominated in the bed. If I hadn’t met him, maybe I would have never come to know this thing about me.

He flogged me a few more times, not so hard but still, my body trembled with every hit and I moved my hands and legs uncontrollably. My whole body is on fire. Each time he spanked me, I tried to close my legs and realised that I’m under his control today.

He gave the last spank, this time harder than the previous ones that my legs quivered and I exploded from the spanking of my crotch.

“I think someone enjoyed her punishment.” He assumed right while I’m trying to catch my breath back after the so damn intense orgasm.

Today he took me to heaven with pleasure.

As he unlocked the handcuffs, I placed my legs and hands down straight on the bed comfortably. He is gently massaging my limbs, relaxing my body. I’m feeling incredible.

He placed soft and tender kisses on my wrists and ankles, making me feel heavenly good.

“So what do you learn from today’s punishment, Butterfly?” He asked me after lying beside me and pulling me into his arms. I’m still blindfolded.

Why he isn’t taking it off?

“That I should frequently spank my Master.” I giggled after saying this because I enjoyed my today’s punishment.

Suddenly his palm landed over my sensitive crotch, he gave a hard spank this time and I jumped up, screaming. My core throbbed with the intensity of his spank and I squeezed my legs shut to get some relief.

“Will you still spank your Master, Butterfly?” He asked me in a pure dominating tone.

But still, I want to tease him more.

Let’s see how he will control a challenging girl like me. Haha.

“Yes, Master, I’ll spank you.” I said naughtily.

“I guess you didn’t learn a lesson today. It means that you deserve more punishment. Right?” He asked me huskily, his breath is caressing my lips.

“Yes, Master.” I smiled playfully.

“So today you will remain blindfolded for rolling your eyes and tomorrow you will remain handcuffed for a whole day for spanking me.”

Shit! I thought that he would give some sexual punishment which will be pleasurable.

But this time he gave such a hard punishment.

Seriously he knows very well how to control women.

How am I gonna spend my day with a blindfold on my eyes and handcuffs on my hands?

“Now it’s time for your extra punishment.”

What! Extra Punishment! Isn’t it enough?

“Why?” I cried out.

“because you haven’t learnt any lesson today and for being naughty.” He told me.

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“No, Butterfly, don’t be sorry because you never mean it.”

“No, I mean it. It’s just that I’m like this. I’m naughty. Don’t you like my naughty side, Master?” I asked him in an extra sugary voice.

“I like it but it doesn’t mean I won’t punish you for teasing your Master. First, you teased me, now I’ll tease you in my way, my naughty little Butterfly.”

I cried out like a baby and he laughed evilly.

It’s my fault only. I shouldn’t have teased him.

But what I can do, I like to tease him, it is so much fun. And no matter what I’ll tease him in future also. No punishment can stop me from teasing my Master.

I’ll show him how challenging I’m and see how he gonna control me.

But now he gonna tease me. What he is going to do? I wondered, having no clue. I can’t even see what he is doing right now.

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