Desire To Control Her (Part: 46 Under his control)


He strode to me with a serious look on his face, holding a black piece of cloth in his hand and stood behind me. I’m still sitting on my knees.

Is he going to blindfold me for a week?

“Are you going to blindfold me for a week?” I asked him while he is tying the blindfold around my eyes. Now I can’t see anything.

“You always take me so lightly, Butterfly. You deliberately broke the rule. Now you just wait and see.” He bent down and whispered in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

“So what? I’m challenging, that’s why you chose me. I’m like this only and I’ll keep challenging you.” I answered him smartly.

“And you know, Butterfly that I like to control challenging girls like you because it’s a challenge for me to control you. I like the way you challenge me every day.”

I can hear his footsteps. “Master,” he shushed me by placing his finger over my lips after standing in front of me.

His warm breath caressed my face as he moved down, closer to me, clasping my chin.

“Just keep quiet and feel it.” He whispered in my ear, gliding his hand up my waist. My whole body is shivering with his touch.

Now I can’t see him, I can just feel him, his touch, his presence, his breath caressing my skin and hear the sound of his footsteps and his heartbeat.

Now he held me by my shoulders and made me stand on my feet.

“I’ll make sure that after this punishment you will think hundred times before rolling your eyes in front of me.” He whispered in my ear and bit my earlobe.

Now he is making me nervous with his words.

What’s going in his mind?

He laid me down on the bed on my back.

“Butterfly, you know you’re looking so fanciable right now with the black blindfold on your eyes. I’m feeling like to fuck you so hard and fast right now.” His words arose goosebumps all over my body and directly sent a shiver down my core.

“Then what are you waiting for, Master?” I asked him boldly.

“But today you won’t get what you want, Butterfly.” As he denied it, I pouted.

“Why? That’s not fair.” I complained.

“Was it fair to spank your Master?” He asked in a stern tone.

“But I spanked my sweet boyfriend. Why aren’t you understanding the simple thing?” I’m arguing with him with a blind on my eyes.

“Okay! I understood this but today you crossed the limit by deliberately breaking the rule after my warning.”

“I’m accepting this mistake. Actually, you know I’m a curious kid. I just wanted to see that would you really blindfold me for a week.” I told him the truth.

“How can anybody talk so much in this position also? You’re insane.” I can’t see him but I know he would be shaking his head in disbelief.

“Everybody calls me chatterbox for a reason, Master.” I tittered.

“Will you please keep quiet and let me concentrate on your punishment?” He asked irritably.

“No.” I chuckled.

“You’re unbelievable.”

“I’m unbelievable, I’m insane, I’m this, I’m that. Will you,”

He warned me, cutting my words, “if one more word comes out of your mouth, I’ll tie your mouth also.”

I instantly shut my mouth.

But now how will I talk to him?

I have to do something so that he orders me himself to speak up.

Think something fast, Butterfly.

I grinned widely as a childish idea popped into my mind.

I moved my hands and kicked my legs to catch his attention like a baby.

“What the hell are you doing this?” He asked me in a confused tone.

“I just wanted to catch your attention.” I laughed out.

“Oh, God! Nobody can remain serious with you. How could someone be so…”


“I don’t have a word. You’re unique, Butterfly.” I smiled.

“Your Unique Butterfly.”

“Right, my unique Butterfly.” I smiled.

“Now could we concentrate on our session, Master?” I asked him like it’s his fault that he isn’t proceeding further.

I’m epic. Haha.

“If you keep quiet, then only I will be able to move further, Butterfly.”

“Okay, now I’ll be quiet.” I placed the finger over my lips.

“Now keep lying like this until I’m taking out a few things which I’m going to use today.” He told me, making me excited.

“Okay, Master.”

I heard his footsteps going away from me. Then I heard the sounds of opening drawers and my heartbeat is accelerating with anticipation.

I just can’t believe that I’m hell excited for my first BDSM session.

After a few minutes, I heard his footsteps approaching back to me. I’m blindfolded and can’t see what he is doing, it’s so thrilling and taking my excitement to another level.

I never thought that experiencing BDSM would be so stirring. It’s true that first, we should experience something and then judge it.

I came on the earth back when something cold touched my stomach, sending a shiver down my spine. Then I felt something soft like a feather, tickling me.

What is it?

“Do you know what is it, Butterfly?” He asked me after moving closer to my face as his breath is caressing my face.

“What is it?” I asked, having no clue.

“You will come to know.” He whispered against my lips before sucking them. He isn’t lying over me, rather he is sitting beside me.

He folded my knees over my chest. “Keep them like this.” He ordered me in a strict tone.

I’m not scared a bit even to lie blindfolded in front of him because I trust him. I never thought that I would ever trust someone so much in my life, especially a Dom.

Sometimes I feel like he has done some kind of magic over me.

He placed one of my arms under my knee and my hand on my outside ankle.

I’m just wondering what is he doing.

The next moment, everything became crystal clear to me and I understood his plans when he handcuffed my ankle with my wrist. It’s feather handcuffs.

He handcuffed my other ankle and wrist in the same way with another pair of feather handcuffs.

In this position, I’m utterly exposed to him. I can’t move my legs and hands, I’m completely under his control today, blindfolded and tied up.

I’m just wondering how I would be looking right now.

“Oh, God! Butterfly. You’re making me so damn hard right. You’re so damn sexy.” My core throbbed with his words.

“I need you badly, Master. Please, don’t make me wait anymore more.”

To be continued…

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