Desire To Control Her (Part: 45 My Sweetie Master)


Master’s P.O.V.

I arranged the breakfast on the table with Mary. Yesterday Butterfly saw my sweet boyfriend side, now it’s time to show her who really I’m.

I won’t lie yesterday I enjoyed a lot with her to become her sweet boyfriend but I’m not this.

Sometimes I can be sweet with her but not forever because I’m not that type of person.

She is the one who has taken out my sweet side and she deserves my sweet side. I’ll be sweet with her but I’ll her sweet Master, not a sweet boyfriend. Still, I’m completely not ready to come into a romantic relationship with her. I need time.

She came to the dining area after wearing one of my shirts. I pulled the chair out for her and she settled down with a cheerful smile on her face. I sat beside her. I held her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles.

“From today I’ll be your sweet Master.” I told her and she grinned at me widely. “But you have to promise me that you won’t disobey me and you will be my good submissive.”

“I promise I’ll be your sweet submissive and obey you but I want you to stay sweet with me.”

“You know I can’t be sweet twenty-four hours, Butterfly. You have to accept my other side too if you want to stay with me.” I explained to her.

“I understand. You know I can follow your orders, take your punishment, follow all your rules, and handle your dominating nature but I can’t handle your rude behaviour. It hurts.” Now she explained me.

“I’m sorry for my rude behaviour but I won’t be rude with you after today, I promise.” I kissed her forehead as a promise that I won’t be rude and she smiled blissfully.

“Now start eating the breakfast.” I ordered her.

“Okay, my sweetie Master.” She chirped and moved her hand to pull my cheek but stopped in a midway.

Again new name! Sweetie Master!

What is she?

We began eating breakfast.

“So which rule do you want me to change.” I asked after a minute.

“You gonna change them?” She asked excitedly.

“First tell me.”

“Okay, so the first one is that I want you to let me touch and hug you, secondly I want you to let me roll my eyes.” She told me merrily like an over-excited kid.

“I’ll permit you to do only one thing from these two. So the choice is yours.”

I want her to choose the first one because now I want her to touch me and hug me.

“Why can’t you change both?” She asked me and pouted sadly.

“Butterfly, choose one fast.”

“I want you to let me touch and hug you. It is difficult for me to control myself from rolling my eyes but I’ll manage because it is more difficult for me to control myself from hugging and touching you.”

I smiled. “Great choice.”

“I’ll punish you after breakfast for spanking me.” I told her.

Suddenly she squealed with joy. “I’m so happy.” And hugged me. I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

Why suddenly she is so happy? Is she excited about her punishment?

“Butterfly, am I missing something?” I asked her.

“I’m on cloud nine because now I can hug you, touch you and kiss you. It’s more than enough for me.” She told me after breaking the hug and I just laughed.

I’m ready to break my all rules for her happiness.

“Oh shit.” Now all of sudden she hit her forehead, becoming upset.

“Now what happened?”

“I forget to tell you that I want you to change one more rule.”


“That I can pull your cheeks.”

“No, No, I can never permit you to pull my cheeks. You know my cheeks are still hurting.” I denied, touching my cheek and she pouted grimly.

“I’ll pull softly. Please let me pull them. Please, sweetie Master, I beg you.” She pleaded dramatically, joining her hands in front of me.

My Drama Queen Butterfly!

“No means no, Butterfly.”

“Please, please.”

“Okay, for once in a day. Fine?” Her cheerful smile came back as I gave her permission.

“Thank you so much. My sweetie Master is best.” She encircled her arms around my neck and placed a hard kiss on my cheek.

Damn this Girl!

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

After breakfast, he said while cleaning his hands with tissue. “I want to show something before your punishment.”


“Come with me.” We stood up.

He clasped my hand and led me to a room. He inserted the key and unlocked the door before entering inside and turning on the lights.

My eyes widened in shock as I saw the erotic BDSM paintings in his art room and then surprisingly I started getting wet seeing them. Women are bound in different kinds of positions and handcuffed in the painting, I’m astounded that these paintings are arousing my sexual desires.

Oh, God! I just can’t believe that I like BDSM stuff.

But why isn’t he proceeding further with me? Now after seeing this I want him to proceed and do all this with me.

“Do all things with me.” I demanded after looking at him and found him keenly staring at me. I asked, “why haven’t you done this with me yet? What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t know what I’m waiting for.” He shook his head cluelessly. “I want to control you but something is stopping me. You’re a free bird and I feel like I’m taking away your freedom.” He explained me.

“After being your submissive, still I’m a free bird. Only you can control me and nobody else. I don’t feel like you’re taking away my freedom. I have the right to stop you by using the safe word, so you can’t do anything with me which I don’ like. I want to be controlled by you, Master because it’s my huge turn on. Your dominating nature arouses my desires. All these paintings have taken my desires to another level today. Today I really want to experience all this.” I told him honestly whatever I want.

“Really! You want to experience this?” He asked, placing his hand on my face.

“Yes, Master.” I nodded and he smiled broadly.

“So today get ready for your first BDSM session, Butterfly.” He said and a wave of excitement rushed down my spine.

“I just can’t wait.” I said with enthusiasm.

“But don’t forget today I’m going to punish you for spanking me also.” He reminded me.

“I know punishing me is your most favourite work.” He laughed out.

“Now go and wait for me in the playroom, and this time don’t forget to follow all the rules.” He said in a serious tone.

“Okay, my sweetie Master.”

I just love to call him Sweetie Master.

“See you in the playroom.” He leaned in and kissed me before leaving the art room. I also left and came to the playroom.

I’m excited and nervous, both at the same time.

What is he gonna do today? I wondered.

I took off my clothes and got down on my knees as it is one of the rules.

How can I forget about this rule after yesterday?

God! This BDSM relationship is out of my mind and I don’t know why I’m liking it.

Waiting! Waiting! Waiting!

I’m staring at the things in this room. I think every BDSM tool and furniture would be present in this room. A few of the things are going out of my mind.

Ten minutes passed like this and he hasn’t come yet. I’m still on my knees, utterly naked, waiting for my Master.

But why isn’t he coming?

I should check him.

No! I should stay here and wait for him. What if I go out and he comes, then he gonna punish me for this also?

And I don’t want this. Therefore I didn’t move and stayed in the same position.

A smile flashed on my face and my heartbeat accelerated as I heard the sound of his footsteps.

Finally, my master here.

My wait is over.

He stepped into the room, his eyes glinted with a surprise first and then his eyes filled with desires after seeing me in this position.

“That’s impressive, Butterfly! ” He complimented me and I smiled at him shyly.

He is still shirtless and wearing just blue rugged jeans. He looks even more attractive and hot when he turns on his Master mode.

But I won’t lie I love my sweet boyfriend more.

He stood in front of me and bent down, gazing at me intensely. He grasped my chin with his fingers and thumb and pulled up my face before sucking my lips softly and passionately.

“I like my Butterfly even more when she follows my orders like a perfect submissive.” He confessed after leaving my lips and his lips drew up to a beaming smile.

“But now I have to punish my bad girl who spanked her Master.” He stated after standing straight.

“But I spanked my sweet boyfriend, not you, Master.” I made a sad pout.

“Butterfly, don’t argue with me.” He chided me.

I rolled my eyes after listening to his words.

Oh shit! I rolled my eyes.

He glared at me. “I dare you if you do that again, I will blindfold you for a week.” He warned me and my mouth stayed open in shock.

Is he serious?

What the fuck is he talking about? Will he really do this with me?

I know he is just scaring me. He won’t do this.

I again rolled my eyes deliberately to see what he will do and he shoot daggers at me, his face distorted with anger.

“Now you’re gone, Butterfly.” He growled in pure rage and stormed to one of the shelves.

Now I’m seriously frightened. Will he really blindfold me for a week? Shit! I’m such an idiot.

Why did I have to challenge him?

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