Desire To Control Her (Part: 44 The Perfect Date)


“Come.” I held out my hand to her. She placed her hand over mine smilingly. I clasped her hand and led her to the swimming pool area.

I have arranged a romantic candlelight dinner for her and decorated the place with candles, lights and red roses. I’m doing this for the first time.

First, she palmed her mouth and widened her eyes in amazement, then she admired the decoration with a smile on her face before moving her sparkling eyes to me.

“You’re utterly behaving like a sweet boyfriend.” She said merrily.

“Do you like it?”

“I loved it. It’s so beautiful and I’m feeling so special. Thank you.” She smiled contentedly at me.

“I can do anything to make my Butterfly feel special.” I tucked her hair strands behind her ear and she just smiled at me.

She is special for me and I’ll make her feel special.

I pulled out the chair for her like a gentleman and she sat down, smiling. I sat in front of her and poured the red wine for us.

We exchanged glances while having our red wine and dinner.

“Couldn’t you surprise me like this every day?” She suddenly asked, breaking the silence.

“Don’t think about anything,” I held her hand and said, caressing her knuckles with my thumb. “And just enjoy this moment.” I placed a soft kiss on her knuckles.

Suddenly she stood up and I stared at her in confusion. “I just come.” She hurried to the room.

“What happened?” I asked her after standing up from the chair.

And with a second she came back with the girlfriend Boyfriend sweatshirts.

“Wear it please.” She held out the sweatshirt to me, staring at me pleadingly with an adorable pout.

And how can I deny her request?

“Okay! I’m wearing.” I agreed like always and took the sweatshirt.

We wore the sweatshirt and then she clicked lots of selfies on her phone, instructing me how to pose.

Sometimes I feel like she isn’t my submissive, I’m her submissive. I do whatever she says and always listens to her.

She placed a rock song and gyrated crazily and freely, shaking her head and her whole body. I just admired her. She is a lively and fun-loving woman, I adored her.

“C’mon dance with me.” She grasped my hand and insisted to dance.

“No, I can’t, Butterfly.” I shook my head.

“It’s very simple. Just lose your body, feel the music and shake your booty.” She turned around and wiggled her butts.

She is so damn cute.

I laughed and slightly smacked her butts.

She jumped and instantly turned towards me, tittering.

“Now dance.”

“Okay, I can try.”

“Great.” She gave me a thumbs up.

“Just close your eyes and feel the music.” She whispered after standing behind me and I closed my eyes.

As I felt the music, my legs and hands started moving with the beat of the song.

The next moment, I started dancing energetically with her, holding her hands and smiling at her. I twirled her before yanking her to myself. She giggled, resting her head on my shoulder. I’m enjoying it a lot and feeling so happy and alive from deep inside. Everything seems so perfect and beautiful when she is with me.

We danced crazily until we got tired. At last, I engulfed her into my warm arms with a contented smile on my face.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

After our crazy dance, we sat down, putting our legs into the water of the pool, gazing at the sky full of stars, our hands are entangled. I’m slowly dangling my legs in the water.

Today is the best day of my life. Everything is going so perfect.

Suddenly a question popped up into my mind and I asked him, “why do you call me Butterfly?”

“Because you spread happiness all around, wherever you go like Butterflies. You fly freely like them without any worry. Most importantly you’re filled with so many colours like them. You symbolise joy and colour as them. You’re a personal butterfly of my life.”

“Wow. You have given me a perfect name.” I chirped.

“A perfect name for a perfect submissive.” He whispered, placing his hand on my face and moved closer to me, gazing at me intensely. Our lips touched, sending shivers down our spines and he kissed me softly and chastely, clasping my face, taking me to another world.

After the kiss, I took my legs out of the water and lay down, placing my head on his lap.

“Could I sleep like this tonight?” I asked him.

He caressed my hair. “Sure.” He answered and kissed my forehead after leaning down.

He is running his hand through my hair and I fell asleep, gazing at him, feeling so peaceful and grateful to sleep like this placing my head on his lap.

The next morning I woke up on his bed. I lazily pulled off the duvet, rubbing my eyes and climbed down the bed.

I walked out of the room and came downstairs, my eyes are desperately searching for my man. I saw Mary dusting the hall.

“Mam, sir is the kitchen.” She told me politely with a smile on her face before I could ask.

I nodded before dashing to the kitchen. He is preparing the breakfast, shirtless, standing facing his back to me. A smile flashed on my face as soon as my eyes saw him.

I tiptoed to him and wrapped my arms around him before placing a warm kiss on his back.

I’m glad he didn’t push me away and let me hug him today also.

He turned towards me with a smile on his face and wished me, “good morning,” after clasping my face.

He leaned in and placed his lips over mine before kissing me hungrily.

“You get fresh until I’m preparing breakfast. Then we’ll discuss a few things about our relationship and I’ll tell your punishment.” He instructed after breaking the kiss.

“Punishment?” I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

“Punishment for spanking your Master.” A smirk flashed on his heavenly handsome face.

“But yesterday you were my sweet boyfriend, not my master.” I pouted sadly at him.

“Butterfly, no argument. Now go and come downstairs after getting fresh.” He said in a stern tone.

So the Master is back.

I’m already missing my sweet boyfriend.

“Okay.” I slightly nodded before going back to the room.

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