Desire To Control Her (Part: 42 Love Bite)


Butterfly’s P.O.V.

We are devouring each other lips like our life is belong to this kiss only. His one hand is inside my top and he is playing with one of my twins, grasping my hair. As he pinched my nipple with his finger and thumb, I moaned in his mouth.

Oh! God, he is driving me crazy.

He grabbed my thigh and placed it over his waist, fondling it erotically while his lips are doing magic on my lips. He slid his hands to my bare butts and stroke them.

He is arousing my wild desires.

He squeezed my butts with both hands, grinding his hardness against my wet soft and sensitive spot.

Holy shit!

He is making me so horny.

I need him badly right now. I can’t wait.

As he lifted me from the floor by grasping my waist, I hastily wrapped my legs around his waist like a wild cat and we didn’t leave each other lips for a second even. Now he is moving me back and forth by grabbing my butts, rubbing my bare wet and throbbing pelvis against his hardness inside the jeans.


He is dam fucking hard right now.

Our body is scorching with sexual desires. Only he can make me feel like this.

Before meeting him, I never thought that someone would turn me on like this.

Right now, I just want him to pull his jeans down because I want to feel his bare hardness rubbing against my bare wet crotch, I’m longing for this.

Now he took me to the bed in this position only and sat down. I’m sitting on his lap, my legs are wrapped around his waist and our lips are still locked with each other.

The next moment he yanked my hair back by grasping them and he broke the kiss. As soon as his lips left mine, I started craving for them. Oh God, his lips are becoming like my drug.

Now his lips caressed my weakest point, my neck and an electric current passed through my whole body when he sucked my neck. I clutched his hair with my both hands in response, moaning with profound pleasure.

I just got lost in his heavenly touch with my closed eye. I’m loving the way he is kissing every inch of my neck and his hands are exploring my whole body.

Right now I’m fucking loving everything that he is doing to me.

Now he curled my neck with his fingers from behind, pulled my head back, pressing his chest against mine. Then I felt his teeth on my neck, a shiver ran down my entire body with only the thought of him biting me.

He took the skin between his teeth and bit it, a moan escaped out of my mouth automatically. He clenched my skin tighter, not leaving it. I grasped his hair firmly, moaning his name with immense pleasure.

He left my skin and bit it again, this time harder and I again took his name. I’m sure it has left a deep mark. I smiled contentedly after getting the first love bite from my boyfriend. It didn’t hurt me a bit even because it’s not a normal bite, it is a love bite.

“Butterfly! I’m loving so much the way you’re moaning my name.” He confessed, clasping my face with his both hands and his intoxicating eyes are deeply and intensely gazing into my eyes.

I’m also fucking loving the way he is driving me insane and taking me to heaven.

Now his eyes moved down and he noticed the dark red mark on my neck which he has given me a minute ago, he instantly sucked the bite mark soothingly.

“I’m sorry!” I can vividly see guilt in his eyes.

Is he sorry for giving me a love bite?

“Don’t be, please.” I whispered, placing my hand on his face. I added, “Do it again.”

He looked at me surprisingly. “Isn’t it hurting?” He asked, gently stroking the mark with his thumb.

“No, not a bit even. Rather I felt blissful because you gave me the first hickey and I liked it a lot.” I smiled merrily.

I didn’t say love bite because I don’t want to take the word love in front of him.

“And now I’ll give you a bite.”

Love bite!

His eyes widened a bit in shock.

I continued, “then you tell me if it hurts you or not.”

“Okay.” As he agreed, I pushed her, making him shocked. Now he is lying partially on the bed and his legs are on the floor.

I lay over him, straddling him and he is just staring at me with a surprised look on his face.

“Now watch me, how I romance.” I whispered in his ear before biting his earlobe slightly.

I smiled at him before placing soft and tender kisses on every inch of his face, pouring my all love. I’ll show him how much I love him through my action and heal him through my love. I’ll change his bad past moments with our unlimited beautiful moments, after that he’ll only remember them.

I glanced at him, his eyes are closed and his lips are slightly drawn up to a beatific smile. I smiled and gently kissed his both eyelids before softly and chastely kissing his lips. He kissed me with equal softness by holding my face.

I broke the kiss and attacked his neck. I kissed his neck before giving him a love bite exactly at the same place where he gave me. I giggled against his neck when he groaned in pleasure. I sucked the mark.

“So is it hurt you?” I asked him after moving my eyes up to his face.

“No, just don’t stop.” As he said, I started kissing down his neck to his chest.

Sweet Boyfriend’s P.O.V.

She is kissing every inch of my body and I’m feeling like she is applying ointment over my inner wound. Right now I’m in a state of utter contentment, I’m feeling like I’m in paradise and I don’t want her to stop because I want to stay in this heaven forever. He is making me feel alive.

My deep inner wounds, which I had thought would never heal, they’re slowly healing because of my butterfly.

I’m so blessed to have her and I never want to lose her. She is my long lost peace, a precious gift given by God to me, she is my paradise.

She sucked one of my nipples, played with the other one and giggled before biting it.

“You can’t stop being cute in our romance too.” As I said, she tittered, looking at me after sitting astride me.

“Never.” She shook her head and bent down.

I placed my hands over her face, sliding my fingers into her hair and gazing intensely into her bewitching eyes.

“I love the way you romance, Butterfly.” I sucked her lips.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

“Now it’s my time,” he pushed me on the bed beside him and hastily came over me. He held my arms and said, “now you watch.”

“But my time hasn’t gotten over yet. By the way, it’s my day, so all the time is mine.”

“It doesn’t matter.” He said and entered his face into my t-shirt.

He sucked, bit, chewed, squeezed my twins inside the t-shirt and I moaned with rapture, clutching the bed sheets, shaking my head, forgetting everything.

Suddenly the door of my room opened and Eve stepped inside.

She stared at us with an expression of utter shock and I closed my eyes in embarrassment while he is still busy playing with my twins inside my T-shirt.

Why she has to come right now?

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