Desire To Control Her (Part: 41 My Sweet Boyfriend) Sidnaaz


“But you know about my nature, I can’t be sweet all the time. If things don’t happen according to me, I freaked out. I’m a strictest Dom, Butterfly.” He explained to me, stroking my cheek with his thumb and I made a sad pout.

“Just get ready to become my boyfriend. It’s enough for me. I’ll make you sweet.” I grinned. “By the way you’re already sweet, just sometimes you become rude, but I’ll manage if you become my boyfriend forever.”

“But I love to control stubborn girls like you, Butterfly,”

I instantly agreed, “okay! You can control me. But please become my boyfriend like give me some rights.” I stared at him with pleading eyes.

“What type of rights?” He asked me suspiciously.

“Right to pull your cheeks, touch you,” I pulled his cheeks again, I’m loving it. I continued, “right to roll my eyes.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Okay, I’ll do some changes in the rules but you will be my good submissive butterfly.” My eyes sparkled with happiness.

“It means you’ll allow me to do all these things?” I asked him in a surprised tone.

“We’ll discuss all this tomorrow, Butterfly. Today I’m your sweet boyfriend, why are you bringing the rules? Let me experience this as I want to see how it feels to be your sweet boyfriend.”

“Okay, my sweetheart boyfriend.” I again pulled his cheeks.

“Butterfly!! How many times are you gonna pull my cheeks today? It’s hurting me.” He cried like an adorable baby, touching his cheeks and getting irritated now and I tittered.

I shrugged my shoulders. “What I can do? You’re so cute that I can’t stop myself to pull your cheeks. When you stop being cute, I’ll stop pulling your cheeks.” I stated.

“So do you want me to stop being cute?” Hs asked me, raising her brows.

I exclaimed, “no! No! Never stop being sweet and cute. If you don’t like it, so I’ll pull your cheeks three times a day.”

He laughed out. “You’re crazy, Butterfly.”

I laughed too, joining him and suddenly I realised that we’re still in one shirt, so close to each other and our bare bodies are rubbing against each other.

“Do you want to stay like this for the whole day?”I asked him.

“Yes, Butterfly as I love the way our naked bodies are rubbing against each other.” He grasped my waist and pulled me even more closer. “I want to stay this close to you forever.” He whispered gravelly, coming closer to my face, taking my breath and heart away from me.

“Today are you planning to kill me with your sweetness?” I asked him.

“You kill me like this every day with your cuteness, Butterfly.”

Omg! Is he my same rude and strictest Master? I just can’t believe it.

No no! I think I’m seeing a dream.

He snapped his fingers and brought me on the earth back.

“Where did you get lost?” He asked me.

“I’m feeling like I’m dreaming. You’re behaving so sweet and I’m,”

And I’m falling in love with you more.

Words remained in my mouth only because I can’t tell him that I’m in love with him or else he’ll push me away from himself.

Am I doing right?

I think he won’t push me away from himself now as now he is sharing his past with me, being sweet like sugar with me.

But I’m still scared what if he really pushes me away after knowing that I’m in love with him?

When he confesses his love, only then I’ll confess my love.

Because I don’t want to spoil anything between us right now because I’m not sure that how he’ll react.

“Again you got lost, Butterfly,” he shook me and I came out of my thoughts.

“Are you alright? You’re getting lost again and again.” He asked me concernedly.

“Nothing.” I shook my head.

“Stop lying to me, Butterfly. I know you’re hiding something from me. I know something is in your mind.” He said with full confidence and I’m stunned that how did he understand that I’m hiding something from him.

“No! I’m not hiding anything.” I again lied and he frowned at me.

“Okay, don’t tell me.” As soon as he came out of the shirt in anger, I started craving for his touch.

“Come inside the shirt again.” I ordered him in a serious tone.

“You’re ordering me?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yes, today I can order my sweet boyfriend and you can’t stop me.”

“Don’t forget! I’m still your Master, Butterfly and I haven’t given you the right to hide things from me. Not even as a boyfriend I’ll never give you this right.” He said sternly.

Again the serious Sidharth is back.

Now how I should tell him that I love him?

“Sidharth, I’m really not hiding anything.” I said and he rolled his eyes, making an angry pout.

Suddenly I started tapping all over his body.

“What are doing?” He asked, having no clue what I’m doing.

“I’m seeing where is the button to bring back your sweet side.” I giggled, covering my mouth with my hands and he shook his head in disbelief.

“Butterfly, please never hide anything from me. If something bothers you, tell me immediately. Don’t keep things inside you. I want you to stay honest to me.” Now he said calmly, placing his hand on my face.

I wish I could tell you that I love you so much.

“Of course I’ll tell you, Sidharth. You know that I’m a complete chatterbox. How can I hide things from you? Sometimes If I don’t want to tell you something, it always slips out my mouth.” I tittered and he laughed with me.

“My cute chatterbox.” Now he pulled my cheeks.

“Oh my God, Sidharth! You talk too much! Now let me have some fun with my boyfriend.” I blamed him and his eyes widened.

I know I’m a talkative one hehe.

“Look who is saying this.”

“I know I’m talkative, but you aren’t less.”

“Maybe this is the effect of you.” He said and suddenly pulled me to himself by grabbing my waist. He smirked at me.

“Now I’ll show you how your sweet boyfriend romance.” He whispered against my lips before capturing my lips. He devoured my lips, gliding his hand up my belly into my t-shirt, sending chills down my spine and arousing my wild desires. He pressed one of my twins, making me moan in his mouth and as I clutched his crotch over his jeans, he bit my lips hard, squeezing my twin and yanking my hair back. He became so damn wild when I did this and surprisingly I liked it and it turned me on even more. He set my body on fire and took me to another world of pleasure.

Yes, today I can do whatever I want.


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