Desire To Control Her (Part: 40 His Punishment) Sidnaaz


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Sana’s P.O.V.

When he cried out fretfully, I just couldn’t stop myself from hugging him tightly. I’m so glad that today he didn’t push me away and let me hug him. I yanked him closer and closer because I want to take away his all pain and give him immense relief. When he hugged me back tighter, pulling me closer to himself, I just went into another world where there is only peace. His arms are the safest place for me. I buried my face in his chest and listened to his soothing heartbeat. I found profound solace in his warm arms that I’m ready to spend the rest of my life here like this. It’s heaven.

As I broke the hug, he cried, “I want to move on, Butterfly, please help me. I can’t leave with the pain of my past anymore.”

My Sidharth is in so much pain, I never knew this. He badly wants to be healed and now I’ll heal him.

I clasped his face and assured him, “I’m with you, Sidharth. I’ll help you but I just want you to keep faith in me. You have to trust me that I won’t break your heart.”

“I’ll try, Butterfly. I’m sorry,” I can’t see him in guilt anymore, therefore I shushed him by capturing his lips after cupping his face. Thankfully this time he didn’t remove my hands and let me kiss him softly and smoothly by clasping his face. I’m kissing him with my all love chastely, caressing his stubble with my thumbs, I want to take away his all pain and sorrows through this kiss. He responded after holding my face. We went to another world while kissing each other so passionately. Our chests are pressing against each other and our heart is beating in sync.

We pulled apart, becoming breathless.

“Now I’m understanding, Sidharth that why you reacted like this. I know it’s difficult to move on from the bad past but now I’m with you and I’ll help you.” I reassured him, placing my hand on his face.

“Thank you so much for still being there for me when I hurt,” I shushed him by placing my finger over his lips.

“It’s okay. I can understand.” I blinked my eyes and he just stared at me incredulously.

Next moment he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. He directly touched my soul with this kiss and a blissful smile flashed on my face.

We gazed into each other deeply.

“I think we should change now as our clothes got spoiled because of Ice cream.” I uttered, breaking the silence.

He nodded at me. “Well you know you look even cuter in anger, Butterfly.” He uttered and sucked the Ice cream from my nose, making me smile.

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

We came to her room to change. I’m glad she understood me after knowing my past and forgave me but I want her to punish me.

“Butterfly, now punish me.” I held her hand and asked her to punish me because I hurt her, therefore I deserve to be punished by her.

She instantly agreed. “Of course I’ll punish you. Now I’ll give you spanky the way you give to me.”

Spanky! Seriously!

Only she can make the word spank also cute.

Dude, she is damn adorable.

I chuckled.

“Will you really want to spank me, Butterfly?” I asked her in a disbelief tone and she became thoughtful.

“No, eww…” she denied and made adorable faces, making me chuckle again. “I can’t even imagine.” She constantly shook her head.

“So what punishment you will give to me?” I asked her, raising my brows.

“Let me think. You’re punishment Master, on every small thing you punish me. But I’m an innocent girl, so I need some time to think.” And she talked nonstop.

I love my chatterbox Butterfly so much.

“And if you need my help, you can tell me.”

“No, I won’t take your help. What if you give yourself an easy punishment. I don’t want to lose this golden opportunity to punish my master.”

I shook my head. “Okay, keep thinking. I’m waiting.” I sat on the bed, folding my arms across my chest leisurely and I realised I’m still in the unclean clothes.

“Give me clothes, I want to change.” I said after standing up.

“Wait. First, let me concentrate and think about your punishment, then I’ll do some other work.”

I just shook my head and said, “okay.” I again sat on the bed.

She is thinking about my punishment, placing her finger on her chin and staring at the ceiling.

So Cute!

The next moment only, she squealed cheerfully, “I have finally decided your punishment.” Her eyes are sparkling with excitement now.

She is really a kid, little things make her so happy and I like this thing about her so much.

“So what is my punishment, Butterfly?”

“Your punishment is to become my sweet boyfriend for a day. No rules, no orders, no punishments and I can do anything. Will you become my sweet boyfriend?” She raised her brows at me.

“It will a bit difficult but anything for you.” I agreed and she grinned widely.

“Wow… thank you so much.” She yelled with immense happiness and jumped over me. She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.

She broke the hug and said, “Now I can hug you and kiss you.” She placed a kiss on my cheek. I’m just smiling, seeing mine over-excited Butterfly. I’m so grateful to see her like this.

“And especially I can…” she stretched the word can, slowly moving her hands closer to my face with a naughty smile on her face and I understood what she is going to do.

She is going to pull my cheeks.

I can’t even deny her because now I’m her sweet boyfriend.

She is so smart and taking the advantage of the situation so well. I’m highly impressed.

As expected she pulled my cheeks and laughed out with glee. I made faces but today her this act didn’t irritate me. I just got lost in her hearty laugh.

“Yes, yes, I’m so happy.” She jumped like a kid with joy and I just admired her with a blissful smile on my face.

“Now could we change, Butterfly?” I asked and she nodded.

She took out our clothes from the cupboard while I opened the button of my shirt and took it off.

As she looked at my body, she flung the clothes on the bed and rushed to me.

“Now I can touch you also.” She squealed delightfully and as she placed her hands over my bare chest, my whole body shivered.

“You know I was craving to touch you.” She whispered, caressing down my chest, turning me on. “And this feels so damn incredible. I’m extremely happy.”

Now she is stroking down my arms with her fingers, setting my whole body on fire with her touch. She wrapped her arms around me and fondled my back, sending chills down my spine. I’m just enjoying the touch of her hands with my closed eyes.

After ten long years, I’m letting someone touch me like this and I’m feeling so great. My heart is beating so fast that I can hear it. I don’t want her to stop.

“It’s time to change the clothes.” She uttered, moving away from me.

“Why did you stop, Butterfly?” I asked her, irritated.

“Were you enjoying it?” She asked me teasingly and I nodded, blushing.

“Aww… so cute. You look so adorable when you blush, Sidharth.” She complimented me and again pulled my cheeks, making me laugh.

Damn! This Girl is making me sweet in real. I’m becoming her sweet boyfriend automatically without doing any extra effort.

“By the way, if you liked when I touched you, then why do you always stop me from touching you?” She asked me, narrowing her brows in confusion.

“Because I don’t want anybody to come close to me and then hurt me.” I told her the truth.

Now I won’t hide anything from her.

“Let me come close to you, I promise I won’t hurt you.” She whispered, coming close to me and gazing into my eyes intensely.

“You’re already coming close to me, Butterfly.” I confessed after clasping her face and I brought a bright smile to her beautiful face.

“How more do you want to come close to me?” I asked her.

“I want to come so close to you that no misunderstanding and no power can separate us.” She whispered against my lips before sucking them lovingly.

Then she dashed to the washroom after picking up my t-shirt from the bed.

Sana’s P.O.V.

I took off my clothes and slipped into his t-shirt. It’s loose to me. I have a constant smile on my face because today I’m so happy. Today my all wishes are fulfilling as Sidharth isn’t stopping me from doing anything. I’m sure today is going to be the best day of my life. A few minutes ago, I was extremely upset but now I’m extremely happy.

The best part is today I can pull his cheeks how much I want.

Haye…I’m going crazy with happiness.

I stepped out of the bathroom and found him still standing shirtless.

Oh god! Why didn’t he wear the shirt yet?

His being shirtless, my weakness.

He strolled to me with a mischievous smile, making me confused.

He bent down and slipped his face into the t-shirt which I’m wearing and captured my lips, grabbing my bare waist, pulling me closer to himself. As our bare bodies came in contact, I froze for a second. He kissed me passionately and deeply, gliding his hand up my back inside the shirt and rubbing his bare body against mine. He is taking my breath away with this intense kiss and making my every cell alive.

After breaking the kiss, he pull his face out of the above opening of the t-shirt and hugged me tightly inside the shirt. I felt heavenly incredible in his warm arms. I closed my eyes, getting lost in my paradise by resting my head on his chest and listening to his soothing heartbeat. Our bare skin is rubbing against each other and my whole body is shivering.

This is the pure blissful moment that I can never forget. I’m in a state of utter contentment right now.

I just want to stop the time and we stay like this forever.

I love him so much.

My sweet boyfriend.

After a moment, I raised my head from his chest and gazed at him with a beatific smile on my face. He looked at me with a sweet smile that directly touched my soul.

Wow! I’m loving this sweet Sidharth even more.

I pulled his cheeks for the third time and for the first time he smiled in response to it.

I wish he let me pull his cheeks forever and ever.

He leaned down and kissed my forehead softly, automatically a blissful smile flashed on my face. I like it a lot when he kisses my forehead. I feel contented.

“I want this sweet boyfriend forever.” I uttered.

“You can have him forever.” He answered and my eyes widened in shock.

What! Really?

Is he joking?

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