Desire To Control Her (Part: 36 My Long Lost Peace) Manan


Manik’s P.O.V.

After our dance, we came to our seats and settled down. Smile isn’t leaving our face. I ordered her favourite chocolate Ice cream. I don’t know why but I want to make her feel special.

When the waiter came with the Ice cream and kept the plate in front of her, her bewitching eyes sparkled with happiness. I love them a lot when they shone like this after seeing her favourite things and when she talks about something she likes.

“You ordered this for me?” She asked in a surprised tone after moving her eyes from the Ice cream to me.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Thank you so much. This is my favourite.” She squealed merrily before eating the Ice cream, licking her lips and I’m just gazing at her with a huge smile on my face.

“Do you want to have it?” She asked, holding out the plate in front of me. The Ice cream coming out from the corner of her mouth and she is looking super cute.

“Yes, I want to have it but not from here.” I said, pointing at the plate and my eyes are fixed at her corner of lips.

“Then from where?” She asked, raising her brows.

I moved closer to her and sucked the Ice cream from the corner of her lips. “From here.” I whispered against her lips before kissing her and having the Ice Cream from her mouth.

I pulled away from her after making her breathless.

“Do you want to have more Ice Cream?” She asked after catching her breath back.

I opened my mouth to deny but stopped when she applied the Ice cream over her neck with the back of a spoon, grinning at me and her eyes are shimmering with naughtiness.

This girl is something else, seriously!

“Yes, of course.” I attacked her neck and she threw her head back, clutching my hair with her hands. I bit her neck after sucking the Ice cream from there. She just moaned and giggled.

“I enjoyed eating the Ice cream so much for the first time in my life.” I told her after moving away from her.

“You can have the Ice cream like this always, Master.” She smiled at me.

My lips curved into a grin as something naughty struck my mind.

“I want to have more Ice cream now.” I said, moving closer to her.

“So have it, nobody is stopping you.”

The next moment, I stood up and ordered her, “follow me with the Ice cream.”

Her brows narrowed in confusion and she asked, “where?”

“Just follow me without any question.” I said sternly and turned around to walk.

I strolled somewhere and I can hear the clicking of her heels behind me.

I took the plate of Ice cream from her hand after reaching the girl’s washroom. “Check if someone is inside or not.”


I shushed her by placing my finger over her lips. “I said no question and just do what I’m saying.”

She nodded meekly and went inside to check.

I grinned widely when she came out and told me, “there is nobody.”

I clasped her hand and dashed inside. I hastily locked the door from inside and turned around, she is just staring at me, stunned.

I kept the plate of Ice cream on the slab. “Now I’ll have my Ice cream.” I lifted her from the floor by holding her waist and made her sit on the slab.

I pulled down the sleeve of her one-shoulder jumpsuit and unhooked her bra before taking her tits out of her jumpsuit.

She moaned slowly, throwing her head back as I applied the Ice cream all over her tits with the back of the spoon. I left her nipples cleaned deliberately.

I leaned down and licked the Ice cream from both of her tits. Her nipples are hardening, craving to come into my warm mouth and to be sucked hard by me.

“Please, suck the Ice cream from here.” She implored after applying the Ice cream to both of her nipples.

“I would love to such the Ice cream from here.” I said before sucking and chewing her nipples hungrily. She just moaned insanely, clutching my hair.

“Next time, I’ll have the Ice cream from here.” I pulled away from her and told her, pointing at her crotch. She blushed hard.

“Now clean yourself and fix your dress.” I ordered her and moved to open the tap to wash my hands.

I washed my hands while she cleaned herself with the wet tissues and set her dress properly, looking at herself in the mirror.

“This is the best way to have Ice cream,” I said, standing behind her and we gazed at each other through the mirror.

“You know I have never been so happy before in my life. With you, I’m something else. You’re taking the best out of me. You’re bringing shine to my life, Butterfly. You’re becoming my shining star.” I whispered and kissed her hair after leaning down.

She smiled at me warmly. “Feelings are mutual, Master.”

“Call me Manik as when you take my name with your euphonious voice, it sounds so perfect.” I said and her eyes shone with surprise.

She very slowly moved her one hand backwards, towards my hand, gazing at me unblinkingly with her intense eyes. She haltingly touched her hand with mine, sending a shiver down my spine, I can see the glint of fear in her eyes that I can stop her but today I’m not stopping her from touching me.

“Manik.” She clasped my hand and called my name in a sugary voice that directly touched my heart. I smiled contentedly at her.

For a few minutes we kept looking at each other silently, our hands are entangled like our lives.

I never felt such a strong connection with anybody before. I feel like there is a transparent thread that is pulling me closer to her.

A knock on the startled us.

“I think we should go out now.” I said and she nodded.


We are going back home. I’m driving the car and she is sitting beside me, lost in her phone, engrossed in looking at our selfies which we have clicked today in the restaurant.

Today I was getting some kind of peace when I was dancing with her.

It was such a magical moment.

Smile is not going away from my face recalling about our dance.

I gazed at her, she is already staring at me with the same intensity which I have in my eyes.

She makes me so happy from the inside. After so many years I’m feeling like I’m alive. She is so precious and I never want to lose her.

“I don’t want to die.” I heard her voice and came out of my thoughts.

“What?” I asked her bemusedly.

“Because your eyes are on me, not on road.”

I laughed. “You’re crazy.”

“I know.” She laughed too and I again got lost in her delightful laugh.

“Now look at the road.” She shouted and I instantly concentrated on the road after coming on the earth back.

I stopped the car in front of her place and she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Don’t forget your punishment that you can’t wear your undies for a week.” I reminded her when she opened the door of the car to leave.

“Okay, Manik and thank you for letting me touch you and dance with you.” She moved closer to me and kissed my lips chastely and softly, touching my soul.

“It was my pleasure to dance with you.” I whispered as she pulled away.

She smiled at me cheerily before stepping out of the car.

“See you tomorrow.” She waved at me and strolled to her home.

I just gazed at her with a smile on my face from the car’s window, holding the steering. When she walked inside and closed the door, I left from there.

I reached back to my place and took a hot shower. I stepped out of the bathroom in shorts only.

I went to my art room and started drawing her painting on the canvas.

As I closes my eyes, I saw her angelic face and a beatific smile automatically appeared on my face.

After opening my eyes, I started drawing her black long silky hair, recalling our dance when I was stroking her soft silky hair. Thinking how my eyes were looking deeply into her innocent big black eyes, I drew her captivating eyes. Then I drew her nose, recalling the moment when I had moved closer to her face and rubbed my nose against her cute small nose while my hand were playing with her hair. When I had twirled her around, the way she had smiled wholeheartedly at me, she had taken my heart away from me with her heavenly pretty smile.

Damn! Her smile is peace of my heart.

While thinking about her smile, I drew her smiling face.

I gazed at her painting, stroking it like I’m touching her.

It’s just only a few minutes passed after dropping her home and I’m again craving to feel her presence and craving to touch her soft cheeks.

She is doing magic on me. She is the reason for my smile and she has become my need. She is like oxygen to me now because when she is with me, I feel alive and when she is not with me, I feel I can’t breathe.

Oh, God! I just want her into my arms right now anyhow.

I hurried to my room and picked up my car keys from the table. I ran out to meet her and to see her angelic face again.

After ten long years, I’m finally feeling like I can fall in love again. I want to give a second chance to my life and the reason is my butterfly. She is doing some kind of magic over me and I’m getting changed.

I’m driving the car and my mind is only wondering about her.

Oh god, she is making me insane.

I can’t stop thinking about her.

I reached my destination in no time and came out of the car excitedly.

Now I just can’t wait to see her again and touch her. Today I will tell her that she has changed my desire of controlling her to desire to make her mine forever. Today’s dance made me realise she is not only submissive, she is the long lost peace of my life. She is the second chance in my life.

Surprisingly the door of her home is ajar. I pushed the door open and slowly stepped inside, my heart is thumping and my desperate eyes are searching for her.

Next moment only my eyes dilated in utter shock as I saw my butterfly, hugging another man and saying, “I love you,” to him. My heart shattered, listening to this. I felt like this is a nightmare.

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