(Beyond Love} Chapter: 32 (Manan)


Nandini’s POV:

My heart is aching, tears are continuously rolling down my cheeks. I started getting flashes of my terrifying past, making me break in front of him. He pulled me into a hug, burying my face in his chest, making me cry my heart aloud. I so wanted this hug, I so wanted someone to listen to me. I never wanted to share my past with him, I never wanted to be selfish but right now, in his arm, I’m feeling alive. I don’t know why I’m feeling like I did the right thing.

I don’t know how long I’ve been crying in his arms. Every time my sobs get worse, he tightens his hold on me, making me feel safe like nothing can touch me. His arms around my body feel like home, a home I had always been looking for.

After what I felt like an eternity, he tried to break the hug but I didn’t let him, I tightened my grip around him even more.

“Baby girl, let me see your face.” He whispered, gently patting my head from the back and I sobbed.

Breaking the hug forcibly, he clasped my face in his palm, and whispered, “Do you have any idea how strong you are? You continue to surprise me in every possible way. I’m feeling so proud of you.” A small smile flashed on my lips, amidst my tears, hearing him. He didn’t pity me, instead, he is making me feel so strong. I can see his teary eyes, my pain is clearly visible in his eyes, which is enough to accelerate my heartbeat even in this situation too.

“How did this happen?” He asked, his fingers brushing across my neck, on the wound, making me hiss.

“That asshole did this to you?” He asked again, his brows frowned and I slightly nodded my head. I know there’s no going back. I need to tell him everything now. I don’t know why but at this moment I felt like it’s his right to know the whole truth.

Exhaling a deep breath, I started, “Today when I was about to close the shop, someone entered. Earlier I thought it’s you because you once pranked me like this. The lights were off, so when I turned to switch it on, someone grabbed me from behind and as soon as his hand came in contact with my skin, I got to know it’s not you. It’s was Raghav. He slammed me to the wall and choked me. He threatened me to stay away from you. He said he’s watching me. He saw me being close to you. He warned me that he will kill you if I don’t leave you. He’s spying on me, Manik. He will take me back to India and marry me if I don’t obey him. He can do anything, he’s very powerful.” He stared at me in shock. I see a mixture of affection and sadness in those chocolate brown eyes before it turns into regret and fury.

“That asshole needs to pay for this, Baby girl. I won’t leave him.” He gently caressed my wound and spoke through gritted teeth, his jaw clenched. My heart ached to see him like this and unknowingly tears trickled down my eyes, seeing him concerned for me. I never felt so safe yet so miserable till now.

He’s there for me, but how can I put his life in Danger? What did he do wrong to be in my mess? He doesn’t deserve this shit, he only deserves happiness.

“Shh.. baby girl, please don’t cry. You’ll fall sick bacha.” He pleaded, gently wiping my tears, while I cried more. What did I do so good that he came into my life? I asked this question to myself again and again.

“I can’t put you in trouble, Manik. I can’t afford to lose you. I’m so sorry for coming into your life and ruining it.” I cried profusely, cupping his face in my palm. His face was blank with no expression. I couldn’t interpret anything when suddenly he pulled me in his lap, making me startled.

“Man-” I stopped when I noticed his eyes. Tears trickled down his eyes, and he buried his face in the crook of my neck, making me startled and murmured, “Stop saying this. You’ve no idea what you mean to me. You can never ruin my life.”

Guilt started engulfing inside me hearing him. He is trying so hard to be with me and what I’m doing? I’m just pushing him away rather than appreciating his efforts. But what should I do, I just can’t put him in trouble.

“Manik,” I whispered his name like a prayer, and he pulled back from my neck. I shivered to see the intensity of his eyes. For a moment I felt like our locked eyes made me breathless. It’s beyond words.

Cupping my face gently, he whispered, “I don’t know what will happen in future but one thing I’m sure about, baby girl that I’m not leaving you. As I said earlier, nothing could make me leave you and I can bear a million tears in my eyes but I can’t see a single drop of tear in your eyes.” His eyes are filled up with so many unknown emotions, which are enough to make me feel goosebumps around my whole body.

“I’m not afraid of him and I’m not going to leave you ever. That bastard has to pay for hurting Manik Malhotra’s girl. I’m not going to leave him, he should be scared of me, not me.” He said firmly, the rage in his eyes made me shudder.

“But why Manik? Why do you want to put your life in danger because of me? It’s not like we are dating or something. It’s not like you’re knowing me for a long time. Then why can’t you just leave? Why do you want to involve your life in my mess? The girl you barely knew about. Why?” I asked, I don’t know why? But I want to listen to him more. His every word is creating havoc inside my heart. Though, deep inside I know what he feels for me and why doesn’t he want to leave me because even I can’t lose him. I can’t breathe without him.

He slightly smiled, placing a soft kiss on my knuckles, he gently entwined our fingers together and whispered, “Ask this question to your heart and then tell me, Do I really need to answer this?” I nodded my head in no and again found myself drowning in those chocolate brown eyes. Sometimes you don’t need your mouth to convey your thoughts when your heart is already doing that by the actions.

“Can you feel it?” My heartbeat accelerated the moment, he placed our entwined hand on his chest, making me feel his heartbeat which is syncing with mine. I bobbed my head, getting so lost in his eyes.

Our unspoken words do communicate with each other’s hearts.

“Then stop asking these questions, bacha.” He flicked my nose breaking my trance. I blushed hearing him.

From where did he find these super cute names?

God, I can’t believe how he did this. I was crying a few minutes back only and see now I’m blushing. Wow!

“And.. I’ll happily die for your blushing face. You’ve no idea how adorable you’re looking even when you’re a crying mess.” He said softly joining our forehead together making me sniff.

“Thank you for being there for me and for not leaving me. You always understand what I need.” I whispered looking at him lovingly while he kept staring at me, softly stocking my cheek with his thumb. Leaning a little closer to him, I whispered “Thank you, my Mr brown eyes,” and pecked his mole beside his lips.

“You know, baby girl, you can thank me in a better way.” He mischievously said, rubbing our noses together, making me giggle.

“Keep smiling like this. Happy baby girl is my favourite.” He smiled, pecking my nose making me giggle more.

“Now, you don’t have to be scared of anybody. We’ll handle everything together. But just don’t hide anything from me. Okay?” He asked raising his brows, I smiled, nodding my head, he continued, “I want you to trust me and I promise bacha, I’ll throw him out of your life, forever, in fact, I’ll throw out all the pain and sorrow out of your life.” He reassured me, placing a soft kiss on my knuckles.

I smiled contentedly hearing him, and after leaning forward, I placed my head on his chest and said, “I trust you, Manik and I’m blessed that I found you,” and he kissed my hair.

“Now lie down and let me make something for you. You must be tired after a long day.” He said, rubbing my back.

“You also must be tired. Let’s order something.” I said, tightening my hold around him, not letting him move.

“No, I wanna make something special for my baby girl and I’m not tired. When I see your face my all tiredness vanished away automatically.” He said.

“Really?” I asked raising my brows, looking at him, still keeping my chin on his chest, not letting him move.

“Yup! I think you’re magic.” He grinned pecking my lips, making me blush.

“Now let me drop you to your room.” He scooped me into his arms like I weight nothing and took me to my room. I just smiled blissfully admiring him, placing my head on his chest. I feel so safe in his arms.

His arms, my home!

He laid me down on the bed and pulled the comforter over me.

“I just come.” He kissed my forehead and went while I kept looking at his back, smiling contentedly.

I can’t believe, I can be this much happy. He literally makes my heart smile. Just a few minutes ago I was breaking down while cursing my life but right now I’m feeling like I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

All the credit goes to my guy, Mr brown eyes. Because he is with me.

He didn’t leave me, he engulfed me!

His words are still ringing in my ears, ‘Manik Malhotra’s Girl’. God! Did he have any idea what his words are doing to my heart? I’m feeling like butterflies dancing in my stomach. For a moment I just want to forget everything and think about him, only.

I smiled, touching the pendant and murmured, “I’m already missing you, my guy,” I closed my eyes, feeling his warmth.

Manik’s P.O.V.

After making the dinner, I served it on the plate and went upstairs. I saw her sleeping peacefully, looking so adorable. A smile flashed on my face seeing her pout which she’s making in her sleep.

God! My baby is so adorable.

I went close to her and sat beside her. Feeling my warmth she snuggled in my arms, making me chuckle.

I lovingly caressed her face. She’s looking so innocent. I had no idea that she would have gone through so much, though I knew there is something regarding her past that is bad but I didn’t know it would be this worst.

Seeing her innocent face all I can think of is to protect her first. I leaned down and kissed her forehead and took my phone out of my pocket, already knowing what I have to do.

I decided to hire a PI to investigate that rascal Raghav and also a bodyguard for her without her knowledge. I know I should ask her first but I cannot take the risk and I don’t want her to freak out or feel any different. I want her to feel safe and free.

Alex, my dad’s PI is the perfect guy to investigate that jerk. He knows how to dig deep and find out enough to ruin this guy for good. I sighed in relief after doing all this. I stroke her hair, and called her lovingly.

“Baby girl, get up. Have some food.” I said lovingly.

“No, I want to sleep.” She replied, in a sleepy tone, hugging me.

“Baby Girl, have something, then you can sleep how much you want.” I smiled, slightly rubbing my thumb against her neck, she giggled feeling ticklish, asking me to stop.

“Wake up, otherwise I won’t stop.” I laughed, tickling her more.

“Nooooooo, let me sleep!” She cribbed, removing my hand, shutting her eyes more tightly.

Oh god, I don’t think she’s going to listen to me, easily.

Okay Manik, let’s do something different!

“Okay… I got it. You don’t want to eat the food cooked by me. Fine.” I said, making a sad face, removing my hand from her hold.


Emotional blackmail always works!

She peeked slowly at me and instantly sat up, holding my hand again. I raised my brows asking her what and waited for her reply. She pouted, and said, “now make me eat fast because I want to sleep,” rubbing her eyes like an adorable baby.

I just smiled at her and started feeding her with my hand.

“Uhm… it’s very yummy.” She moaned, just like a baby.

“You also eat.” She snatched the spoon from my hand and fed me.

“You literally know how to make women happy.” She said with her mouth full of food, looking so adorable.

“Thank you, baby girl.” I chuckled.

“Well, do I confess something to you, Mr brown eyes?” She said, feeding me another bite while I nodded my head, gesturing her to go ahead.

“You literally don’t know how to act. You suck in acting.” She said making faces while I pouted.

“Aww… You’re so cute.” She pulled my cheeks, and we both laughed.

“Now you can sleep. I’ll not disturb you.”I said wiping her mouth with my thumb and stood up.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“I’m going to keep the plate.” I told her and she nodded.

“By the way, I’m not feeling sleepy anymore, do you?” She asked, smiling widely at me.


“Great! We’ll talk the whole night.”She squealed cheerily and I chuckled.

“I just come.” I went to keep the plate in the kitchen.

Nandini’s POV:

When Manik left to keep the plate in the kitchen, my phone started beeping, continuously.

What’s happening? Who is messaging me at this time?

I picked it up from the table. I saw the notifications of messages from the group ‘Fab5’.

“Cabir must have sent the photos, which he had clicked in the club.” I murmured and as soon as I opened them, my eyes sparkled with excitement and I blushed to see our photos, we’re looking so perfect together. It’s such beautiful photos.

I opened the photos and got lost, gazing at them, my lips are drawn up to a beatific smile. I didn’t know how much time I took while admiring them. Well, I can admire our pics my whole life. The way he’s looking at me, the way he’s smiling at me is making me feel more than beautiful.

His eyes always reveal what my tongue can never express. Our feelings for each other is something beyond words.

My phone beeped again and I came on the earth back. Now one of the other members of the group messaged. I opened it.

I’m just smiling, reading their chat. They all are so sweet. Well, I should reply to them, isn’t it?

Cabir changed the subject from “Fab5” To “Fab5 and Manik’s babygirl”, My smile grew bigger after reading the new group name.

Manik’s Baby girl! Haye!

My heart filled with joy after reading their messages and I smiled cheerily, feeling so lucky to become a part of such a nice people.

Me: “That’s really so sweet of you, guys.” I sent, feeling blessed.

I literally laughed reading cabir message, and thanked him, personally.

“With whom you’re chatting and smiling so much.” Manik’s words caught my attention and I looked up at him from the phone’s screen.

“With your friends, they just added me to the group. They all are so sweet.” I said happily.

“Well, they are but not more than me.” He chuckled after saying this and made me laugh while he continued, “And finally they got some brain and added you in the group,” adjusting himself on my bed beside me.

“They’re super-duper great. Look they clicked so nice photos of us.” I showed him our photos and like me, he also got lost in our beautiful and perfect photos. I just smiled at him, feeling so blessed to have him. I thank God every second for sending him into my life.

I laughed reading their messages when suddenly Manik’s message popped up.

I looked at him and saw him, using his phone. I smiled.

“Who is Linnea?” I instantly asked Manik.

“Ahh… Baby girl… She’s my classmate. Not important.” He said casually.

“No, everything about you is important for me. I want to know who is she.” I said in a serious tone.

“Okay, wait let me reply to them first.” I nodded.

Manik shook his head, murmuring, “Idiots,” and looked at me.

“Now tell me.” I asked him, folding my arms across my chest.

“Actually in school times, she was behind me. But Cabir lied to her that I’m already in the relationship. I told you, this is nothing important. So don’t be jealous.”


“I wasn’t jealous!” I uttered and he laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” I frowned at him, pouting.

He clasped my face and explained to me, “they were doing this deliberately, Baby Girl. They don’t leave a single chance to tease me.”

“They are sooooooo bad…huh…well, I wasn’t jealous though!” I said biting my lower lip when he raised his brows at me. “Okay… Maybe, I was. ” I accepted, hiding my face in his chest.

He chuckled, embracing me in his protective arms. “You’re so cute, Baby Girl.”

“And you’re so sweet.” I said and we lay down in each other arms in the duvet.

We talked for hours and I didn’t come to know when I fell asleep, entangling in his arms. I want to sleep in his arms like this every night.

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