Monster’s Bride (Part: 76 Realisation) Sidnaaz


Abhi stepped into the mansion with a smirk on his face at late night.

“Where is Mukti?” He asked a servant.

“She didn’t come out of her room since morning.” He became a bit shocked to hear this and hurriedly went to the room.

The room is all dark, he turned on the lights. He saw Mukti standing in front of him, her lips are drawn up to a faint smile. He narrowed his brows dubiously, finding something fishy. She moved closer to his ear, her one hand is at her back.

“I am-I’m sorry, Aa…bhi.” She stuttered and continued after taking a deep breath, “I can’t be more selfish, I can’t separate Bhai and bhabhi.”

Abhi’s eyes widened in horror as they fell on her bleeding hand. He freaked out as she cut her vein. “Oh shit, Mukti what have you done? No no, you can’t die.” He clasped her face and shook her, she is just staring at him with a small smile on her face.

“Good-Bye.” She took a deep breath and fainted in his arms. He froze for a second but the next moment only, he rushed out after engulfing her in his arms.


He is sitting outside of the I.C.U. anxiously. Now he is in great remorse for his deeds. He never thought that his revenge would take someone’s life, he never wanted to kill someone. He is sweating and tears are trickling down his cheeks mechanically.

“I will forget this revenge and all but please save her. I don’t want to become a murderer.” He prayed, joining his hands and moving his eyes up. He is now begging for Mukti’s life from God. He never thought that his revenge would put the life of a person in danger.

“Mr Gill,” as the doctor called Abhi, he instantly stood up and rushed to him. “your wife is stable now, it’s good that you brought her here on time.”

A smile of relief flashed on his face and a lone tear of happiness coursed down his cheek. “Thank you, Doctor.”

The doctor left after saying, “say thank you to God, dear as he does everything.”

“Doctor has said right. If God has separated Simran and me, there must be a reason. She left me and didn’t trust me. She wasn’t my soulmate. I should rather say thank you to Mukti as because of her, Simran left me and I came to know that she never loved me truly because if she had, she would have never left me and she would have trusted our love.” He talked to himself.


Next morning

Sana woke up early in the morning and a smile spread across her face as she saw a beautiful scenario. Khushi is adorably sleeping on Sidharth’s chest and snoring softly. His arms are wrapped around her carefully. She leaned down and kissed both of their foreheads. Khushi smiled in sleep and brought a contented smile on Sana’s face too.

She climbed down the bed with a broad smile on her face and went to the bathroom.

She took off her clothes and stood under the shower. She turned it on and water started cascading down her body, making her wet. She has a constant beatific smile on her face as she is thinking about the little Princess.

“When police find her family, then again we will lose our baby.” Her smile faded into a frown as this thought came into her mind.

“She has brought a lot of happiness into our life. She made our life even more beautiful with her presence. We felt such a strong and deep connection with her. I don’t want to lose her. I know I’m being selfish but I don’t want her to ever leave us. Ganu Ji, please, now don’t take her away from us.” She prayed.


Sana came out of the bathroom in a beautiful floral casual summer gown, looking so gorgeous like always.

A bright smile appeared on her face as she saw her husband gazing at the little Princess, she is still sleeping on his chest. Sana strolled to them, smiling at them.

“Good morning, baby.” She wished him and pecked his lips after leaning down. As she moved away from him, he yanked her to himself by cupping her face and captured her lips, her eyes widened in shock. He is devouring her lips like he has been hungry for ages. She came out of the shock after a second and kissed him with equal passion.

His hands slid into her dress and unclasped her bra. He massaged her twins, kissing her deeply and passionately, she moaned in his mouth, clutching his hair. They’re kissing each other, forgetting that Khushi is sleeping on Sidharth’s chest.

“Aeee…” Khushi started crying and they pulled apart. She blushed hard, tucking a few hairs strands behind her ear and he smirked at her. He engulfed Khushi in his warm arms and tried to make her quiet by rocking her.

“Sidharth, I think she is hungry. I should bring milk for her.” She assumed and he smiled naughtily at her.

“Don’t forget to clasp your bra before going out.” He reminded her and she flushed before rushing to the bathroom.


Abhi came to meet Mukti when she got her consciousness back. She looked at him grimly and asked him in a crying tone, “why did you save me?”

He stayed silent and walked to her bed, staring at her with a serious look on his face.

“Abhi, please, I can’t separate Bhai and bhabhi, don’t do this. You can punish me in any way because I’m your culprit. Please, don’t force me, I can’t hurt them.” She cried out helplessly and tears trickled down her cheeks.

He tried to avoid this conversation. “You should take a rest, Mukti.”

“Abhi, please talk to me, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” She sobbed profusely, holding his hand.

“I have forgiven you, Mukti.” As Abhi uttered, she stared at him in utter disbelief and shock.


“Yes, because now I don’t want to take any revenge, I have realised that I was so wrong and now you’re free.” He stated and she is just staring at him unblinkingly.

“But how can I leave you as now you’re my husband?” She asked him.

He took a deep breath. “It’s okay we will take divorce as soon as possible.” She gasped.

“Abhi, no we can’t. What we will say to all of them? Abhi, please we have to continue our relationship, not for us, for Bhai and bhabhi.” She implored, thinking about Sidnaaz. Abhi is so shocked to see this changed Mukti because before she had always thought about herself but today she only thinks about others.

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