Desire To Control Her (Part: 35 A Unforgettable Dance) Manan


“Now we’re going out for dinner.” He told me and I stared at him with surprise.

“Are we going on a date?” I asked excitedly and my eyes shimmered with happiness.

“No. It’s just a dinner.” He freaked out.

I pouted sadly and gave him a slight nod, “okay.”

“We aren’t a couple.” He said sternly, making me sadder.

“And what about my first session?” I asked.

“I’m postponing it because first I want to teach you how to obey me and follow rules.” I made O mouth.

I don’t have any problem. Only the thing which matters to me is that he is with me.

“Okay, no problem. But how are you gonna teach me?”

“You will see, Butterfly.” He gave me a mischief wink.

Dev’s P.O.V.

I rang the bell of Eve’s house four times in raw. I’m angry but I’m hurt more because she didn’t value my words and didn’t trust me. When I had clarified yesterday that Manik is not like that, then why she didn’t trust my words?

She disappointed me for the first time.

Eve opened the door and I shoot daggers at her, she looked at me in shock and confusion.

Ohh! So she didn’t even know what she has done.


“What happened, Dev? Is Everything fine?” She asked but I ignored and took her inside after grasping her wrist.

“Eve, don’t you trust me?” I asked after pinning her against the wall by grasping her arms.

“I trust you, Dev. Will you please tell me what’s the matter?” She asked.

“Why did you scare Nandini by telling her about Manik’s ex submissive when I assured you that Manik won’t hurt her. What was the need of you coming in between them? It seems like you don’t trust me, Eve,”

“Enough, Dev. I told Nandini everything because I was concerned for her and she deserves to know everything about Manik.” She shouted back at me, cutting my words.

“But Manik wasn’t telling her about all this because he doesn’t want to scare her because everything is new for her. He cares for your friend, Eve. He doesn’t know but deep inside he has feelings for her. Please, Eve, stop coming in between them because after a long time Manik is happy after being with someone.” Now I requested because I really don’t want anybody to create problems in between them.

“Dev, what if he hurts her? My friend is so innocent and pure soul, she will break down if she gets hurt. I’m just thinking about her.”

“I promise you that I won’t let this happen, Eve. I’m giving my words to you that Manik won’t hurt Nandini ever.” I promised her after clasping her face.

Then she placed her head over my chest and apologised, “I’m sorry, Dev that I made you feel like I don’t trust you.” I embraced her, letting her explain herself as now I’m cooled down. “I trust you the most in this world, Dev but you know that I’m overprotective for Nanz. I can’t let anybody hurt her.” She raised her head from the chest and continued after looking at me with moist eyes, “but now you’re so sure that Manik won’t hurt her, I promise you that I won’t come between them.” and she again rested her head on my chest and I again hugged her but this time tightly, pulling her closer to myself.

I kissed her hair. “I’m sorry too for shouting at you and I know how much you trust me.”

She just smiled at me, raising her face, without breaking the hug.

“I love you, baby.” I leaned down and whispered against her lips before kissing her lips softly first and then I kissed her wildly and passionately, pinning her hands against the wall above her head.

Manik’s P.O.V.

We reached the restaurant and settled down on our reserved seats. I ordered dinner and red wine for us. We’re sitting on the couch, close to each other.

“Let’s take a selfie of our first date.” She squealed excitedly, taking her phone out of her sling bag.

Date! Seriously again!

“Butterfly, we haven’t come on a date.”

“But it is a date for me. Any problem?” She asked me, raising her brows.

I shook my head.

“Now give a perfect pose for our first selfie on our first date.” She said, holding the phone in front of us and touching her face with mine, her eyes glistening with happiness and excitement.

“We’re not girlfriend boyfriend, Butterfly. What are you doing?” I asked her, frowning.

“So what? Can’t submissive and master take selfies? Now don’t tell me that you have a problem in this too?” She asked me in a disbelief tone.

“I have a problem because we’re not a couple.” As I said, her lips drew down.

“At least let me take one selfie.” She implored, gazing at me with pleading eyes and with such an adorable pout.

“Okay, fine.” I agreed as I can’t deny her request when she makes such an adorable face like a baby. Nobody can deny her request.

She again held out the phone in front of us. I kept my face stern and she broadly smiled at the camera after again touching her face with mine, moving closer to me and accelerating my heartbeat.

“Smile, please. You have such a captivating smile, don’t hide it.” She requested and automatically a smile flashed on my face.

“One more, please.” She requested by showing her one finger and again I couldn’t deny her.

This girl can make me do anything and I’m surprised.

“Okay.” A naughty smile flashed on my face as something naughty popped into my mind.

As she looked at the phone to take another selfie, her eyes widened in shock and she froze because I slipped my hand down into her pants and cupped her crotch.

I deliberately pressed her clit and she bit her lower lip, closing her eyes.

The way she took her lip between her teeth and bit, aroused my wild desires.

I leaned down and captured her lips, holding her face with one hand and rubbing her clit vigorously with my thumb of the other hand which is inside her pants. She moaned in my mouth, clutching my jeans, kissing me with the equal passion I’m kissing her. My hand slid into her hair and yanked her closer to myself, clutching her hair. I deepened the kiss and explored every corner of her mouth by entering my tongue into her mouth.

We pulled apart when the waiter come with our ordered food. She straightened herself and set her hair and dress properly. I just smiled at her. When the waiter left, I erotically sucked her honey from my fingers, gazing at her intensely and she flushed, looking super cute.

“Now have your dinner without any tantrums.” I ordered and she nodded meekly before starting eating hurriedly. I chuckled, shaking my head.

We are taking the dinner silently and listening to slow music.

“Master,” suddenly she uttered, breaking the silence.

I raised my brows, taking a sip of red wine.

“Could we dance like other couples are dancing?” She asked, pointing at the couples on the stage who are dancing to the slow music.

“No way. Dance isn’t the cup of my tea.”

She frowned and said, “BDSM wasn’t the cup of my tea but now I’m in the BDSM relationship. You only said that first, we should experience something and then hate it.”

She has a point.

“Okay.” I agreed and she gave me a winsome smile, automatically a smile appeared on my face too.

I can agree to do anything to see her this adorable smile.

“Let’s go.” She whooped, standing up, her eyes sparkling.

“First complete the dinner, Butterfly.”

“Oh oho, I’m done. Please, let’s dance.”

Sometimes I feel like she is my mistress because I follow her orders more than she follows my orders. But I don’t know why but I’m happy with this thing. Surprisingly for the first time I’m happy to follow a woman’s orders.

“Okay, let’s go.” I stood up.

She walked to the dance floor like an excited kid and I followed her with a beatific smile on my face. This girl is seriously doing magic over me.

We stood in front of each other at the dance floor and now the ‘Ed Sheeran-Perfect’ song is playing.

“That’s my favourite song.” She told me cheerily and drove me insane with her sparkling eyes.

I mechanically snaked my arm around her waist and yanked her to myself. I clasped her hand with my free hand, our eyes are locked into each other and our feet moved in the rhythm of the song automatically. The people around us disappeared and we danced slowly, gazing into each other eyes, forgetting the whole world.

She moved closer to me and said in my ear, “someone was saying that dance isn’t the cup of his tea.” She looked back at me with a smile on her face.

“A gorgeous girl like you can make anybody dance.” As I complimented her, her smile grew bigger and became even prettier.

I’m dead.

I held her hand and twirled her around, she laughed delightfully, looking so perfect. We both are enjoying a lot this dance. This moment is so precious and this is my paradise.

I rested my forehead over her and we slowly danced, closing our eyes, utterly getting lost in this heavenly moment. Her arms are wrapped around my neck and my arms are encircled around her waist tightly, holding her closer to myself. My body is dancing mechanically with her, it seems like today no chain is holding me back from coming close to her.

She slowly opened her eyes and gazed at me with her bewitching eyes before planting a lingering kiss over my lips. Everything froze when our lips met.

We kissed each other slowly and softly on the dance floor, forgetting about the whole world. Her hands are softly caressing my stubbles, for the first time I’m letting her touch me and it’s heavenly great to feel the touch of her soft hands. No thought is coming into my mind right now, I’m just lost in this heavenly moment. I only know one thing that I’m never going to forget this graceful dance with my Butterfly because after a long time I’m wholeheartedly happy and she is the reason. She’s the only reason that a strict Dom like me is becoming so sweet and kissing and dancing like this.

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