Monster’s Bride (Part: 75 Our Little Bundle of Joy) Sidnaaz


Sidnaaz reached back home with the little princess, she is sleeping in Sidharth’s arms cosily. He is handling her so carefully like she is made up of glass. Sana is extremely happy as her husband is happy after getting this little Princess. She has brought lots of happiness into Sidnaaz’s life.

Cabir and Alia are sitting in the hall, and when Sidnaaz walked into the mansion, their eyes widened in surprise after seeing the baby in Sidharth’s arms.

They stood up and strolled to them, looking at the baby in confusion.

“Who is,”

“Sh…” they shushed them, showing their hands as they don’t want them to disturb the sleep of little Princess.

“I’m going inside.” Sidharth murmured, pointing his finger at the room. Sana gave him a slight nod and he went inside with the baby.

He stepped into the room and placed the little Princess on the bed carefully not before kissing her forehead lovingly. Then he kept two pillows on both sides of her.

He smiled at her and got immersed in gazing at her as she is sleeping so adorably with a slightly open mouth and snoring softly in low voice. He is finding some kind of peace in looking at her.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead again. She held his thumb with her tiny hand in sleep before he could stand straight again. It seems like she doesn’t want him to go away. His smile grew bigger. Now he pecked the knuckles of her little hand, caressing her forehead so carefully because he doesn’t want to disturb her peaceful sleep.

On the other hand, Sana told Cabir and Alia that how they met her. Now they are sitting in the hall. They became shocked after listening to this as they are wondering that why didn’t they give the baby to the police.

“I think you both should give her to the police because it’s not right to bring an unknown baby to our house like this.” Alia said and Cabir nodded his head, agreeing with her.

“We both have decided that she will stay with us till the police find her parents. She is so small. They will send her to the orphanage and I don’t want this.” Sana tried to explain her point of view to them.

“Now I think you both have done right, Sana.” Cabir said, understanding their decision.

As she saw Sidharth coming to the hall, she instantly stood up and freaked out, “Sidharth, why did you come here after leaving her alone? You’re so careless.” He just smiled at her.

“Sweetheart, relax. Meera is with her. Don’t worry. I’m not careless.” He said, clasping her face and she just hugged him, smiling. She is feeling like a fool now as she overreacted without knowing anything. He chuckled, embracing her in his warm arms.

Gill’s Mansion

Mukti is staring at the phone’s screen in horror, watching a video while Abhi is standing in front of her with a mischief grin on his face. She moved her eyes to him now in horror and took a few steps backwards. She lost her balance and was about to fall but Abhi handled her.

“When did you make this video?” She asked him in utter shock as in the video she is taking the shower, fully naked.

“I don’t have time to explain everything. Now listen to me carefully that what you have to do. You will show this video to your loving brother Sidharth and ask him to leave Sana or else the person who has made this video, will viral the video. But remember that my name shouldn’t come in between all this.” He instructed her.

She never thought that he would stoop so low to fulfil his revenge. He has become the old version of her.

“No, I won’t do this. I won’t separate Bhai and Bhabhi no matter what.” She denied it in a serious tone as she didn’t want to snatch their happiness. She knew how much they love each other, they will die if they get separated as she has witnessed their immense and true love.

“It’s your choice. If you don’t do this till tomorrow, I’ll viral this video. Remember how you had sent our fake intimate video to my girlfriend in past?” He warned her and stormed out of the room, shutting the door. She cried profusely after slumping on the floor, not understanding what she should do.


Sidnaaz brought so many things for the baby and now the whole room is filled up with her toys, the same room which Sana had decorated to surprise Sidharth and the same room which Sidharth had emptied, today again that room is filled up.

The little princess is lying on the play-mat and staring at the tiny hanging toys which are moving above her face. This is a favourite pass time for every baby.

While Sidnaaz are engrossed in arranging her room with so much love and with a cheerful smile on their faces. They have bought so many things for her even after knowing that she is just a guest of their house and she gonna leave them one day.

Sidnaaz looked at her, smiling and found her playing. She is trying to grasp toys with her legs. She is constantly moving her legs up and trying to hold the toys in between her both legs. They laughed hysterically at her.

“She is so cute, Sidharth.” She is awed to see her.

“Sidharth, we’ll call her Khushi.” She said, catching Sidharth’s attention. He looked at her. “Because she has brought back happiness into our life. She is our little bundle of joy.” She cheerfully told him and he walked to her, smiling affectionately.

“Khushi, my tiny Princess.” He picked up the baby by holding her waist and moved up in the air carefully. She giggled and Sana laughed too.


Sidharth is playing with Khushi. He is tickling her belly and she is enjoying it a lot, laughing out loudly. Sidnaaz are shocked because she isn’t crying for her parents. She is happy with them like they are her real parents. It proves that the connection of hearts is even stronger than the blood connection.

“Sidharth, bring her to the bathroom after taking off her clothes.”She ordered Sidharth from the bathroom.

“Now it’s time to give you a bath, Princess.” He said while removing her clothes carefully and took her to the bathroom after engulfing her in his arms.

Sidnaaz started bathing her in her small pink bathtub. They are rubbing her body smoothly and cleaning her gently. She is slightly moving her hands and legs, tasting the water because it’s going into her mouth.

They looked at each other, smiling blissfully and moved closer to each other lips. But before they could kiss, Khushi started crying, catching their attention and they instantly pulled away and laughed out.

“Oh my little Khushi, why are you crying?” She asked, gently rubbing her hair and now she stopped crying because now they are giving her attention.

“Baby, she is so cute. I wanna eat her up.” She squealed merrily, pulling her cheeks and Khushi giggled.

She looked at Sidharth who is lost in gazing at them.

“Baby, where are you lost?” She asked, rubbing Khushi with the towel.

“I’m lost in your happiness. I just pray to God this happiness never goes away from our life.” He prayed and like always he kissed her forehead to assure her that he will always be there with her and forever.


Khushi has been squalling for half an hour. Sidnaaz, Cabir and Alia are trying their best to make her quiet. Cabir is dancing crazily, Alia is shaking toys above her face, Sidharth is rocking her in his arms and Sana is trying to feed her milk through a bottle but she isn’t even drinking the milk also.

“Itti si hansi

Itti si khushi

Itta sa tukda chand ka

Khwabon ke tinkon se

Chal banayeinn aashiyaan

Now Sana took Khushi in her arms and started singing for her while moving Khushi in her arms. She instantly stopped crying and everyone are amazed to see this and they are relieved too. Cabir made their video.

‘Dabe dabe paaon se

Aaye haule haule zindagi

Hothon pe kundi chadha ke

Hum taale laga ke chal

Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein

Aadhi aadhi baant le

Aaja dil ki ye zameen

Thoda sa tera sa hoga

Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye aashiyan”

Sidharth went behind Sana and sang, holding Sana’s waist and gazing at the little Princess from over Sana’s shoulder. She smiled at him adorably and brought a huge smile to Sidnaaz’s face.

She kissed her forehead and he caressed her hair.


At night Khushi is sleeping peacefully in the middle of Sidnaaz, they both are admiring her, their lips are curved in a contented smile. They are getting immense peace in gazing at her.

He entwined his hand with Sana and now they looked at each other with so much love in their eyes. They moved closer and as soon as their lips met, they started devouring each other lips hungrily like they were craving from since ages. They’re kissing each other passionately above the sleeping Princess shamelessly. He started massaging her twins and she pulled him closer to himself by clutching his hair, deepening the kiss.

After good ten minutes, they pulled away, panting. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead, then they leaned down and kissed Khushi’s cheeks together.

After a minute, Khushi started crying in sleep. “Ae.. ae..”

It seems like she is crying because she is seeing a bad dream. Sidharth stared at Sana grimly as he can’t see her crying like this.

“My baby, don’t be sad and now see my magic.” She reassured him, gently pulling his cheeks.

“O Khushi meri sona pari

Tujh mein hai duniya ki saari khushi

O Khushi meri sona pari

Tujh mein hai duniya ki saari khushi”

She started singing the Lori while constantly caressing her forehead. Khushi calmed down instantly and again slept peacefully because of Sana’s melodious voice. Sidharth is admiring her, thinking how her wife is so perfect in everything.

She smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

“So how was my magic, Mr Shukla?” She asked him.

“I’m speechless, Sweetheart. You always blow my mind with your perfection in everything. I’m so lucky to have you.” Now he kissed her forehead and she smiled blissfully.

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