Desire To Control Her (Part: 34 Breaking A Rule) Sidnaaz


After coming out of Butterfly’s house, I called Dev while sitting in the car.

“Dev, I wanna talk to you about something. Could we meet now?” I asked him.

“Yeah, sure. We can meet at my place.” He instantly agreed without even asking what’s the matter.

“I’m coming.” I disconnected the call and started the car.

I reached Dev’s place and we settled down in the hall.

“Is there something serious?” He asked, a bit worried.

“No, it’s just that I want to make you do something.”

“Tell me.”

“You know everything is new for Sana in this relationship and Eve is scaring the hell out of her by telling her about my earlier submissive, how I used to punish them and all that stuff. I know she is concerned for her but I want you to explain to Eve that I won’t do anything going against Sana’s will. You know today Butterfly, I mean Sana got so frightened after knowing all those public punishments.” I told him everything.

I came to Dev because I really don’t want Eve to scare my Butterfly again.

It’s not like that I want to hide my past from her, it’s just that she isn’t ready to know about all these things right now. When the right time comes, I will tell her everything myself.

“I’m sorry from Eve’s side but you know she is Sana’s friend and she is just concerned for her.” Dev apologised immediately after listening to me.

“I can understand Eve’s concerns for Sana, Dev. I’m not complaining about her. I just come here for your help to make Eve explain this.” I explained to him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain her.” He reassured me, placing his hand over my shoulder.

“Thank you, Dude.” I hugged him.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I’m sitting on the sofa and scrolling down Instagram feeds, waiting for the time to pass quickly and I can meet Sidharth at night. I don’t know what he is doing with me that I always want to stay around him or with him. He’s making me insane.

Suddenly a notification of his WhatsApp message popped down the phone screen and I instantly opened it.

Sidharth: Reach at my place at exact 9 PM and don’t forget that today you have to follow every single rule.

9 PM? It’s 5 PM, which means I have to wait for four hours more.

No! I can’t wait anymore.

Me: Couldn’t we meet early because I’m free?

I asked.

Sidharth: Someone is so desperate for the first BDSM session.

Me: No, someone is desperate to meet you.

I corrected him and smiled after sending him the message.

Sidharth: Okay. So you tell me, when do you want to meet me.

Me: Now.

Sidharth: Okay, so meet me in an hour as I’m also free.

He agreed to meet me early and my smile grew bigger.

Me: Okay, Done.

Sidharth: I’m again reminding you that today you have to follow every rule.

How many times he will remind me of this?

Me: Okay, Master.

Sidharth: See you soon, Butterfly.

I sent him a smiley emoji.

I kept the phone on the side table and started getting ready. I thought to revise all the rules after reaching there.

I wore white one shoulder, cut out tie waist, wide-leg jumpsuit and kept my hair straight.

I reached his place on time and rang the doorbell.

“Hello, Mam.” Mary greeted me warmly after opening the door.

“Hello. Where is Sidharth?” I asked her, stepping inside.

“Sir is in his room.” As she told me, I dashed to his room excitedly.

I knocked on the door twice but didn’t get any response, so I pushed the door open and strolled inside, my desperate eyes searching for him in the room.

He stepped out of the bathroom and my heart skipped beating as my eyes fell over him. He’s looking so fucking hot. Only a white towel is wrapped around his waist, water is dripping down his neck, muscular chest and his abs and I felt a sudden urge to suck every droplet from his skin. Only he can arouse my lustful desire.

I took my lower lip between my teeth and bit it, drinking the water droplets through my eyes from his body.

In the same way, he is gazing at me with lust in his eyes.

He is strolling toward me, making my breath heavy and my heartbeat fast.

“You’re looking breathtakingly gorgeous, Butterfly.” He complimented me and I smiled shyly, moving my eyelashes down.

“And you’re looking breathtakingly hot and attractive right now.” I added after a few seconds, “Master.”

My eyes widened in shock when he suddenly ordered me, “Strip now.”

It was unexpected. I just come and he wants me to be get stripped.


“I’m asking you to do something, Butterfly.” He said in a dominating tone, bringing me back on the earth.

“Now?” I asked tentatively.

“Yes, now means now, Butterfly. I want to check something.”

“What?” I asked, narrowing my brows confusingly.

“You’ll come to know.” He smiled mischievously.

He loves to create suspense. He should become a writer and write a thriller movie. Hahaha.

I opened the knot of the jumpsuit, revealing my bare belly to him.

“Wait, I have a better way to check what I want to check. Don’t remove your dress as it is suiting you a lot.” I stopped as he uttered.

“Okay.” I held both ends of the cloth to tie the knot around my belly but he stopped me again by holding my hand.

“Don’t tie. Keep it like this.” He said and I gave him a slight nod.

“Give me a minute.” He turned around and walked towards the cupboard. I gasped when suddenly he pulled off his towel, exposing his bare butts to me.

Fuck! I’m dead.

He has perfect round and firm buttocks. They look attractive hiding behind the tight pants also but right now they are looking even more attractive and turning me on.

He slipped on blue jeans and ambled to me shirtless, gazing at me.

My whole body trembled when he placed his cold hand over my bare belly. He is gliding his hand down my tummy, sending the shivers between my thighs. I closed my eyes to feel his touch. He slid his hand into the pant slowly, my heart is racing with anticipation. My core is craving to be touched by him.

I instantly opened my eyes when he took out his hand all of sudden.

“Butterfly, you didn’t revise the rule before coming here, right?” He asked and I realised that I had to revise the rules after reaching here before meeting him but it skipped out of my mind.

“I forgot.” I told him the truth.

He frowned and chided me like a teacher. “I reminded you twice and still you forgot. That’s not good, Butterfly.”

“I’m sorry. But how did you come to know that I didn’t revise the rule?” I asked curiously.

“Because you broke one of the rules.” He told me, sounding a bit angry.

Shit! But which one? I tried to think, pressurising my mind.

“Which?” I asked him, not knowing which rule I have broken.

“You aren’t allowed to wear undies when you come to meet me.”

I made O mouth. “Oh.”

Oh, so he was checking this. Now I understood.

I seriously completely forgot about this rule. Now again he will punish me. Second punishment in one single day.

“You’re doing great, Sana, keep it up.” I murmured, scolding myself.

“Now remove your dress and then took off your undies.” He instructed me in a stern tone.

“Okay.” I took a step toward the bathroom but he stopped me by holding my hand.

“Where are you going?”

“To remove my undies.”

“Take it off in front of me.” He ordered, leaving my hand.

I took a deep breath before slowly taking off my jumpsuit while his intense eyes filled with deep desires is fixed at me only. He has the special power to arouse me with his passionate looks only.

Now I’m standing in front of him in the set of lace black tube bra and undies. Surprisingly I feel comfortable standing like this in front of him. Seriously I had never thought that I would ever feel so comfortable to be standing naked in front of anybody. But the thing is that he makes me feel so beautiful with his looks and compliments.

I held the waistband of my panty and leaned down to pull it out of my legs, smiling shyly.

I stood back straight, closing my legs, breathing heavily. Now his lustful eyes are staring down my wet core.

“Every single part of your body is extraordinarily beautiful. You know you’re ethereally beautiful and sexy both.” He again complimented me, making me smile.

He makes me feel so damn beautiful.

He moved closer to me, racing my heartbeat and then he captured my lips, grabbing my bare butts. He squeezed them, pulling me to himself and rubbing his crotch against my bare and throbbing core, kissing me wildly and passionately, taking me to another world and driving me insane. I closed my eyes, just enjoying what he is doing with me. Our bare skin is rubbing against each other and having their private conversation. I’m just loving it.

But it’s getting so hard for me to control my urge of touching him. It’s distracting me a bit.

Oh, God! Why can’t he permit me to touch him?

He moved away after making me breathless with the wild kiss. I slowly opened my eyes.

“Now you can wear your dress.” He ordered me.

I nodded and hurriedly wore my dress. I tied the knot of my dress while he picked up my undies from the floor and inhaled my fragrance from it, closing his eyes. I just stared at him in disbelief with an open mouth.

“Now will you punish me for breaking the rule by wearing undies?”

“Yes. Why not?” I pouted at him and he told me my punishment, “you can’t wear undies for a week. Wherever you go, you will go without wearing them and in your home also, you can’t wear them. It’s strictly prohibited for you to wear them for a week.” My eyes widened in shock.

He added, “and,”

“There is more?” I asked shockingly, cutting him.

“Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking.” He said sternly.

“Sorry.” I apologised, moving my eyes down.

“And today in your first session of BDSM, I’m not going to pleasure you, I’ll only tease you.” I made a sad pout.

“That’s not fair. It’s my first session.” I complained like a kid.

He moved closer to me and whispered huskily after clasping my face. “If I don’t punish you, how will you learn to follow every rule? I told you that I have my ways to control you, Butterfly.” As his breath caressed my lips, electricity coursed down my spine, our proximity is making my breath heavy and accelerating my heartbeat.

“You’re controlling me because I’m letting you control me.” I said sassily and got an unexpected reply from him.

“I second you, as it only became possible because of you. Thank you for fulfilling my intense desire of controlling you, Butterfly.” He thanked me from the core of his heart, softly caressing my cheeks with his thumbs and gazing at me intensely.

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