Monster’s Bride (Part: 74 A Little Baby Girl) Sidnaaz


Sana squeezed her eyes shut because of fear. After a moment he removed his hand from her mouth and suddenly disappeared. She opened her eyes when she didn’t feel his presence. She became hell terrified now and anxious for him.

“Sidharth…” she screamed, looking around, dying every second, thinking about him. Her mind started twirling because of all the negative thoughts. She can’t even imagine her life without him as he is her everything.

She sighed deeply with immense relief as she finally saw him, standing far away from her around dead bodies. He is picking up a small baby of around two-three months from the road. He scurried behind the pillar, safely cradling the baby in his protective arms. She is just staring at him incredulously as he put his life in danger to protect a stranger’s baby. He changed so much and utterly became like her. He was a dead soul before meeting her and she shared her alive soul with him. Now only her pure soul is present inside him.

The baby is squalling in his arms and he is trying his best to soothe her by rocking her constantly.

“I’m sorry, Sweetheart that I left you without saying anything. Actually, I saw a baby crying and couldn’t stop myself from going to him.” He apologised to her and she just smiled at him, she is proud to be a wife of such a great human being.

“I’m so proud of you, baby.” She kissed his cheek, smiling with pride.

The goons left from there now and they both sighed with profound relief.


Abhi is checking his Instagram feeds and suddenly he grimaced in anger as he saw his ex-girlfriend with someone else. She is kissing the cheek of the person on the photo. He flung the phone on the floor in fury before standing up from the sofa.

“Mukti, I won’t leave you for doing this with me. Because of you, today there is somebody else with my Diya, not me.” He growled in anger before storming to the room.

As she saw him bristling with rage, she instantly stood up from the bed. He marched to her, his eyes scorching in anger.

“Mukti, you’re gone today. I won’t leave you for destroying my life. Today you have to pay for your all deeds.” He roared at her, making her flinch.

He seized her wrist and dragged her to the basement, completely ignoring her words. “Abhi, where are you taking me? Please, tell me.”

He pushed her down on a chair harshly and started bounding her limbs with the rope to the chair.

“Abhi, I’m sorry. Please, don’t do this.” Mukti is constantly pleading and crying.

“After reading the message also, you didn’t follow my order, now you have to take the punishment.” He growled, unbuckling his belt, glaring at her.

He started rolling the belt around his fingers, sneering at her and she gasped in horror, understanding that he is going to hit her.

“No, Abhi, please, you can’t do this.” She screamed, horrified.


Sidnaaz reached the hospital safely with the baby. Sidharth talked to the commissioner about the unknown baby. They decided to keep the baby with themselves until the police is finding her family. She is a baby girl of three months.

The doctor is rolling a bandage around Sana’s forehead after applying the ointment. She is just smiling at her husband as he was playing with the baby, swinging her and talking to her. Now the baby isn’t crying, she is gazing at Sidharth adorably, making a pout. She was longing to see this.

“Mrs Shukla, you’re so lucky to have such a great husband. The way he is handling the baby, it seems like you don’t have to take any tension of your baby.” Doctor uttered, catching Sidnaaz’s attention and they stared at each other grimly, recalling about her miscarriage.

“Aeee.. aee…” next moment, the baby started crying noisily, moving her hands and legs and now it became hard to soothe her.

“I think she must be hungry, Sidharth.” She assumed and they looked at each other worriedly, not understanding what to do because, in her age, mother’s milk is best.


She closed her eyes when Abhi raised his hand to hit her with the belt. She heard the sound of the belt falling on the floor and instantly opened her eyes. She looked at him in shock and confusion that why he didn’t hit her.

“The Evil Mukti got scared.” He laughed loudly and she cried silently in agony. “You thought I would beat you. I’m a human being, not a dog like you, bitch. But if you don’t listen to me in future, you have to face the animal side of me.” He warned her after leaning closer to her and now she cried, closing her eyes.

“Abhi, I’m sorry.” She apologised after opening her eyes and he glared at her.

“What sorry? Will your sorry bring my love back to me? It is because of you, she is with someone else. It’s because of you, I’m dying every second and becoming an animal. You’re the culprit of my pain, Mukti, you deserve only pain.” Abhi shouted at her in anger and Mukti cried with profound guilt.


Sidnaaz are still in the hospital, Sana is feeding the milk to the baby with the bottle with a blissful smile on her face. She has craved to hold the baby in her arms and after cradling her in her arms, she is feeling so contented. She is keenly gazing at the baby’s every feature, her eyes are filled with immense love. She is feeling like she is her and Sidharth’s baby only which they had lost. Sidharth is also feeling the same. They passed a smile to each other.

“Sweetheart, what we’ll call her? I mean we should give her a name.” Sidharth asked her excitedly and her smile grew bigger after seeing him so happy in real after such a long time. When they had lost their unborn baby, they had lost a part themselves with him but today after holding this little baby girl, it seems like they are getting that lost part back.

“Wow! We’ll think about it. I’m so happy to hold her, Sidharth.” She said cheerily. Sidharth smiled at her and kissed her forehead after leaning down. She smiled contentedly.

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