Monster’s Bride (Part: 73 Goons Attack) Sidnaaz


Now it’s been a week passed after the Mukti and Abhi marriage.

“Why did you leave me? Why? Why didn’t you trust our love? What was my fault? I loved you so much. I still love you, please come back.” Abhi was shedding silent tears, staring at his ex-girlfriend photo on his phone.

“Why, Mukti? Why did you do this to me? Why did you snatch my love? I know I’m doing wrong with you, but you deserve every bit of it. You deserve only pain for spoiling so many people lives. I’ll make your life hell.” He stood up from the sofa, staring straight, frowning, his eyes are scorching with anger.


“Sidharth, look.” Sana shouted, showing him two flight tickets of New York and a huge smile flashed on his face, seeing them.

“Wow! We’re again going for a honeymoon.” He squealed like a kid and Sana laughed at him, throwing her head back, making him confused.

“Why are you laughing?” He asked, confused.

“Because, Baby, these tickets are for my Bhai and bhabhi. They are going on honeymoon and today we gonna give them a surprise.” She told him and now he pouted sadly at her.

“Aww… so cute.” She pulled his cheeks, bringing back the smile on his face.

He snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her to himself. “By the way, I think we should also go on a second honeymoon. What say?” He asked, raising his brows.

She thought for a moment, placing her finger over her chin and then answered, “I’ll think about it.” She giggled.

“Teasing me, now don’t blame me for this.” He suddenly attacked her neck.


“Bhai bhabhi…” Mukti rushed to Sidnaaz when she saw them walking inside the Gill mansion hand in hand. She hugged them.

“How’re you?“ Sidharth asked, cupping her face and she became silent.

Like always she plastered a smile on her face and answered, “I’m so happy.”

“Okay, where is bhai? We want to give something to both of you.” Sana uttered excitedly and then only Abhi came out of his room.

“How is my behna?” Abhi asked while she hugged him cheerily.

“Bhai, I’m great and I have a surprise for you.” Sana told him, smiling.

“Wow! Come, first, let’s settle down.”

They all wandered to the hall and settled down.

“These are honeymoon tickets.” Sana held out the tickets to Mukti and she looked at Abhi, he is busy doing something on his phone.

Mukti raised her hand to take the tickets but stopped as her phone beeped. She received a message from him.

Abhi: Don’t take the tickets. Say, no.

After reading the message, she moved her eyes to Abhi and Sidnaaz sensed something wrong.

“It’s fine if you both have some other plan.” Sana uttered disappointedly, moving back her hands but suddenly Mukti snatched the tickets from her hand because now she can’t see her upset.

“No, it’s not like that. Actually Abhi remains busy in work, so we were thinking.” Mukti gave an excuse.

“Bhai, how much work you will do? Give some time to my bhabhi also.” She scolded Abhi.


When Sidnaaz left, Abhi shoot the draggers at Mukti for not following his order.

“Abhi, I’m sorry that I couldn’t deny her. She was so excited after bringing the tickets for you.” She apologised.

“Shut up, you bitch.” Abhi pushed her on the sofa harshly and stormed out of the mansion. Tears trickled down her cheeks mechanically.

“Abhi, I’m not understanding what I should do, so that you forgive me. I can’t take your hatred more because I love you.” She cried hysterically.


Sidnaaz were going back home, sitting in the car and suddenly Sidharth applied the brake. They both gasped to see all around burning shops and goons beating people on the road and burning shops and cars. They got terrified to see the horrible condition.

“Aaa…” she screamed in pain, holding her head when someone hurled the stone over her.

“Sana… Oh, God.” He freaked out seeing blood oozing down her head.

“Sidharth, hurry up, we should leave from here as soon as possible.” She shouted, horrified while Sidharth is going crazy seeing her wound.

“Oh, Shit!” Sidharth shouted when a goon burned back of their back.

“Sana, come on, get out of the car.” He panicked, opening her seat belt and coming out of the car with her hurriedly.

He clasped her hand and ran to the pillar. They hide behind it, breathing heavily. They’re frightened now and their heart is pounding. Dead Bodies and burning bodies are lying on the road and scaring them more.

Sana became hysterical and started crying. “I’m so scared, Sidharth.” She sobbed, shivering with fright and he stared at her helplessly.

“Sweetheart, I’m with you. Nothing will happen to us.” He reassured her, clasping her face, caressing her cheeks and gazing into her deeply.

As they heard someone footsteps approaching them, he immediately palmed her mouth and her eyes widened in horror.

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