Desire To Control Her (Part: 31 His Warm arms) Manan


I came to meet Butterfly because she isn’t picking up my calls. Whatever it is but I shouldn’t have behaved so rudely with her because she doesn’t deserve this.

I rang the doorbell of her house and after a few minutes, Eve opened the door.

“Hi,” I greeted her.


“Where is Nandini?” I came on the point directly and asked her about Butterfly.

“She is in her room.”

“Okay.” I nodded and strolled towards her room.

I stopped as she uttered, “wait.” I turned towards her and she walked to me.

“Look, Manik, you know Nanz is my best friend and how important she is for me. Please, never hurt her. She is a pure soul.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll not hurt her.” I assured her. She gave me a slight nod and went to her room.

I strolled to Butterfly’s room and knocked on the twice door but when she didn’t open it, I pushed the door open.

I found her sleeping adorably, hugging her pillow, her mouth is slightly opened and like always she is snoring softly. This is such a beautiful sight to watch. Automatically a smile flashed on my face.

I slowly walked to her and sat down beside her. I caressed her soft cheeks with my thumb, gazing at her from close. She has angelic facial features.

Suddenly line appeared on her forehead and her brows frowned. “Don’t do this.” She murmured, gripping her pillow tightly.

“Please, don’t.” She is murmuring constantly and trembling.

I grabbed her shoulders and shook her to arouse her from the nightmare which is disturbing her in sleep. I can’t see her like this. My heart filled with pain after seeing her like this.

She woke up with a jerk and gasped. She stared at me like she saw a ghost.

“Yo-you will hurt me?” She stuttered, her eyes are filled with fear.

“No, Butterfly.” I said politely, shaking my head. “I’m sorry for my behaviour in the car. I just lose my mind when someone doesn’t follow my orders.”

“I’m afraid, Manik. I’m afraid of you.” She said and tears slipped down her cheeks.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart after listening to her words and seeing tears in her eyes.

“Why, Butterfly?”

“Eve told me that how you used to punish your subs and now I’m afraid that you will hurt me also.” She hiccuped, tears trickling down her cheeks constantly.

Why Eve has to tell everything to her? This was the only reason I didn’t tell Butterfly about all this. She can’t take this. I didn’t want to scare her.

“Butterfly, I already told you that I won’t do anything which hurt you. Even I have never done anything to anyone that would hurt them. They used to like all this, they were fine with what I did to them.” I explained to her in the best possible way.

“Please, stop crying.” I requested, wiping her tears.

“And why did you behave so rudely with me in the car. You know I was so happy but you spoiled my all mood.” She sniffled and rubbed her nose cutely. She looks adorable while crying also.

“I’m genuinely sorry, Butterfly.” I apologised before lying down beside her and engulfing her into my warm arms. “But I’ll make it up to you.”

“How?” She asked, looking at me like an excited kid.

I softly sucked her juicy and delicious lips. “I’m going to sleep with you tonight.” As I told her, a huge smile spread across her face and her moist eyes shimmered.

“Really?” She asked surprisingly and I nodded, smiling.

“I’m so happy. Thank you.” She hugged me tightly, burying her face in my chest. I just smiled, pulling her closer to myself.

I know I’m breaking my own rules but I can’t see her upset. It’s better to break my rules rather than hurting her and snatching her precious smile. Her smile is worth breaking my own rules.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I was hurt and angry with him but when he apologised after pulling me into his warm arms, my heart melted. I never felt so safe in anybody’s arms before. Coming into his arms I realized that this is the only place I belong to and this is the only place where I want to stay forever.

He said he will sleep with me tonight, I’m on cloud nine after knowing this and hugged him. But I want something else from him.

Suddenly an idea struck me and I smiled naughtily.

“But I’ll forgive you on one condition.” I said, looking at him after raising my head from his chest.

He instantly asked me, “What condition?”

“You have to permit me to touch you anytime.” I grinned at him. I’m taking the advantage of the situation.

“No, Butterfly. A rule is a rule. You can’t touch me.” He denied in a stern tone and I pouted sadly.

“So I won’t forgive you.” I averted my eyes to show my anger to him.

“Seriously, Butterfly? Isn’t it enough that I’m ready to sleep with you tonight? I’m breaking my own rules for you.” He asked in a disappointed tone.

No, it’s not enough, Grumpy Master.

“Okay, so you have one more option to get my forgiveness.” I smiled widely after saying this.

“Tell me.”

“You have to sleep with me whenever I want.”

If he can’t permit me to touch him, at least he can let me sleep with himself daily because I want to sleep in his warm arms every night.

“Okay, fine. I,”

I cut his word. “Let me pick up my phone.”

I picked up my phone and opened the camera.

I started recording the video of him and said, “now continue.”

“What’re doing?” He asked bemusedly.

“I’m recording your video so that in future you won’t able to deny when I want you to sleep with me. I want to keep this video as proof.” I explained to him cheerily.

“You’re unbelievable, Butterfly.” He shook his head and I chuckled.

“I know, now complete your words.”

“I promise that I will sleep with my Butterfly whenever she wants.” He completed the sentence and I pressed the stop button to stop the recording, smiling with triumph.

“Sometimes you behave so sweet like sugar. No no, even sweeter than sugar. Why you can’t be sweet like this all the time?” I asked him after resting my chin on his chest.

“Just like you can’t listen to me all the time, I can’t be sweet all the time.” He answered me smartly.

“Very smart answer. But I want you to be sweet with me all the time.” I said and pulled his cheeks in the flow. As I realised what I did, my eyes widened in shock and I bit my tongue.

“You broke the rule, Butterfly. Now you know what I’ll do?” He asked and I nodded, staring at him like an innocent baby.


“You will punish me.” As I told him, a grin appeared on his handsome face, making him more attractive.

“Yes, I’ll punish you. Now without any argument, lie down on your front after taking off your top and bra.” As he ordered, I gasped and he is grinning evilly at me.

Seriously I have no clue what is going in his clever mind but surprisingly my heart is racing with anticipation. I never thought that I would ever get excited for punishment. This BDSM relationship is insane and making me crazy too.

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