Monster’s Bride (Part: 70 Hurt And Disappointed) Sidnaaz


Sidharth, Cabir and Alia also walked out after listening to the sound of the falling of the tray. Their eyes widened in shock as they saw Mukti and Abhi. Lots of questions started revolving in their mind that why and how they got married? Why she didn’t inform them?

Mukti glanced at Sidharth and instantly moved her eyes down.

Sana marched to them and asked, “Bhai, what did you do? And why?”

“Actually, Sana, I and Mukti were in touch for a week and I realised that I’m in love with her after knowing that she has changed. So we got married.” Abhi told her and Sidharth is shooting daggers at Mukti.

“Bhai, at least you could have told me. Why did you marry sneakily? I didn’t even know that my brother is in India.” Sana stared at Abhi disappointedly.

“And Mukti, you call me Bhabhi and either you didn’t tell me.” Now Sana chided Mukti, she looked at Sana and a lone tear trickled down her cheek.

“Bhabhi, I thought Bhai wouldn’t allow me to Marry Abhi. So I asked Abhi to marry me as soon as possible.” As Mukti said, Sidharth strode to her and gave her a tight slap. Mukti placed her hand over her cheek, her eyes moved down in guilt and Sana palmed her mouth in shock, her eyes widened in shock.

“Sidharth, now she is my wife and you have no right to slap her.” Abhi growled at him, encircling his arm around her shoulder and she is crying silently, holding her cheek.

“Then get lost from here with your wife.” Sidharth roared at him in the fit of anger and now Mukti shed silent tears, staring at him.

“Sidharth, calm down. We can talk,” Sana tried to calm him down by rubbing his biceps but he stormed to his room in fury. Cabir rushed behind him.

“Mukti, why did you do this? You have really disappointed us a lot this time.” Alia also left after saying this and Mukti cried badly.

“I know if you have done this, then both of you must have done this after thinking something. Mukti, now don’t cry, I’ll make your brother understand.” She reassured Mukti after clasping her face. She is a sweetheart and she never leaves a chance to prove this.

“Bhabhi, you’re so kind. Thank you so much.” Mukti cried, hugging her tightly as in this situation, everyone left her but she is still there to support her. She always feels blessed to have a person like her in her life.

“Yes, my sister is the kindest in this whole world.” Now Abhi said proudly.

Sana hugged him, smiling merrily. “Bhai, I missed you so much.”

“I missed you more, bhena.” He kissed her forehead and Mukti smiled at them with moist eyes.

“Sana, I think we shall leave now as you know Sidharth is angry.” Abhi said and she nodded sadly.

“But you guys don’t worry, Sidharth will accept you both, I promise.” She reassured them and then they left after hugging her.

On the other hand, Sidharth is smoking standing on the balcony, his eyes are filled with anger. He started smoking to get relief from his pain when Sana had gone into the trauma after the miscarriage, at that time no one was there with him who could give him relief as his sweetheart is his only pain killer.

Yesterday, he was dying thinking about where would be his sister but he wasn’t aware that she was busy in her marriage. She got married to Abhi and didn’t even bother to inform her brother, the brother who has always thought about her and supported her in every situation of life.

Sana came there and her brows frowned as he saw him smoking. “Sidharth, what is this? When did you start smoking?” She scolded him, snatching the cigarette from his hand and flinging it out of the mansion. Now Monster Sidharth has to face the anger of his Mini monster.

“Sidharth, you know that this is such a bad habit. It makes people ill. I’m so disappointed.” She averted her eyes in anger and now he moved his eyes down in guilt.

“I’m sorry, Sweetheart. It just that it was hurting me a lot here.” He said, placing his hand over his heart. “Once again Mukti hurt me. We did so much for her, even we lost our baby for her. Still, she did this. How could she think that I wouldn’t agree for her marriage?” He shook his head in disbelief. “You know that I can do anything for her happiness.”

“I know you’re hurt, baby. But at least talk to her and try to understand her point of view. Sidharth, she loves you and she wouldn’t do anything intentionally to hurt you. Please, talk to her.” She requested, clasping his hands but he looked away.

“Sidharth, apne liye na shi toh mere liye, please talk to her as I know aap jab tak Mukti se bat nhi karenge aap dukhi rhahoge aur agar aap dukhi rhahoge toh hum dukhi rhaienge. Kya aap chahte hai humhai dukhi dekhna? (Sidharth, for not yourself, for me please talk to her. I know you will stay upset until you talk to Mukti and if you stay upset, I’ll stay upset. Do you want to see your bacha sad?)” Now she asked him, placing her hand on his face and caressing his stubble with her thumb, gazing at him lovingly.

He nodded his head and engulfed her into his arms. “Sana, why our life is so complicated? Why can’t we live happily for some time? I never wanted to slap her. You know whenever I raised my hand on her, I feel like cutting my hand but why do she always force me to do this? Why she doesn’t understand that I love her so much?” He asked her in a crying tone like a baby, hugging her tighter and tighter. She is constantly rubbing his back to calm him down.

Sana cupped his face after breaking the hug. “Baby, she will understand you, at least talk to her. Understand her situation. We shouldn’t take the decision in anger. Anger is not the solution, but love is the solution of every problem.” She always makes him understand like his mother.

“How do you remain calm in every situation? You’re perfect for me. You’re the solution to my every problem. You’re the medicine of my every pain. You’re my everything. You’re my soulmate. I can’t even imagine my life without you.” He said lovingly, gazing into her eyes intensely and after that he kissed her forehead.

“I’m always there for you, baby.” She whispered after pulling his face down and placing his forehead over her.

“I know and I love you so much.” He murmured, closing his eyes and getting lost in her.

“I love you more, baby.” They both are smiling contentedly, utterly lost in each other.

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