Desire To Control Her (Part: 25 My Sweetest Butterfly) Manan


“Guys, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He stood up and said to everyone. I’m just staring at him silently.

“Butterfly, come with me.” He ordered me in a stern tone, grasping my hand. I stood up without any argument and he led me to another room.

He shut the door, making me flinch.

“I’m sorry, Master. I just couldn’t control myself when he called me a slave. I had no intentions to misbehave, really.” I apologised to him and his gaze softened.

I can’t believe that I’m apologising like this in front of anybody for shouting at someone who had insulted me, but I can’t see him in anger. I like my sweet Dom.

He lifted his hands to hold my face and as his hands touched my face, I shivered. His touch really has some magic.

“Butterfly, why are you apologising? I wasn’t angry because of you.” He explained to me.

“Then why did you get so angry?” I asked, narrowing my brows in confusion.

“Because Stefan insulted my Butterfly in front of everybody and I didn’t like it.” My eyes shone after listening to his words. He was angry because Stefan insulted me.

“Then why did you bring me here? I thought you were angry with me and brought me to this room to punish me.” I told him.

“I just wanna talk to you in private.”

“About what?”

“That never gets affected with other’s words. It shouldn’t bother you what others say to you. What you think about yourself and our relationship, only this matters. Just forget whatever Stefan said to you.” I just smiled at him wholeheartedly, the way he explained to me, I’m highly impressed.

“Don’t worry. His words didn’t affect me. You know that I’m short-tempered. By the way, I’m so happy to know that you aren’t angry with me and you stopped me from breaking the rule of cussing someone at right time.” We passed a smile to each other.

Seriously my belief about Dominant was so wrong. Manik is completely different, he is so understanding and sweet. The more I’m knowing about him and spending time with him, the more I’m liking him.

“I think we should go back now.” He said and I just nodded at him.

We reached back and settled down. Eve raised her brows, asking me what happened. I blinked my eyes, telling her that everything is fine.

“I just can’t believe you agreed to be in this relationship, Nandini.” Dev said to me.

“It’s just that anybody can’t resist the charm of your friend, Dev.” I answered him and looked at Manik, he smiled at me.

I love his smile, my sweet master!

“Yes, you’re right, Nandini, my friend is so charming that in these six months, many girls begged him to make them his submissive but he rejected them because he had been waiting for a challenging girl like you.” Dev said and I smiled widely.

Oh, now I understood that why he chose me because I’m challenging.

“That’s why like a ghost he was following me.” I said and everybody laughed out including me.

“Don’t call me with these types of names in front of my friends.” He uttered in a serious tone, moving closer to me.

“Can’t I have fun?” I asked him in low voice and pouted sadly.

“You can! But don’t give me these funny names, I’m your Master.”

“But I love to call you Ghost.” I chuckled.

“Don’t say that again, I’m warning you.” He said in a stern tone.

“Okay, fine, my Ghostu Master.” I playfully called him.

“Ghostu Master? Really?” He murmured in a disbelief tone and rolled his eyes. I giggled, placing my hand over my mouth.

He gazed at me intensely with unknown emotion in his eyes which made my heart stop beating. Nobody ever saw me like this before. It’s so damn intense.

“Don’t look at me like this or else,”

“Or else what, Butterfly?”

“Or else I’ll hug you.” His eyes widened a bit after listening to my words.

“Guys you both are lost in each other only. We’re also here.” Max’s words interrupted us.

“So why are you getting jealous?” I asked him.

“What? Where does that come from? I’m not getting jealous.” Max answered me.

“We were having an important discussion and you interrupted us.” I said to him, completely forgetting that I’m sitting with my Master.

Now Alex said, “But this is friends get together. You both can have your important discussion alone.”

“But we want to do it right now.” I argued.

“Butterfly, stop fighting like a kid here.” Now Manik said, holding my hand.

I looked at him and he is giving a serious look but I ignored it and asked, “they’re also fighting with me like a kid. Won’t you say anything to them?” I complained.

“Butterfly, why do you always forget that I’m your Master.” He scolded me.

“And why do you always forget that I’m your challenging submissive?” I grinned after saying this.

“Do you want me to spank you here?” My eyes widened as he said this in front of everybody.

I instantly moved my eyelashes down in submission and shut my mouth.

He very well knows how to control people and only he has the power to control a girl like me.

Manik’s P.O.V.

This girl is seriously something else. She started arguing with my friends like a kid when I strictly asked her to behave with my friends.

After my warning, she finally shut her mouth. I know how to control my sweet Butterfly.

But whatever, the fact is that she is so adorable. Seriously with her, I completely forgot that what anger is. She keeps me calm and happy all the time with her presence and makes me laugh with her cute antics. She is really doing magic on me.

“I’m still not understanding, Manik that how Nandini agreed to become your submissive.” Eve’s words brought me back on the earth.

“Eve, don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything in detail at home.” Butterfly answered her.

Dev asked her, “Why only Eve? We also want to know. Right guys?”

Max said. “Yup, we also want the details, Nandini.”

“Look, if I tell Eve, she will tell everything to Dev because she shares everything with him and he will tell everything to you guys. Eventually, you all will get the details, simple.” My chatterbox butterfly started again.

How does this girl talk so much? I always wonder.

“Manik, I remember you hated talkative girls. I’m shocked as your submissive is a complete chatterbox.” Alex asked me.

Yes, I hated talkative girls and I still hate them. But when my butterflies talks nonstop, I don’t know why but I like it and her silence kills me. She looks great while talking only.

But I can’t tell them.

Before I could answer, she replied, “my words are so sweet that everyone likes them. Didn’t you like my talks?” She asked Alex.

Oh, God! This Girl!

By the way, she said truly that her words are sweet like sugar.

“You’re sweet, Nandini.” Alex said and she smiled at him.

“Butterfly, by the way, Alex had asked the question from me.” As I said, she instantly looked at me.

“So didn’t I answer him right?” She asked me and I shook my head.

It’s useless to argue with her.

Now Dev asked, “so you tell us, Manik, why did you make a talkative submissive when you hated it?”

“You guys already know that I wanted a challenging submissive, therefore I chose her.” I told them.

“Am I not sweet?” Buttery asked me in a low voice.

“You’re sweetest, Butterfly.” I whispered, leaning closer to her face. Her cheeks became cheery red, she smiled brightly at me and her eyes shone brighter than the stars in the sky. She has such a beautiful smile.

I smiled too and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Now you guys are behaving like a romantic couple. What’s going on?” Now Lara’s words brought us back on the earth. She added, “But you guys look so adorable together.”

First I smiled at her.

But wait why I’m smiling?

What she is saying? We aren’t any couple.

Before I could say something, like always Butterfly uttered, “Lara, I want to talk about something to you in private. Could I?”

Now why she wants to talk to her? I wondered.

Lara first looked at Max for approval. He nodded his head. Then she answered her, “yeah sure, Nandini.”

“Could I go with Lara just for a few minutes?” Butterfly asked me, I’m happy at least she is taking my permission before going.

“You can talk to her in front of us. Why Private?” I asked her, raising my brows.

She moved closer to me. “I’ll tell you everything later, Pinky Promise, but please let me talk to her in private.” She requested me, whispering in my ear and then looked at me with pleading eyes.

How can anybody deny her request?

I gave her a slight nod and her lips drew up to a wide smile.

“Thank you, Master.” She squealed and stood up.

“Let’s go, Lara.” She said to Lara and then she also stood up.

When she turned around to go with Lara, I stopped her by holding her hand.

She looked at me over her shoulder and I said, “you should be back within fifteen minutes.”

“Okay, Master.” She said and I left her hand.

Then she went out with Lara. I have no idea what she wants to talk to her.

“Dude, your submissive is really something else. How do you handle her?” Alex asked me.

“It’s quite difficult to handle her but you know I have my own ways.” I smiled with triumph.

“I’m happy for you, Manik that finally, you got a submissive of your type.” Dev said and I just smiled at him.

I’m also on cloud nine because my Butterfly is really a perfect submissive for me as she challenges me every day and keeps me happy. She is best for me and I just can’t wait to proceed further with her.

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