Desire To Control Her (Part: 24 Slave or Submissive?) Manan


I reached back home and started getting ready after taking a quick shower. My life has changed so much within a few days and the reason is Manik. I just can’t believe it that he is my Dom and I’m enjoying a lot after becoming his submissive. He’s so caring and sweet. Sometimes he becomes evil but I can manage.

Manik came to pick me up at exact 7 pm. He called me up and I hurriedly stepped out of my house. Eve has already left with Dev. Today she is going to get the biggest shock of her life after knowing that I’m Manik’s submissive. I’m so excited to see her reaction.

I saw Manik, standing leaning against his car, waiting for me and his hands are folded across his chest. He’s looking so fucking handsome in the white shirt with a black blazer.

He moved up his eyes from my toes to head, checking me out like always. Today I’m wearing a strapless body-con dress with a slit. It’s perfectly fitting me. His intense gaze is accelerating my heartbeat. He has the power to turn me on with his eyes only.

I moved forward to hug him but stopped as he glared at me. I wish we were in a normal relationship and I would kiss him and hug him.

“You’re looking breathtakingly gorgeous, butterfly.” As he complimented me, I shyly smiled, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“I’m feeling like to tear off your dress and do so many wild things with you that you would never have imagined.” Now my eyes widened in shock.

“You always say this and never do anything.” Now his eyes widened in surprise.

“I control myself,”

I uttered, cutting his words. “I didn’t ask you to control.”

He shook his head and said, “let me complete my words. This is one of the rules to don’t interrupt your Master while he is telling you something.”

Oh, so here we go with one more rule.

He continued, “so I was saying that I control myself because you can’t take all these things in the beginning.”

“How do you know?” I asked, raising my brows.

He moved closer to me, racing my heartbeat. “I know you very well, Butterfly.” He whispered and as his breath caressed my face, a shiver coursed down my spine. He is so close to me, his luscious lips are driving me insane. I wanna kiss him badly, I wanna taste him. I have never craved to kiss anybody before, what’s happening to me. He is certainly hypnotising me with his intoxicating eyes. His eyes are filled with passion and gazing at my lips.

Should I kiss him or not?

Before I could decide to kiss him, he moved away from me and said, “let’s go now.” I nodded meekly and we settled down into his car.

We reached the club in a few minutes and he stopped the car in the parking.

“I’m going inside first and when I call you, you will come. Okay?” He said, I just nodded.

“I want the verbal answer, Butterfly.” He said in a stern tone.

“Okay, Master. Now happy?”

He shook his head before stepping out. “I just can’t wait to introduce you to my friends and don’t dare to misbehave with me there.” He warned me, holding the door of the car.

“Okay, Master. I understood. I’ll do whatever you say like a good submissive.” A small smile flashed on his face and he closed the door.

He strolled to the entrance but before stepping inside, he instructed something to one of the guards who are standing at the entrance. Then he glanced at me, I smiled at him and he walked inside.

Manik’s P.O.V.

I walked to my friends who are sitting in the private room of the club. I’m very excited to introduce my Butterfly to them.

“Hey, guys.” I greeted them.

Smile is not leaving my face as after so long finally, I have found my submissive of my choice, she is perfect because she is challenging and different. It wasn’t easy to convince her to become my submission but at last, she is mine now. Her cuteness is her plus point and to be honest, I never knew that before meeting her that I like cute girls.

Dev and Eve, and Max and Lara are sitting together on one sofa. I sat with Alex and Stefan, opposite them.

“Where is your new submissive, Manik? We’re excited to meet her.” Alex asked, curious.

“Yeah, where is she?” Dev asked with equal excitement.

“Have some patience, let me call her.” After saying this I called her after taking out my phone from my pocket.

“Come fast, butterfly.”

“Just Coming, Master.” I disconnected the call with a huge smile on my face.

“Is she challenging?” Now Eve asked me and I stifled a chuckle as she is going to get the biggest shock of her life after knowing her best friend is my submissive, the girl who hated BDSM.

“You know more than me how challenging she is, Eve.” I answered her and she narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“Really?” Dev mouthed, raising his brows in shock, understanding who is my submissive.

I grinned widely and nodded at him. He just stared at me in utter disbelief and surprise.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I climbed out of the car after getting Manik’s call. A guard dropped me outside of a room. My heart is thumping with excitement.

I sighed deeply before pushing the door open. I strolled to them, clicking my pencil heels. Eve is sitting facing her back to me.

Oh, God! Now I’m getting a bit nervous.

As Manik saw me, I passed him a smile. “Look, she came. My submissive, my Butterfly.” He introduced me, pointing at me.

He introduced me as his Butterfly in front of everyone, my heart filled with joy and my smile grew bigger.

Everybody looked at me including Eve and her eyes dilated in utter shock. She rubbed her eyes and saw me again in shock. I reached their table and sat beside Manik. Everyone’s eyes are fixed at me like I’m a celebrity.

Suddenly Eve stood up, glaring at me. “I want to talk to Nanz in private.”

She must be angry because I didn’t tell her before about this.

Manik held my hand before I could stand up. He answered to Eve sternly, “not now, Eve. After this party, you can talk to her.”

I opened my mouth to argue with him but instantly closed my mouth as I recalled his warning. “Don’t dare to misbehave with me there.” His voice echoed in my ears.

I stayed silent and stared at Eve with pleading eyes. She sat down with a sullen look on her face.

Then a waiter came with the drinks. The waiter is putting the drinks on the table while everyone is congratulating Manik and greeting me. Eve and I are exchanging glances.

But suddenly I felt a flare of anger within me when Stefan said, “congratulations, Manik. Finally, you found your new slave.” I shot dragger at him.

Slave? I’m not Manik’s slave, I’m his submissive. There is a huge difference between Slave and submissive.

I rebuked him, “I’m not his slave, I’m his submissive, his Butterfly. Didn’t you hear earlier when he introduced me? Are you deaf, you ba,” I was just about to cuss him but my words remain in my mouth when Manik grasped my hand tightly. I moved my eyes to shout at him but his dangerous glare shut my mouth.

Thank God! I didn’t cuss Stefan because this is one of the rules to don’t curse anybody but Stefan deserves this.

“I think your new submissive has no manners. You should have taught her some manners before introducing her to us.” Stefan uttered and I again glared at him.

“Shut up and leave from here right now.” He thundered at him, making me flinch. I never saw him in such a fit of bad anger before.


He cut Stefan’s words and again roared, “I said leave.” Stefan shook his head and left from there.

Is he angry with me? Will he punish me for misbehaving?

I wondered, staring at the angry Monster, I’m frightened.

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