Desire To Control Her (Part: 22 It’s Painting Time) Sidnaaz


Sidharth’s P.O.V.

This girl is making me insane with her cuteness. I was a short-tempered man but with her, I forget what’s anger is. But to maintain my Dom image, I have to act serious and strict which is quite difficult with her.

The more time I’m spending with her, the more I’m smiling and laughing. She is the epitome of cuteness. I was a strict Dom but with her, I became a sweet Dom. I force myself to be strict with her but as soon as I look at her cute angelic face, my heart shines and a beatific smile flashes on my face automatically. I don’t know what’s happening with me but whatever it is, I’m enjoying the time which I’m spending with her. She is different and a bit difficult to control but I’m enjoying controlling her and teaching her.

I got impressed, the way she told me all the rules but now it will be interesting to see how many rules she will follow and how many she will break.

By the way, she already broke one of the rules.

After punishing her, I took her to my room. I wanted to go slow with her but I had to give her a good lesson because she wasn’t listening to me and she deliberately broke the rule. I don’t like when someone disobeys me but the way she took her punishment like a good girl, I like it a lot. She is going to be my best submissive, I’m sure.

Now I’m thinking to make a painting of her angelic face as I love to do sketching and painting, and I’m good at this. One day I’ll also make a painting of her, lying naked on the bed, her body partially covered with the white duvet, her wrists handcuffed with the bedpost and I just can’t wait to see her in this position.

One canvas is kept on the stand beside the bed and I strolled to it.

“Now you sit down and I’ll make your painting.” I told her.

“What? You will make my painting?” She asked me, her eyes glinted with surprise.

“Yes. I love to do this in my free time. I have my art room also.”

She requested, “I want to see all of your paintings. Take me there, please.”

“Not now. You’re not ready to see them.” I denied.

“What? Why?” She asked me, shocked and confused.

“Because some are very very erotic and for now you aren’t ready to see them. I don’t want to scare you by showing them to you.” As I told her, she made O mouth. I just smiled at her cute expression.

“I wanted to see them.” She said sadly, sitting on the bed.

“I’ll surely take you to my art room in future, Butterfly.” I said and she gave me a faint smile.

Suddenly her eyes sparkled, her lips drew up to a broad smile and she stood up.

“I also want to make your painting. Could I?” She asked me, her eyes shining with excitement.

How can anybody deny her?

“You know how to make it?” I asked her, a bit surprised.

“Yes, sometimes I also do this.” She told me merrily.

“Okay, then. Let me order Mary to bring one more canvas.”

“Thank you so much, Sidharth.”

“Sidharth?” I raised my brows.

“Oh sorry! Master.” She adorably apologised to me by holding her one ear. “You know I’m new to this. So I will take time to call you Master.”

“I’m forgiving you today for your this mistake but from tomorrow I’ll punish you.” I said sternly and she rolled her eyes.

She did one more mistake.

“Oh fuck!” She freaked out and bit her lip, realising her mistake and yesterday’s punishment.

One more mistake by using a vulgar word.

“Sorry, sorry. Please don’t punish me, Master.” She held her ears and started doing sit-ups.

Oh, God! This girl is unbelievable.

“Butterfly, stop. I’m not punishing you. I’m leaving you today for these small mistakes.” As I said, she grinned widely.

“But if you break more than ten rules today, then I’ll punish you.” I said in a serious tone and she nodded her head meekly.

Then I called Mary from the intercom and asked her to bring canvas and its stand.

Mary came with the canvas within a few minutes and we began our work. We’re standing opposite each other and can’t see what the other one is painting. I’m excited to see her work. I’m keenly observing her every facial feature as I want to make a perfect painting of my Butterfly.

I chuckled when by mistake she applied the watercolour on her cheek from the brush. She tried to remove it with her dirty hand and applied more colour to her face by doing this. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

“Why are laughing?” She asked me grumpily, holding her waist.

“You’re looking so cute.” As I complimented her, her anger disappeared and a pretty smile flashed on her face.

“I’m born cute.” She said and made an adorable pout, placing her hand on her cheek. I laughed again.

This girl is crazy.

Then we again got busy completing the painting. I’m enjoying a lot while painting her adorable and beautiful face. I glanced at her and shook my head as she’s applying watercolour more on herself, rather than on the canvas. She spoiled her face, her arms and clothes, everything but still, she is looking so stunning and adorable.

One day I will do my artwork on her exquisite body too.

Finally, after so many hours, I completed my painting. This is one of my most beautiful paintings. She is looking even more glorious in my painting. I made a simple painting of her with a smiling face. Her smile is so pretty.

“It’s done.” I stated and she glanced at me.

“Give me two minutes more, I’m almost done.” She showed me her two fingers while giving the final touch to her painting.

“Done.” She beamed at me.

“Turn the canvas stand and show me.” I ordered her.

“First you, please.” She requested, looking at me with her innocent eyes and I couldn’t deny her.


As I turned the canvas stand towards her, her eyes widened in astonishment and she palmed her mouth.

“This is a masterpiece. I’m looking so beautiful. Am I so pretty as this painting? I’m feeling like kissing myself right now. Your hands have some kind of magic, Sidharth.” She screamed and rushed to the painting to take its closer view. She is admiring the painting and I’m admiring her with a smile on my face.

“Could I buy it?” She asked me.

“No way. I want to keep it with myself. This is one of the best paintings of mine.” I denied.

“Please.” She implored, making a cute puppy face but this time, this won’t work.

“No.” I said sternly.

“Okay, so give me a copy of it later.”

“Okay.” I nodded. “Now show me your masterpiece.”

She smiled sheepishly and uttered. “I didn’t make it. I was just pretending.” She laughed.

Fake laugh!

“Seriously? You think I’m a fool. Show me the painting, Butterfly. Why do you never listen to me? I’m your Master.” I shouted at her.

“Okay, okay. I’m showing. Don’t shout at me.” Now she stared at me like an innocent kid.

“You forced me to shout at you, Butterfly.”

“I’m sorry but my painting is nothing in front of your painting.” She went back to her canvas and slowly turned the canvas stand towards me.

What the hell! The painting is an utter disaster. I’m not understanding what she has made. She was making a painting of mine or her imaginary cartoon character? I couldn’t control myself and burst out into laughter after seeing it. It’s so funny.

“Don’t laugh, please.” She pouted grimly at me.

“Do I look like this?” I asked her, still laughing, holding my stomach.

“It was my first time. Stop laughing.” She shouted at me, getting angry because I’m making fun of her Masterpiece.

“Butterfly, it’s so funny. I just can’t control it. Look at the painting.” I pointed at her painting and laughed louder.

She barked at me defiantly, “shut the fuck up.” She lost her temper and splashed the watercolour over me, spoiling my shirt.

Now I scowled at her, clenching my fist in fury.

How dare she?

“Butterfly, I’m your Master and this isn’t the way submissive behave with her master. I’m so lenient with you because all this is new for you but it doesn’t mean, you will disrespect me like this. My old submissive never dare to even look into my eyes with anger and you shouted at me and did this.” I chided her because this is enough of her bad behaviour.

“I just lost my temper. I was asking you to stop laughing but,” now she said in her extra-sugary innocent voice.

But now this won’t work.

“Shut up.” I shouted, cutting her word. “I don’t take orders, Butterfly, I give orders. I’m a Dom and you’re my submissive, don’t forget it.”

“I’m sorry.” She apologised, moving her eyelashes down.

“You are not allowed to utter a single word till evening and this is your punishment.” As I announced her punishment, her eyes widened in shock.

“I said, not a single word, Butterfly.” I shouted, waggling my finger at her when she opened her mouth to speak.

She tried to tell me something by doing action without using words.

I just shook my head in utter disbelief after understanding what she is asking me.

This Girl is seriously beyond my imagination.

“How many times, you will spank me if I speak?” She asked me this in a gesture so damn adorably that I can’t even describe it in words.

My anger again vanished away after seeing her cuteness. She always blows my mind with her cute antics.

“If you utter a single word, I’ll spank your cunt fifty times. Mark my words.” I smirked at her and she froze.

This punishment is going to be very difficult for a chatterbox girl like her. But she deserves it for disrespecting her Master.

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