Monster’s Bride (Part: 68 Happy Family) Sidnaaz


After One Month

Sana’s P.O.V.

Today a month has been passed when I came to know about that dreadful news, news of losing my baby, the pain was unbearable but I came out of this pain, only because of my baby, Sidharth and my new Choti si family, Mukti, Cabir and Alia. No one thought that the people who had tried to kill me, one day the same people would die to see my smile. All of them pamper me and care for me a lot now and I’m so glad that I and Sidharth’s hope won in the end and they all came on the right track.

I had become silent for a few days when I came to know that I had a miscarriage. The pain of losing my baby was killing me from inside. I knew that Sidharth was also going through the same pain which I was going through, but he was trying to move on and for me, he was smiling, so I thought, why I can’t do the same for him.

They all have done a lot for me in this one month. Now I’m feeling better because of them only. Perhaps I’ll never be able to forget that incident but I have to move on because that’s what life is.

I know Ganu Ji will surely bless me with a baby soon. I had become so mad at him also, but now I have forgiven him because I’m sure he will bless me with our baby very soon.

Sidharth and I are taking bath together. Since that day every morning, we take bath together. He is sitting, leaning against the bathtub and I’m sitting leaning against him, my head is placed on his chest, my eyes are closed and my lips are drawn up to a contented smile. We both find immense peace in each other arms. I feel so relaxed. His arms are wrapped around my waist and our hands are entwined with each other. I can spend the rest of my life in his arms as I feel so snug in his arms.

“Bacha, now are you fine?” He asked so softly, his voice is filled with so much love and concern.

“Sh…” I turned my face to look at him and shushed him by placing my finger over his lips, we gazed into each other eyes intensely and deeply.

I removed my finger and moved closer to his lips. As our lips came in contact, like always mechanically they moved in rhythm. I can never get satisfied with his luscious lips. I feel great to taste his delicious lips and explore his mouth with my tongue. The way his hands always caress my body while kissing me, wow, it’s beyond words. Our tongues are dancing in each other mouths. We are tasting each other saliva uhhmm.. yummy.


At Dining Table

“Bhabhi, take one more sandwich. You eat very little.” Mukti insisted Sana to eat a sandwich after placing it on her plate, Sana made an adorable sad pout.

“Mukti, my tummy is full, please.” Sana showed tantrums like a small baby as always.

“Mukti, Sana was a rat in last birth, tabhi iska pet thoda sa kha kar bhar jata hai, Chuiya khi ki.” Cabir teased her and she glared at him, frowning. Mukti and Alia laughed out.

“You Monkey, how dare you call me Chuiya.” She shouted, pointing the knife at him after picking it up from the fruit basket. Now Cabir gave her a terrifying look.

Sidharth is smiling and having his breakfast silently as this is the daily scenario. Cabir and Sana fight like a small kid and if someone comes between them, they don’t even leave them also.

“Sana, I was just kidding, please put this knife down.” Cabir pleaded, moving back, staring at the with horror while Sana is moving the knife closer and closer to his neck.

“Please, someone save me or else ek innocent bacha aaj mar jaega.” Cabir yelled for help and everybody laughed out loudly, throwing their head back.

“Cabir, you’re such a Drama queen.” Sana said, putting the knife back. “And never call me chuiya again, okay? Or else you know.” She warned him sternly, glancing at the knife.

Cabir nodded his head meekly instantly. “I’ll never call you Chuiya again.”

As Sana moved to stand up, Sidharth stopped her by holding her hand. She stared at him, narrowing her brows in confusion.

“But Sweetheart, you have to eat one more sandwich.” As he uttered, she made a sad face like a puppy. Mukti nodded, agreeing to his words and Cabir grinned with triumph.

“No, baby, my tummy is full, please pardon me.” She requested him in an extra sugary voice, placing her hand on her belly.

“Sana, please, eat as you know we all won’t let you go until you finish your breakfast.” Now Alia uttered.

Then Sidharth himself started feeding the sandwich to his wifey lovingly and now she ate it without any argument, gazing at him with so much love in her eyes. They all smiled at them.

After breakfast, they decided to watch an emotional movie as Sana wanted this and they couldn’t deny her request. But they didn’t want to watch it as she is so sensitive.

“Uhhmm…” she is sobbing like a small baby while eating the popcorn and Sidharth is wiping her tears with tissue papers. This is the only reason, they avoid watching any emotional movie, they can’t see tears in her eyes.

“Bacha, stop crying or else I’ll never let you watch these types of movies.” He requested, cupping her face. Everybody nodded, agreeing to him.

“I’m not crying.” She said adorably, wiping her tears and sniffling.

“Enough, we won’t watch this movie.” Mukti shouted and turned off the TV. “Bhai, I told you don’t play the emotional movies but you listened to bhabhi and played it. Now see, she is crying.” Mukti scolded him and he gave her ‘What’s my fault’ looks.

“Mukti, don’t you know, our Sidharth has become Majnu.” Cabir said teasingly and everybody laughed out.

“My Majnu baby.” She pulled his cheeks, he laughed and placed a kiss on her forehead before engulfing her into his warm arms.

“I’m only yours, Sweetheart.” He kissed her head and she smiled blissfully in his arms. Everybody jumped over them and hugged them, smiling.

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