Monster’s Bride (Part: 67 Love can conquer all pain) Sidnaaz


“Sweetheart, are you really fine?” Sidharth asked, holding Sana’s hand as he can clearly see that she is hiding pain behind her smile and he can’t see her like this. He wants her to share all her pain with him. He knows she is doing this for him.

“Baby, I’m fine. Now you go and get fresh, and let me make breakfast.” She said without looking at him for once even as she knows if she looks at him, he will immediately see the pain in her eyes which she’s trying to hide from him.

He left from there dishearteningly as he can’t control his emotion in front of her. His heart is aching. He needs her, he wanna cry loudly hugging her. Sana always handles him like his mother but today his mother is also in pain. Both need each other in this tough time a lot.

She is staring straight at the wall and moving the service spoon in the pan while lost in deep thoughts. The pain is killing her from inside.

Flashback (Yesterday Night)

“Chotu baby.” She suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, screaming. She recalled Sidharth’s words and realised that she has lost her first baby. She again started crying silently in grief, hugging her tummy. She didn’t even notice that Sidharth isn’t lying beside her.

She stared at the bathroom’s door when she heard Sidharth’s sobs from inside. He is crying too and it broke her heart more. His big baby is crying inside the bathroom.

“What I’m doing? Sidharth is in so much pain and I’m giving her more pain by crying. I need to be strong for my big baby, I have to control my emotions, I can’t hurt him more.” She murmured with determination and wiped her tears.

As she heard the sound of the door opening, she hastily lay down and pretended that she is still sleeping. He lay down behind her, she is lying facing her back to him. He wrapped his arm around her from behind and pulled her to himself.

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry because I made you cry so much. Please, forgive me. Today again I became the reason for your pain.” He apologised and started weeping like a baby fretfully, hugging her tighter and burying his face in her shoulder. She also cried silently, fisting the pillow and digging her face in it. It’s hurting them a lot.

“Sidharth, it’s not your fault and still you’re blaming yourself. For me, he hid your pain from me and I, what I’m doing? I’m hurting you more by crying. I’m sorry, baby. I won’t hurt you more. I’ll smile for you.” She thought in her mind but she didn’t know that she is thinking wrong because she will hurt him more by not expressing her real feelings in front of him. Not sharing the pain isn’t the solution.

Flashback Over

“Bhabhi, where are you lost? I called you so many times.” Mukti shook her and finally, she came on the earth back.

“I was so engrossed in preparing the breakfast and didn’t come to know when you came.” She lied and chuckled, still stirring the service spoon in the pan.

“Oh! So what are you making?” Mukti asked her but Sana again didn’t reply to her as she again got lost in deep thoughts. Mukti sensed something fishy and left the kitchen silently. She thought to talk about this with Sidharth.


Fab3 are sitting in Sidharth’s room, waiting for him as he is taking the shower.

As he stepped out of the bathroom, Mukti walked to him.

“Bhai, what happened to bhabhi? I found her so lost. Is everything alright?” She asked him, genuinely concerned for Sana. She has really changed so much. Nobody can say that she is the same Mukti who never lost any chance to humiliate her in past.

“I told her about her miscarriage.” Sidharth told them dejectedly, looking down and tears trickled down his cheeks automatically. Alia and Cabir looked at him confusingly because they didn’t know about this.

“But why? You had decided to hide this from her, then why?” Mukti asked and then he told them everything that how she surprised him and he had to tell her the truth. Everyone’s eyes became moist after knowing this.

“Now she is hiding her pain. What I should do, Mukti? She is in so much pain.” Sidharth asked, sounding so helpless. Mukti hugged him to console him and he cried in his sister’s arms.

As they pulled apart, she held his hand. “Bhai, this is all my fault, because of me you both lost your baby. I’m sorry. But don’t worry, we all are with her, she will be fine. Please don’t cry, Bhai. If you cry like this, then who will handle bhabhi.” She tried to calm him down by wiping his tears with her other hand.

“Mukti is right, Sidharth, Sana has done a lot for us and now it’s our time to pay back.” Cabir said, placing his hand over his shoulder and Alia nodded.

“Yes, we’ll take her out of the pain together.” Sidharth said with determination, wiping his tears and he is a bit relieved to see his friends supporting him. He had been waiting for this day for such a long time.


Everyone is having breakfast at the dining table silently except Sana. She is trying to show everyone that she is fine and therefore she is talking non-stop.

“Sidharth, do you like the sandwiches as I’m an expert in making them.” She asked Sidharth. It is getting so hard for him to eat breakfast because he has no mood to eat.

“Sweetheart, it’s great.” He gave her a fake smile.

“Hwww! are you seeing, Mukti that your brother doesn’t even know how to praise someone.” Sana complained to Mukti and she just stared at her concernedly.

“Enough Sana!” Suddenly Sidharth shouted and everyone’s eyes moved to him. “If it’s hurting you, please cry but don’t do this, it will kill you from inside. Why don’t you understand?” He finally spoke up as he can’t take her fake happiness more. He wants to see her fine in real.

She just stared at him blankly.

“Sidharth, I’m fine. Why are you saying this?” She asked him in a low voice, holding his hand and still trying to be strong.

Sidharth shook his head in disbelief.

“Come with me.” He clasped her hand and she stood up. He led her somewhere and fab3 followed them.

Sidharth pushed open the door of the room which Sana had decorated yesterday to surprise him. Yesterday the room was filled with toys, a cradle and all the babies things but today the room is empty and dark. Today he brought her here to show her the reality so that she can take her all pain out and gets fine in real. As she saw the empty room, her eyes became moist and her lips drew down and trembled.

“Sana, look at this empty room and see we have lost our baby. We have lost him.” He shouted in agony, shaking Sana’s shoulder as he wants her to believe in the truth. Only he knows that how difficult for him to do this, to make her cry. Fab 3 eyes also become moist.

The next moment only, they heard her scream. “Uhmm.. ahaha… Humhra bacha, Sidharth… our baby is no more.” She slumped on the floor, crying inconsolably in the grief of losing her baby. Tears rushed down his cheeks too, seeing her miserable condition. He sat in front of her and engulfed her into his protective arms before crying with her. This is a much-needed outburst that will give them profound relief as they find peace in each other arms.

Fab3 left from there dejectedly and after some time, he brought her to their bedroom after picking up her in his arms. She is still crying, burying her face in his chest and he is also crying silently. He laid her down on the bed and came above her. He started kissing all over her face and sucking her tears. They both are crying constantly as the pain they are going through only they can understand. Only parents can understand the pain of losing their baby. Only in a few days she had seen a lot of dreams and got connected with her baby, so it’s difficult for her to believe that she has lost the little life which was growing inside her.

He captured her lips and kissed her so softly and gently to soothe her. She isn’t responding to the kiss and he sobbed as this hurt him more. As she listened to his sob, she clasped his face and kissed him with equal softness to soothe him. Both are crying and kissing each other but today the kiss is not helping them. They want relief. They wanna forget this pain, the pain which is killing them from inside.

She started opening his shirt’s buttons and he held the hem of her dress before breaking the kiss and yanking the dress out of her head. He hurled her dress in the corner of the room and started kissing her lips. She removed his shirt after opening it’s all the buttons and threw it away. Then he kissed every inch of her body, she is still crying silently as today nothing is helping her.

“Sweetheart, I love you, please look at me.” He said softly after clasping her face. She looked at him with her sorrowful puffy eyes.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “We’ll surely get our baby back, I promise you.” He promised her before again taking her lips in his mouth and kissing her smoothly, pouring his all love. He is assuring her through the kiss that he’ll bring their baby back. Then he eased into her slowly and claimed her with love and carefully like always. First, he let her adjust to his size and then he moved slowly, kissing her lips. She hugged him tightly taking him deeper into her and he accelerated the speed.

“Sweetheart, I promise you that we’ll get our baby back anyhow and very soon.” He reassured her after breaking the kiss and then she hugged him tightly by wrapping her legs around his waist, taking him deeper and deeper.

“I have full trust in you, Sidharth.” She whispered, facing difficulty in speaking as Sidharth is thrusting her deeply and hardly. After listening to her words, he thrust her even faster. She is now lost in his love, forgetting all her pain. Only love has the power to conquer all pain. Every pain is less in front of the power of true love, it can conquer all pain.

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