Desire To Control Her (Part: 19 Her First Punishment)


“I’m sorry. My eyes roll automatically, what is my mistake in this?” I asked and pouted sadly at him.

“They won’t roll after this punishment.” He said in a dominating tone.

I like it. For the first time in my life, I’m liking someone’s dominating nature.

“It’s my first day. Please, forgive me, Master.” I requested but he glared at me.

“Arguing with me will only increase your punishment, Butterfly. So bend over my lap right now.” He again ordered in the same tone and I unwillingly lay across his lap. My legs are on the floor, my face and busts are buried in the sofa. I was in this position before also when he was about to spank me forcibly.

Surprisingly, I’m excited today.

I think I’m excited because he is going to touch me. I remember clearly that last time I felt so good when he had caressed my butts.

“I have waited to do this with you for such a long time, Butterfly. Thank you so much for accepting my proposal. I’ll make sure you love every moment of our this relationship.” He uttered, squeezing both the butts together over the fabric of the dress. A moan escaped out of my mouth automatically. I can vividly sense the contentment in his voice and this is arousing me more.

Then he raised my dress till my waist and yanked my undies down till my knees.

Fuck! I’m half-naked and lying over him. I’m feeling a bit shy now and my heart is thumping with excitement. I can’t believe that I’m excited about getting spanked.

“I forget to tell you one more rule that you’re not allowed to wear the panty when you come to meet me in private.”

Fuck Rule! Just touch me.

I want to say this to him loudly but keep my mouth shut as I don’t want to look desperate.

What to do my body is aching for his touch?

“I just love your perfect shape buttocks, Butterfly. I can play with them for hours without getting bored.” He finally started fondling my both bare butts and I felt so incredible. My hips were longing for his touch. I moaned as he squeezed them.

“Now I’m going to spank you. You will count and thank me after every spank and at last, you will tell me what you have learned from this punishment. Okay?” He asked, still caressing them, burning my body with desires. It’s all worth it to become his submissive and it’s just beginning.

I’m strongly feeling that I’m never going to regret becoming his submissive.

I hated all this, following rules, taking orders and taking punishment but now whatever he is doing, I’m liking it. When I’m with him, everything seems so perfect, I don’t feel like anything is wrong.

“Okay, Master.” I answered him.

“Ready?” He asked, still arousing me by squeezing and caressing my bare butts.

“Yes, Master.” I said and smack.

He spanked me with both hands. I moaned and jumped in response. I felt a burning sensation on my hips. It wasn’t that bad.

“Count, Butterfly. I don’t like to repeat.” He leaned down and whispered in my ear huskily. I shivered as his warm breath caressed my skin.

“One. Thank you, Master.” I immediately counted and thanked him.

Oh my God! Is this really happening that he is spanking me and I’m thanking him?


It’s turning me on. I just can’t believe it.

“Two. Thank you, Master.”

Then he spanked three more times. I counted and thanked him after every spank. With his every spank, I was getting hornier and hornier. Now I’m dripping wet. My butts are on fire with only five spanks but I felt incredible. I just can’t believe that I liked my punishment.

He’s softly caressing my butts to ease the pain. He suddenly leaned down and placed kisses all over there, taking my breath away from me. I felt so damn good to feel his lips on my bare skin. My body literally trembled with his every kiss.

Then he raised my panty and pulled down my dress.

“You can sit back now.” He said and I raised my body from his lap.

I sat beside him silently, looking down. I’m blushing.

“So what do you learn from this punishment?” He asked and I finally moved my eyes to him. He is gazing at me intensely.

“That I’ll never roll my eyes.” I told him.

“Good. Now tell me how did you feel when I spanked you. I want details because I want to know what you like and what you do not. And please be honest with me.” He said in a serious tone.

“First spank hurt me a bit, after that surprisingly it started arousing me. I like it.” I flushed, moving my eyelashes down after telling him this.

“I’m glad to know this, Butterfly.” He said, caressing my thighs, turning me on more.

“You know, Butterfly, I like one thing about you a lot.” He said, removing his hand from my lap.

“What?” I asked instantly.

“That you’re open to me. I mean what you feel, you tell me without hesitating. I want this honesty only from my subs. Always stay honest to me like this.” He said and I just nodded my head.

“You know I don’t know why I share everything with you. The things which I had hated all my life, I don’t know suddenly why I started liking them now. I feel like you’re doing some kind of black magic on me or you’re hypnotising me.” She laughed loudly.

“You’re also doing magic on me, Butterfly.” He whispered and bit my neck. I closed my eyes, moaning softly with ecstasy. He sucked that same spot and I felt butterflies dancing in my stomach. Now I’m highly aroused, my core literally throbbed when he sucked my neck. He very well knows how to turn on girls.

He makes me feel so fucking incredible that I can’t describe in words also.

“We were talking about rules and you distracted me, Butterfly with your alluring sexy body.” He whispered against my neck and a smile flashed on my face. He is now brushing his lips down my neck and taking me to another world with his touch.

“You’re so irresistible, Butterfly.” Now he said huskily, moving close to my face and as his warm breath caressed my lips, I froze. This is the first time I felt his warm breath on my lips and it drives me insane. I felt like grabbing his face and kissing his sensuous lips.

But now he’s gazing at me intensely and deeply like he’s kissing my soul through his bewitching eyes. His intense gaze is arising goosebumps all over my body.

He’s moving closer and closer to my lips, I waited for him to kiss me by closing my eyes but his bloody phone rang up and disturbed us.

I just want to kill that person who has called him. He moved away from me and took his phone out of his pocket and I saw it’s Dev’s call.

Dev, I won’t leave you.

Why Dev? Why did you call him at this time?

“Dev, I’m middle of something. I’ll call you after a few minutes.” He said this and disconnected the call within a few seconds after getting a reply from the other side.

“Butterfly, I think, it’s enough for today. You should go home.”

Why he is asking me to leave too soon? I don’t want to go.

I blurted, “but it’s not enough for me.” Listening to my reply, his eyes widened a bit.

“I don’t want to go home I will miss you.” I added with a sad pout.

He is seriously making me crazy. I’m feeling like staying with him twenty hours. Haha.

“I’ll miss you too but if you stay with me, I won’t be able to control myself and I’ll do everything with you in one day only.” Now my eyes widened in shock.

“Butterfly, I want to go slow with you because all these things are new for you.” He explained to me, caressing my cheeks with his thumb so softly. His mare touch affects me so damn much.

“You are so sweet and caring Master.”

“You’re making me like this, Butterfly. I’ve never been like this before.” He said in so soft voice and his words touched the core of my heart.

“Really? So this special sweet treatment is for me only?” He just slightly nodded his head and smiled contentedly.

Right now my happiness is no beyond after listening to his words. This sweet side is for me only. I’m feeling so special.

My heart is dancing right now in happiness. His every word and act make me feel so happy.

“You’re my sweet Dom.” I pulled his cheek.

“Don’t do that.” He warned me sternly.

So the Grumpy Kid is Back.

“When you act so sweetly, I can’t control myself from pulling your cheeks. What to do? It’s not in my hand.” I shrugged my shoulder.

“The same answer you gave me when I asked you to never roll your eyes. Do you have any control over yourself or not?”

“No.” I giggled, covering my mouth with my hands.

“Don’t worry. I’ll teach you how to control yourself.”


“You will see when the time comes.” I grinned mischievously.

“You know it’s so difficult to control on few things for me, like rolling my eyes, pulling your cheeks when you act sweet, biting my nails when I get nervous and swear people in anger. Please, I can’t control these things.” I requested.

“You want or you don’t want but from now you have to control these things, Butterfly.” He said sternly.

“It’s difficult, Master.”

“I’ll train you in my way, don’t worry about it.” He whispered after moving closer to me and I just stared at him in anticipation.

Why his every word makes me excited? I want to know everything right now.

What he’ll do with me? That mare though arose goosebumps all over my body.

“And one more thing. Don’t tell anybody about us for now.”

“What? Why? I’m dying to tell about us to Eve.” I uttered sadly. I can’t hide this from her more.

“It’s just the matter of one day, Butterfly. Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you in front of my friends along with Eve as if you tell Eve, she will tell Dev.” He explained me.

“That’s a great idea. Now I also want to surprise her.” I squealed in excitement.

I’m so damn excited to see Eve’s reaction after knowing.

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