Desire To Control Her (Part: 17 Will You Become My Dom?)


Ethan’s P.O.V.

She can’t become my submissive as she deserves someone who will love her and keep her happy and someone who doesn’t control her life. I can’t give her what she wants from me. I can’t give her love because I hate this emotion of love. Therefore I presented my new submissive in front of her, indirectly telling her that I’m no more interested in her.

I know she must be hurt after meeting my new submissive but I don’t have any other option.

It’s true that I still want to make her my submissive but now I have understood that she doesn’t deserve this.

I noticed her again coming back and deliberately started caressing my new submissive’s thighs.

I glanced at Butterfly through the corner of my eyes. Hurt is vividly visible on her face and she rushed outside again.

I’m sorry to hurt you, butterfly but I’m doing this for you only. You don’t deserve me, you deserve love.

After that, I took my submissive to my penthouse. I thought to have a session of BDSM with her but I’m not feeling like doing anything with her.

What the fuck is happening to me?

My new submissive is kneeling before my bed in lingerie, her head bowed down in complete submission.

“Go.” As I uttered, she stared at me in shock.

“I said, go from here.” I barked at her, angry with myself.

“Have I done something wrong, Master? Why are you asking me to go?” She shuttered, on the verge of crying.

“I’m asking you to go because I don’t want you. Now get lost before I throw you out.” I took out my all anger over her.

She sobbed and left the room after picking up her dress.

“Fuck! that girl is making me insane.” I grunted irritably.

Anna’s P.O.V.

I came back home because I can’t see him with anybody. I’m feeling hurt, angry and broken.

I just want to cry loudly. In these four days, I missed him so much and now he doesn’t want me anymore. He has a new submissive and he isn’t interested in me anymore. This breaks my heart more.

He said that he wants to make me his submissive as I’m his type but what happened to him suddenly. I’m not understanding anything.

Next morning

I reached Ethan’s house. I can’t wait more to talk to him as I couldn’t able to sleep last night. I was just thinking why did he bring his new submissive and what he would be doing with her. These questions are eating up my mind and making me insane now also.

I just can’t see him with somebody else.

I rang the bell and a maid opened the door.

“I want to meet Ethan.” I told her.

“Sir has strictly told me that he doesn’t want to meet anybody. Sorry, Mam, you come after some time.” She denied.

How could she deny me?

I said stubbornly. “No, I want to meet him now. Anyway, he is alone or with a woman?” I asked her curiously.

“He’s alone but not in a good mood.” She told me and I felt better after knowing that he is alone.

But what happened to his mood? I wondered.

“When did he come back home?”

“At night and he asked me to don’t disturb him.” She told me and I smiled broadly.

It means he was alone at night and I was going mad thinking what he would be doing with his new submissive. I’m so relieved after knowing this.

“Let me meet him, please.” I implored, staring at her pleadingly.

“No, Mam.” She denied and I frowned at her.

“I don’t care. I’ll still meet him.” I rushed inside, shouting, “Ethan… Ethan…”

“Mam, please, stop.” She tried to stop me but I’m not listening to her as I just want to meet him. Today nobody can stop me from meeting him.

She blocked my way by coming in front of me and I glared at her. “Mam, sir will fire me.”

“No, problem. Then I’ll hire you and pay you the double salary. Now happy?” I asked her, solving her problem.

She shook her head in disbelief. “Mam, please.” She requested and now I shook my head.

“Mary, you may go.” Then we both heard Ethan’s stern voice and looked at him. He’s standing behind Mary, glaring at me.

Why he is so angry?

Mary nodded meekly and left.

Before he could ask me, I asked him, “could we talk?”

He nodded. “I was also coming to talk to you. Come.” He walked to the hall and I followed him.

He was also coming to talk to me, why?

We settled down in the hall.

“Why you were coming to talk to me?” I asked him.

“First you tell what you have to say.”

I cleared my throat before started telling him what I want. “Look, Ethan. First, you said you’re interested in me and want to make me your submissive, then what happened now? Why did you bring another submissive when I want,” I paused for a few seconds, his intense gaze is fixed on me.

I continued. “When now I’m ready to become your submissive. Did you lose interest in me? Are you angry with me because I behaved rudely with you and ignored you?”

He took a deep breath and asked in a calm tone. “Why suddenly you want to become my submissive, butterfly?”

Good Question.

The reason is that I don’t want to lose him.

“Because when you went on vacation, I thought a lot and then decided why not I should try this BDSM relationship with you as you know I’m attracted towards you and I want to experience this with you because,” he cut my word.

“Because you don’t want to lose me, right?” He asked and I nodded.

“Are you in love with me?” As he asked, my eyes widened in shock.


Hell no! I’m not in love with him but I like him and want to stay with him.

“No, no. It’s not like that. It’s just attraction.”

A deep attraction!

“Thank God!” He sighed with relief. “But Anna, our relationship will not be forever, so, you will lose me one or another day. I just want to clear this thing to you.” He explained to me.

I’ll see this later on. First I want to convince him to make me his submissive. By the way, I’ll never let him lose interest in me.

“I know about this. Don’t worry.” I blinked my eyes.

“So if I break this relationship in future, you won’t get hurt, right?”

“Ethan, now I only know one thing that I want to become your submissive,” I said like a stubborn kid.

“Butterfly, I don’t want you to get hurt in future, therefore I want to know everything.” He said in a stern tone.

“Okay.” I nodded my head meekly.

“You already know that you have to follow my all orders without any arguments, so will you be able to do this?” He asked in a serious tone.

“It’s difficult, but I’ll try.” I answered him truly.

To stay with you, I’ll follow your orders.

“If you don’t follow them, you will be punished. You know this, right?”

This is such a worst thing about this relationship. Punishment? Are we in a school? But to be with him, I’ll take this also.

“I know everything about this, Ethan. Eve told me. I don’t have any problem. I decided this after thinking a lot. Now you tell me, you want to become my Dom?” Now I asked him.

“Only on one condition.” He uttered and I narrowed my brows bemusedly.


I instantly asked. “What?”

“You will never lie to me and hide anything from me. I want you to stay honest, and you will have to trust me that I won’t hurt you.” He told me the condition.

I don’t trust him completely now but I know he won’t hurt me because if he had to hurt me, he would have hurt me till now.

I said, “I know, you won’t hurt me, Ethan. I’m really ready for this relationship.”

“Don’t forget about the condition. If you ever lie to me or distrust me, I’ll break the relationship.” He stated in a serious tone.

“Why are you in such a bad mood? You should be happy that I’m ready to become your submissive. You wanted this from starting.” I asked him.

“I’m just tired. I couldn’t able to sleep last night.” He told me.

“Even I couldn’t able to sleep. You know I was just thinking that what you would be doing with your new submissive. I thought you lost interest in me. I was so upset, thinking this.” Tears brimmed in my eyes.

I’m becoming sensitive nowadays.

“I’m sorry. I have my reason for doing that. Please, don’t cry.” He requested.

“I’m not crying.” Automatically a sob escaped out my mouth.

“So am I’m crying, Butterfly?”

“This is happening automatically. Really I’m not crying.” Now I hiccuped.

He chuckled. “You’re so cute, Butterfly.” He said, wiping my tears.

“Don’t be upset as now you’re my submissive.” As he said, my eyes shone with happiness and my lips drew up to a cheerful smile.

Finally, he agreed. I’m on cloud nine.

“I never thought I would be so happy to become anybody’s submissive one day.” I laughed out loud after saying this.

“Even I’m shocked. I mean the girl who hated the BDSM relationship, she is so happy after coming into this relationship. It’s not less than any miracle.” He laughed too.

“What now? We’re in this relationship, what do I have to do?”

“Go home, take some sleep as you haven’t slept last night. I’ll call you in the evening.” He instructed me.

“Anything else?”

“No, but just remember that you have to sleep. It’s my order.” He said strictly.

“If I can’t sleep, then?”

“Still you will take rest with your eyes closed.”

“Okay. You will also sleep?” I asked him.

“No, I have some work.”

“But you should also sleep or else you will stay in a bad mood and behave like a grumpy kid.” I chuckled after saying this.

“You’re a chatterbox, Butterfly.”

“And you’re a grumpy kid.” As I said, we both laughed.

“Listen I’ll sleep if you sleep.” I said stubbornly.

“Who is the Master here?” He asked, raising his brows.

“I know you’re my Master now and things will happen according to you. But being a good submissive, I have to take care of my Master. Right?” I answered him smartly.

“You’re unbelievable.” He shook his head.

“What unbelievable? Now tell me you will sleep or not?”

“Madam Anna, I’ll sleep after work.” He said, joining his hands in front of me and I laughed.

“Good, keep listening to me like this only.” I laughed louder after saying this and he shook his head. I’m so happy, not to become his submissive, I’m delighted because he is with me.

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