Desire To Control Her (Part: 16 She Deserves Love) Manan


I stopped the car in front of her home. Thankfully she stayed quiet on the way.

“Come inside.” I looked at her in shock when she invited me inside.

I vividly remember she was so angry when I had come to her place for the first time.

Such a drastic change in a short period.

“Sure.” I agreed and she grinned like a baby got his favourite candy.

We stepped out of the car and wandered to the door. She opened the door and we walked inside.

“You sit down. I’m bringing water for you.” Before I could say something, she rushed to the kitchen.

She came back with a glass of water for me, smiling mischievously at me.

What’s going in her little head?

And she dropped the water over me like the first time.

But this time she did this intentionally. Why?

“I’m sorry.” She apologised, holding her ears.

“It’s fine. Now you sit down, I’m bringing lime water for you.” I held her shoulders and made her sit down.

She is staring at me like a disappointed kid.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“Will you not remove your shirt this time?” She asked grimly.

Oh, so that’s why she deliberately dropped the water over me. She wants to see my body.

I shook my head in disbelief. I just can’t believe that she changed so much in my absence.

She is drunk and I don’t want to take any risk, therefore I won’t remove my shirt today.

“No, it’s fine.”

“You will catch a cold. Let me remove it.” She stood up and moved her hands to open my shirt buttons but I stopped her by holding her hands.

This Girl!

“It’s fine, butterfly. Now sit down, I’m bringing lime water for you.” I again made her sit down.

“When I didn’t want him to remove his shirt, he removed it and now when I want him to remove his shirt, he isn’t removing it. Oh God, why he always has to do what I don’t want.” She murmured to herself and I smiled, hearing her self talks.

I went to the kitchen and brought lime water for her. I found her still busy talking to herself.

“Now drink it, you will feel better.” I held out the glass to her.

“Thank you. You’re so sweet.” She took the glass, calling me sweet again.

Really am I sweet? I asked myself.

She placed the glass back on the table after drinking it one go.

Then I led her to the room.

“Now you change.”

I turned to go but stopped as she asked, “where are you going?”

I looked at her over my shoulder and asked, “Do you want to change in front of me, butterfly?” A smirk flashed on my face.

Her eyes widened in shock and she instantly answered, “No, No. I thought you’re leaving the house.”

I chuckled and turned around. “Don’t worry, I’m outside.” I went out of the room and closed the door.

She is behaving like an insane woman after getting drunk but I’m finding her super adorable.

After a few minutes, she opened the door. Now she is wearing a loose top and shorts, in these simple clothes also she is looking so beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off her.

“Now you should sleep, butterfly. Lie down on the bed.” I instructed her.

“What? What about our conversation?” She freaked out.

“We’ll talk tomorrow when you’re sober.” I said, dragging her to the bed by grasping her wrist.

“You said that we’ll talk at home. You lied to me, very bad.” She complained like an adorable kid.

“You lie down and then we’ll talk.”

She smiled and instantly lay down. I pulled the blanket over her.

When I turned around to go to switch off the lights, she stopped me by holding my hand.

I turned toward her and she uttered, “Don’t go. If you again leave me, I’ll go crazy or I’ll die this time for sure.” Listening to her words, I became numb.

I sat beside her. “I’m not going. Don’t worry.” I reassured her and automatically placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

I never kissed like this to anybody before. What’s happening to me?

She grasped my hand tightly near to her heart and said, “I want to keep you here forever with me.”

I’m just gazing at her silently. Tonight I felt a strong connection between us and I also realised that this girl doesn’t deserve a person like me. She deserves love which I can never give to her. A beautiful and pure soul like her deserves a person who loves her truly and cherish her all his life and I’m not that type of man. I’m dominant, loves to control women and I don’t want the feeling of love in my life. I can’t give her what she wants. I think my desire to control her will remain my desire only because butterfly doesn’t deserve all this. She is a free bird and now I don’t want to cut her wings. I want her to fly high and keep spreading happiness with her presence all around the world.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep, holding my hand. I caressed her soft cheek with my thumb. I still want to make her my submissive but really a beautiful soul like her don’t deserve a man like me.

Nandini’s P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning, my head is throbbing with pain.

“Oh Fuck! Last night I told him everything and behaved like a completely insane woman. What he would be thinking about me?” I freaked as I recalled about the last night.

“But it’s good that now he knows everything.” I smiled saying this.

I hurriedly picked up my phone and messaged him.

Me: Could we meet?

Manik: Yeah. Tonight at the same club.

I received his message instantly like he was waiting for my message only.

Me: Done.

Manik: How’re you feeling now?

Me: My head was blasting but after talking to you, I feeling much better.

I sent him the message, smiling but sadly he saw my message but didn’t reply to me.

In the evening I got ready to meet him. Finally, I’ll talk to him properly today.

I reached the club as soon as possible. Today I’m wearing a pink satin dress, coming up to my mid-thighs.

I saw him sitting on the sofa in the corner of the club in the black leather jacket, looking hot like always. I took a deep breath and strolled to him excitedly.

“Hi, Manik.” As I uttered, he looked up at me.

“Hi.” He replied, looking a bit dull today.

“Are you fine?” I asked concernedly.

“Yeah! Come sit. I want to make you meet someone.”

I nodded and sat beside him. I’m feeling something fishy.

“So here comes my new submissive.” I froze as he stated, pointing somewhere. I’m not in a state to even look at that girl.

My heart shattered into pieces and tears brimmed in my eyes when that girl sat on the arm of the sofa, placing her hand over his lap. I felt like breaking every bone of her hand.

Last night I clearly remember that I told him that I want to become his submissive. Then why did he make someone else his submissive?

My heart is wretched and tears trickled down my cheeks automatically when he kissed her neck.

I turned my face to another side and wiped them.

I just dashed from there without saying anything because I can’t take this anymore. My heart is aching badly and tears constantly streaming down my cheeks. It’s hurting me terribly.

Why he made her his submissive when I was ready? Before he was ready to do anything to make me his submissive and when I’m ready, he did this. Why?

I’m angry and hurt, both at the same time and crying, sitting in my car, grasping the steering. It’s hurting me so much. I wanted to be with him. I was longing for him and he did this to me.

Wait! Maybe he didn’t understand that I really want to be his submissive. He must have thought that I’m not serious as I said all this in a drunk state.

And maybe he found his new submissive on the vacation and signed the contract with her which he can’t break.

I should talk to him before making any assumptions. This time I can’t lose him. This time I’ll try my best because I don’t want to regret it again like before. I can’t go through that same pain and emptiness again.

“This time I won’t let him go no matter what.” I stated with full confidence, wiping my tears, staring straight in determination.

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