Monster’s Bride (Part: 66 The Heartbreaking Truth) Sidnaaz


“Baby, you aren’t happy, right?” She asked and a lone tear trickled down her cheek mechanically.

Listening to her words, he understood that he can’t hide the truth from her. He opened his mouth to speak but not a single word came out, tears are constantly coursing down his cheeks. He is not understanding how to break her heart by telling her the truth that they have already lost their unborn baby. He doesn’t want to break her heart.

Sana is staring at him worriedly, not understanding what happened to him all of sudden, why he is crying and why he isn’t happy after knowing that he is going to become Papa. His tears are breaking her innocent heart. He didn’t expect this.

“Baby, now you’re scaring me. Will you tell me what happened to you? Why are you crying? Don’t you want this, baby? Please, say something.” She asked him, on the verge of crying.

Sidharth shook his head. “No, I want our baby but,”

“What but, Sidharth?” She asked, her heart thumping with fright. She can sense that there is something serious.

He closed his eyes and composed himself. “But our baby has already left us, sweetheart.” Finally, he told her the heartbreaking truth in a choked voice, falling the bomb over her. She gasped and took two steps backwards in shock, staring at Sidharth in utter disbelief.

She uttered, stammering. “Aa..aap juth bol rhai na, Sidharth? Tell me you’re lying, there is something else. How can this be possible? I can still feel him growing inside me. I can’t accept this.” She shook her head, placing her hand over her belly and tears started trickling down her cheeks mechanically. Her heart isn’t ready to believe the worst reality of her life but deep inside she knows Sidharth isn’t lying to her.

“Sana…” he screamed, getting frightened when she dashed to the washroom and shut the door on his face and locked it.

“Sweetheart, please talk to me. Open the door. I love you. We’ll bring our baby back.” He pleaded, crying miserably and knocking on the door constantly. He knew that she would react like this only, therefore he was so afraid to tell her.

Sana is doing the pregnancy test again in the washroom as she wants to confirm that Sidharth isn’t lying. She trusts Sidharth but it’s just that her heart isn’t ready to believe that her baby has left her. She had gotten attached to her baby in a few days only and seen a lot of dreams with her baby.

She became numb after seeing the result of the test that she isn’t pregnant. The pregnancy test kit slipped on the floor from her hand and she stared straight in shock. After a moment, she slumped down on the floor.

She became hysterical and screamed, “no…” she cried loudly, placing her hand over her belly.

After listening to her scream, he became worried for her and started finding the spare key of the washroom. He is checking all the drawers restlessly and shedding silent tears.

He hastily unlocked the door and opened the door as soon as he found the key. His heart broke down as he saw her condition and the pregnancy kit. She is lying on the floor on her one side and whimpering inconsolably in agony, hugging her knees closer to her heart. He never wanted to see his sweetheart in this condition.

He strolled to her with a heavy heart and knelt beside her. “Bacha.” He called her lovingly, caressing her hair. She finally moved her sorrowful eyes to him, sobbing.

She sat up and hugged Sidharth tightly. “Ma…Sidharth, I want our baby. Please bring our baby. Mujhe humhra bacha dedo, please…” She begged him frantically. He was already shattered after knowing the news and now her condition is breaking him more. But he knows he has to be strong for her. She needs him.

“Sidharth, baby dedo.. baby dedo, bhut dard ho rha hai. (Sidharth, give me our baby, it’s hurting a lot.)” She cried and cried in his arms and he is just caressing her hair.

When dreams shatter, heart shatters too.

Suddenly she came out of his arms and rushed out of the washrooms.

Sidharth hastily stood up and shouted, “Sana, where are you going?”

He stepped out and saw her running out of the room, holding her Ganu ji Murthy. He went behind her and she kept the Murthy outside of the room.

“Sana, what are you doing?” He asked, holding her hand.

“Why Ganu Ji snatched our baby from us? I will never talk to him, never.” She cried loudly, burying her face in his chest and clutching his shirt. He hugged her back and cried silently with her.

“Okay, don’t talk to him but please stop crying. Please, Sana.” He rubbed her back to calm her down and implored.

After a few minutes, he scooped her into his arms and took her into the room and laid her down on the bed. He leaned down and sucked all her tears as he can’t see her crying.

“I love you, sweetheart. I love you so much. We bring this happiness back into our lives, I promise you.” He promised her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. This forehead kiss is a promise of a husband to his wife that he will surely make her mother of his baby. He will surely bring their baby back. He will bring this happiness in their life back.

“Will you really,” she hiccuped, “bring our baby back, Sidharth?” She asked, staring at him innocently with moist eyes.

He nodded, “yes, baby. No matter what I’ll bring our baby back. If I have to fight with the God, I’ll fight with him.” He reassured her, clasping her face and then hugged her tightly after lying beside her.

She fell asleep in his arms, crying and murmuring, “I just can’t believe that Ganu Ji snatched our baby from us. I’ll never forgive him. My chotu baby, Mumma will bring you back.”

Sidharth is just wondering how to bring back happiness into his wife’s life. He can’t see her like this.

Next morning

He woke up and he became scared not finding Sana lying beside him. He panicked and hurriedly jumped down the bed, shouting, “Sweetheart….”

He is checking the washroom, backyard but she is nowhere. It’s seven in the morning and everyone are sleeping.

He stepped out of the room and saw Meera coming out of the kitchen. He rushed to her.

“Do you know where is Sana?” He asked her, anxious for her and panting.

“Sir, relax, she is in the kitchen.” As she told him, pointing at the kitchen, he dashed to the kitchen.

“Sweetheart…” he called her in a disbelief tone as he found her preparing the breakfast, looking perfectly fine. He is surprised to see her fine after last night.

He is just staring at her incredulously and he wondered she is really fine or just pretending to be fine and hiding her pain.

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