Desire To Control Her (Part: 14 On Cloud Nine) Sidnaaz


After some time I decided to call Dev to know about Sidharth. I don’t care what he will think about me if I ask him about Sidharth because I really want to know about Sidharth that he is alright or not, that’s it.

I don’t have any other option left and I dialled Dev’s number after taking a deep breath.

“Hello.” He answered the call in one ring.

Thank God!

“Hello, Dev.”

“Hi Sana, you’re calling me at this time, is everything fine? Is Eve fine?” He asked me so many questions worriedly. I became happy for Eve as she has such a sweet guy in his life, he genuinely cares for her.

Dom can also be sweet and caring. I think my belief about Dominant Man is wrong. Sidharth was right.

But this isn’t the time to think about all this. I should talk to him.

“Yes, Everything is fine, Dev. Don’t worry, Eve is alright.” I answered him and heard his deep sigh of relief from the other side.

“So why did you call me at late night?” He asked me.

I should directly ask him about Sidharth as I can’t take it anymore.

“I just wanted to ask about Sidharth, is he alright?” I took a deep breath and just asked him.

“Yeah, he’s fine, Sana. Why you are asking about him all of sudden?” He asked me suspiciously.

“I tried to call him but his phone has been coming switched off for the last two days.” After listening to my words, he became silent.

“It’s just that I wanted to tell something important to him.” I added because I don’t want him to think that I’m worried for him and I’m desperate to talk to him.

What is happening to me? I just asked about him from Dev. I didn’t even think that what if he tells this to Eve. She will tease me so much.

“He is fine, Sana. He has gone on vacation and when he goes on vacation, he switched off his phone, that’s it.”

He is impossible!

This man is on vacation and enjoying his life and here I was just thinking about him every second like a crazy person and missing him badly.

“Okay, thank you. But please don’t tell Eve that I called you, please.” I request him because I don’t want Eve to tease me and ask so many questions from me.

“Okay, I won’t. You want to ask this only?”

“Yup, bye good night.” I disconnected the call before he could ask me anything else.

Now, I’m getting angry with myself that why I was worried about him when he went on vacation, forgetting me utterly. Sometimes back he was following me like a ghost and now he forgot me like I was nothing to him.

Why now also I’m missing his presence, his touch, his voice, his smile, everything about him.

“When he was following you and showing interest in you, what did you do? You just always pushed him away, insulted him badly but he didn’t say anything to you back. And now when he’s gone, you’re missing him.” My heart chided me.

“You idiot! she pushed him and insulted him because he is in a BDSM relationship and that’s not her kind of thing. You know this.” My mind shouted on my poor heart.

“So what happened now? Why she is going crazy when he’s gone from her life? What would have happened if she had tried what he had wanted? By the way, she was also liking his presence but she always listen to you, idiot.” My heart flared up.


“Uff!! It’s enough.” I just shouted to stop them.

I lay on the bed to sleep and tears rolled down my cheeks automatically.

I lost him because of my ego and wrong belief about BDSM.

Dev is a Dom and he isn’t cruel. Eve stays happy with him. Maybe If I had agreed to be Sidharth’s submissive, I would have liked it and stayed happy with him either.

At least I would have tried it because if I had tried, I wouldn’t regret it.

I wish I get one more chance because I’m missing him like hell and now to be with him, I can do anything. I can also become his submissive and follow his orders to be with him.

If I don’t like it, then I’ll decide later on that I still want to be with him or not.

But I wish he gave me a second chance.

The next morning, I woke up and a big smile flashed on my face as there is two ticks on the message which I had sent to Sidharth a few days back.

So he’s back from vacation.

Suddenly I pouted sadly, thinking why he didn’t reply to me.

But at least he is back and maybe he will come to meet me in the cafe. Then I’ll talk to him.

I know he won’t come but I don’t want to lose hope.

Today I got ready happily as I’m excited to meet him again. I wore a beautiful dress, not so revealing but it is sexy. I wish he likes it.

“Oh my God! Sana, you’re looking so gorgeous and also happy after a long time.” As I stepped out, Eve squealed. I gave her a huge smile.

“Life is short to be sad.” I said.

“Correct. Finally, my cheerful Sana is back. I’m so happy.” Eve hugged me tightly.

“Yes, I’m back.” I hugged her back, smiling.

We had breakfast and then we went to the cafe.

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

I came back from the super-duper boring vacation. It was such a worst plan. There also I was just thinking about my butterfly that what if she had accepted my proposal. I was missing her like hell there and I’m still missing her. I’m longing to see her angelic face and her intense black eyes. Sometimes I feel like she has done some kind of magic over me that I don’t think about anything except her.

Dev came to pick me up and gave me the good news.

“Bro, your vacation plan succeeded, but in a different way.” He told me on the way home from the airport. He is driving the car.

“What do you mean?” I asked, staring at him in confusion.

“Last night. Sana called me to ask about you.” As he told me, my eyes twinkled.

“Tell me in detail what she said.” I asked and smiled merrily.

“She was worried for you, Dude. She asked me why your phone is switched off. Even she is missing you.”

I can’t even tell how happy I’m after knowing this. So still there is a chance that she can agree to become my submissive. Finally, my wait will get over. I’m on cloud nine.

I just want to talk to her right now.

“Drop me at her cafe. I want to meet her.” I said in excitement.

He freaked out. “Are you crazy? Dude, you don’t have to do this. She yourself will come to meet you.”

“What if she doesn’t come?” I asked him sadly.

“You just trust me, Sidharth.” He said with full confidence.

“Okay.” I agreed but I’m dying to meet her.

I hope she comes to meet me very soon.

Then I switched on my phone and a huge smile appeared on my face as I saw her messages. She deleted all the messages except one.

Butterfly: I’m sorry for my behaviour. I was just upset yesterday.

She apologised to me and messaged me. What happened to her? I think my ignorance changed her mind. Now I’ll ignore her a bit more. Yes! Now it’s time to turn the table. She ignored me so much, now it’s my time. It’s going to be so much fun.

I just wish she comes to meet me soon.

Sana’s P.O.V.

I have been just glancing at the door of the cafe since morning in hope that he will come. Now it’s evening time and I’m losing my hope. I’m feeling despaired now and feeling like crying. He won’t come today also.

“Sana, I’m going to the club with Dev.” Listening to Eve’s voice, I came on the earth back and got my hope back.

“Only with Dev?” I asked her instantly as maybe I can meet Sidharth in the club.

“His friends and their submissive are also joining.” She answered me and my lips drew up to a board smile.

“Could I join?” As I asked her, she looked at me surprisingly.

“You want to join us without even knowing which club we’re going to?” She asked me incredulously.

Oh shit! I completely forget to ask this.

But it doesn’t matter to me now because I just want to meet Sidharth anyhow.

“Eve, I just want to do party and get drunk. I don’t care about the club.”

“Really? You don’t have any problem going to BDSM club?” Eve asked in utter shock.

I shook my head. “Nope, I just want to do the party.”

Right now I just want to meet Sidharth no matter what.

“You’re crazy. By the way, we’re going to the normal club and you can join us.”

“I love you, Eve.” I squealed and hugged her joyfully.

You’re my saviour, Eve. Thank you so much. Only because of you, finally, I’ll meet Sidharth after so many days.

I reached club with Eve and a huge smile is not leaving my face. I’m so excited to see Sidharth’s face and listen to his pleasant voice after four long days. My heart is jumping with joy.

Oh, God! I just can’t wait to meet him.

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