Desire To Control Her (Part: 12 Ignoring Him)


Anna’s P.O.V.

Ethan and Dev stayed at the cafe the whole day. Ethan was sometimes gazing at me, sometimes he was talking to Dev and sometimes I found him doing something on his phone.

I completely ignored him but deep inside my heart was saying to me to go and talk to him. He attracts me towards himself like a magnet. But I can’t go to him because it’s not right. I can’t accept something which I hate.

I’m seriously not understanding why he still wants to make me his submissive when I’m not following any of his orders and when he knows I don’t like this.

Ugh! Please! Understand, Ethan. You’re making things more difficult for me.

It’s 7 pm and it’s time to close the cafe. Dev and Ethan stood up and walked to us.

Dev said something in Eve’s ear.

“Anna, you go. I’m staying here with Dev for some time.” She said to me.

Again I have to go alone. This Dev is my biggest enemy.

“Okay, Eve.” I turned to walk and didn’t look at Ethan, not even for once.

I opened the door of my car to sit inside and Ethan came rushing to me.

“Could you drop me home?” He asked after catching his breath back.

“Why? Where is your car?” I asked him sassily.

“It’s not working.”


I rolled my eyes. “Whatever! I’m not dropping you anywhere.” I answered him curtly and sat in the car. I hurriedly locked the door before he sat inside.

“That’s so rude, butterfly.” He said, I showed him my middle finger and left.

He is already irritating me so much by following me like a Ghost and he thought I would drop him. Never Ever. I can’t take this more.

Eve’s P.O.V.

After some time it’s time to close the cafe. Dev and Ethan stood up and walked to us.

“You’re not going anywhere, baby.” He whispered in my ear and I just look at him in confusion.

Now what he is planning after doing this with me? The balls are still vibrating at low speed inside me and this is also making me insane.

“Anna, you go. I’m staying here with Dev for some time.” I said to her.

My poor best friend!

Then Anna and Ethan left from there.

Now Dev and I are left alone in the cafe. He locked the door of the cafe and increased the speed of balls after turning towards me, grinning at me. I started moaning crazily and loudly in extreme pleasure, clenching the chair. I had been controlling this for five hours.

“You’re looking so sexy, baby, moaning my name in pleasure. You made me so hard,” Dev uttered after coming behind me. He held my waist and pulled me toward himself before grinding his front body against my back. I can feel his hardness, rubbing against my back.

“Dev! Stop this torture. I just want you now.” I shouted when he started playing with my twins from behind.

“Will you get drunk in future without me and put your life at risk?” He asked me, pinching my both nipples.

My body is on fire now.

“No-no Master! I’m sorry for my mistake…” I answered him with difficulty, moaning loudly as he bit my neck, rubbing his body against mine.

“Bend down over the table, baby.” He ordered me after leaving me and I immediately complied with his order by bending over the table. He slowed down the speed.

“From morning I’ve been craving to fuck you from behind on this table, baby.” He said, yanking down my skirt and undies together till my knees. I jumped as he hit on my both butts together and the balls moved inside me, making me moan louder.

He is driving me crazy.

This man will kill me.

“Now I’m taking out these balls. You took your punishment very well today and no one came to know about it. So it’s reward time, baby girl.” He stated and I just smiled because I already know my reward.

He took out the balls and started rubbing my core. I heard the sound of the opening of his belt.

Yes! I just can’t wait for him to be inside me.

He grasped my both hands and bound my wrists together with his belt behind my back. This turns me on more.

He bent over me, held my tied hands with one hand and from the other, he grasped my hair like he is making a ponytail. He pulled my head back and opened my legs wider through his legs.

I think from this only he’ll make me explode today. He knows very well how to make me go insane. Now I badly want him to do what we both want. He just loves to tease me.

“Master, please!” I begged him and he shoved deep into me from behind, griping my hair tighter and also he bit my neck, I moaned in ecstasy. I felt so peaceful to feel him deep inside me. He stayed still for a few seconds.

He took me to another world right now which is filled with pleasure only.

“I just love to be deep inside you, baby.” He moaned, pushing his body more into me and entering deeper into me, making me moan louder. I also love to feel him inside me, I feel so complete and one.

Then he thrust me hard and fast senselessly, sometimes hitting my hips in between.

“I love you, baby.” He confessed, giving me a hard stroke. I’m so close.

“Cum for me, baby girl.” He said after opening my hands and pinning them against the table and gave a few hard and slow strokes to me. On each I jumped on in pleasure, moaning crazily.

At last, we both exploded together.

“I love you.” We confessed in union and smiled contentedly, panting. He is completely bent over me. Our today’s session was so damn intense as he had already made me so horny and sensitive with the vibrating balls.

Anna’s P.O.V.

The next Day also he came to the cafe but I completely ignored him. I didn’t even look at him for once. He came to me, still, I didn’t look at him. It’s getting so hard to resist him but I’m doing it for my own good as this man isn’t my type.

“Let’s see for how long you will ignore me.” He left the cafe after challenging me.

What else I can do? You’re not understanding me, Ethan. I don’t want this relationship. That’s why I have no choice except to ignore you. Ignoring you is really difficult for me because your presence, your touch, your words affect me like hell, but still, I have to do this because I have no other option.

Few days passed like this. He came daily to the cafe and went back after a few hours of trying to catch my attention by touching me and talking to me, but I’m not giving him a single chance as I have made up my mind to utterly ignore him.

But every day, something is breaking deep inside me by ignoring him because I’m doing something against my heart. I know my heart doesn’t want to push him away. My heart wants him and every single part of my body yearning for him. My body is aching for his touch badly. When he stands near me, only I know how I control myself from not looking at him. When he touches me, only I know how I remove away his hands, fighting with myself.

Every day I ask myself, “Am I doing right?”

And every day my heart says to me, “you’re doing wrong. Give it a try.”

But I always go against my heart because my hatred towards BDSM is beyond anything else.

But today I have decided to talk to him and end this forever because I’m tired of ignoring him, it’s difficult, I can’t do it more.

As he stepped into the cafe today, I grasped his wrist and took him to the corner.

“What do you want?” I asked him in a loud voice.

“You know that butterfly what I want.”

“From one week you’re following me like a ghost. Don’t you have the mind to understand that I’m not interested in you? I’m a free bird, I do what I want, I can’t take your order. Why will I take your orders, are you my father? You’re such a shameless and mindless person. Do you have any self-respect or not?”

“Shut up.” He shouted, cutting my words.

I yelled back at him. “No, you shut up and listen to me carefully, I’m never going to be your submissive. So stop wasting your time and get the fuck out of my life.” I’m barking at him non stop because I want him to stop following me. I’m tired of ignoring him and fighting with myself every day.

“Fuck Off.” He shrieked at me in anger and stormed out of the cafe.

“Fuck you.” I shouted behind him.

Ethan’s P.O.V.

I’m sitting with Dev and drinking at the bar of his mansion. I’m taking out my all anger in front of him.

“I am so fucking frustrated. That girl has insulted me so much, I feel like I should go and punish her. Till date, no girl has insulted me as much as she did. I tried a lot to convince her but she always ignored me and shouted at me.”

“Bro, I had already told you that she isn’t your type.”

“No, she is my type but she isn’t ready to give a try.”

“Ethan, it’s her life. You can’t force her to be your submissive. I’ll advise you to take a break. Go on vacation. You really need it.” He suggested, placing his hand over my shoulder.

“I think you’re right as I’m tired of following her. I really need a break as I’m losing my mind because of her.” I said in a serious tone, staring straight and then I sipped the whole glass of scotch.

I really need a break from all this. I can’t let her insult me more. Maybe on this holiday, I can find someone better than Butterfly.

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