Monster’s Bride (Part: 65 A Shocking Surprise) Sidnaaz


“Shopping time, chotu baby. Today Mumma will go shopping for your room. Your room is going to be the best.” She said merrily to her baby, placing her hand on her belly.

“Meera, I’m going the shopping for baby’s room. Would you like to join me?” She asked Meera, stepping into the kitchen.

“Of course, ma’am.” She agreed and they went shopping with the bodyguards.


They came back home after the shopping. Four five servants came inside following Sana with the shopping bags and huge boxes.

“Mam, I have painted the room as according to you.” A person told her and Sana smiled widely.

“Thank you, bhaiya.” She gave him the money and instructed the other person.

“Wow… chotu baby, you Mumma is super duper excited to surprise your deda. He will be gone out of the world when he comes to know about you.” Her face is glowing and her eyes are sparkling with happiness but God is planning to snatch her all the happiness. She is designing her baby’s room with so much happiness and excitement unaware of the truth.


She sighed deeply, sitting on the sofa. “Finally, my chotu baby room is ready. Now I’m just waiting for your Daddy to come.”

Meera gave her water. “I’m so happy for you madam and I want you to stay happy like this always. Good bless you.” She caressed her hair like her mother.

“I’m not just happy, Aunty, in fact, I’m super duper happy. Everything is so great. My life has become like a beautiful dream. I have such a nice family, a loving and caring husband and now I’m going to become a mother. Ganu Ji is going to bless me with such a precious gift.” She smiled contentedly, placing her hand over her belly and Meera is just smiling at her.

As she heard the sound of the horn from outside, she stood up and her smile grew bigger. “I think your Daddy has come, chotu baby.” She talked to her baby merrily.

As she saw Sidharth stepping inside the room with Fab3, she ran to him like an excited kid, squealing, “finally, you’re back.”

“Bacha, be careful.” He held her arms as she tripped.

“I think she missed you a lot, Sidharth.” Cabir said and everybody laughed.

“Yes, I missed him so much.” She said, placing her head on his chest and he embraced her in his arms before kissing her hair.

Everybody smiled at them and went to their respective room as they are exhausted. Sidnaaz also came to their room hand in hand.

“Baby, I have a surprise for you.” She said, taking out a red piece of cloth from the drawer.

“Wow surprise, what is it?” He asked after pulling her to himself by grasping her waist.

“Baby, first surprise and then romance.” She pushed him away.

“Okay, done.” He agreed, smiling at her.

“Now sit down as I have to tie this around your eyes. You know my height is so chotu and you’re so tall.” She said adorably, comparing her height with his height with the gesture of her hand.

“Why so cute, bacha.” He pulled her cheeks before sitting on the bed and she blindfolded him.

Then she led him to the room which she has decorated for their baby. She excitedly turned on the lights.

“Sidharth now you can remove the blindfold.” Now she ordered him, standing beside him, smiling with excitement.

As he removed the blindfold with a broad smile on his face and saw the baby’s room, he froze and the smile vanished away from his face. He became utterly numb to react. The room is designed so beautifully for the baby. He didn’t think that she would be knowing about her pregnancy. If she hadn’t had a miscarriage, he would have gone crazy after knowing this but things are different now.

“Baby, you’re going to become Papa…” she whooped, jumping in front of him like a kid and Sidharth is just standing like a lifeless soul.

She is so happy and now he isn’t understanding how to snatch her all the happiness.

“I’m sorry to tell you that she has a miscarriage because of smoke.” Doctor’s words echoed in his ears and he recalled the dreadful night when he had lost his unborn baby.

Sana became shocked and her smile faded into a frown as she saw his reaction. She didn’t expect this reaction, she thought that he would go crazy with the happiness. She stopped jumping and held his hand.

“Sidharth, aren’t you happy?” She asked grimly, placing his hand over her belly. She is taking everything in the wrong way.

Sidharth hurriedly dashed out of the room as he can’t snatch her happiness by telling her the truth. He wanna cry his heart aloud as the room was recalling him that he has lost the most precious thing of his life and he didn’t want to cry in front of her, therefore he ran from there. He wants to cry alone.

He can’t see her breaking down in front of him as he knows she will go out of control when she comes to know the truth.

“Chotu baby, it’s not like that Papa isn’t happy after knowing about you. He must be exhausted, that’s why he doesn’t say anything. Your daddy will love you the most, baby.” She tried to give herself strength by saying this but she knows he is upset after knowing this but she isn’t understanding why.

Sidharth shut and locked the door of the washroom of his room. He cried loudly and inconsolably like a baby, slumping down on the floor after turning on all the taps as he doesn’t want Sana to hear him.

“I know after a few days Sana will come to know about the truth but I can’t tell. How do I tell her that we have lost our baby? I can see my sweetheart in pain. Please, Sana’s Ganu Ji, make everything fine. I can’t see her in pain. She is so happy and how can I snatch her happiness in just a moment. Why Ganu Ji, why are you doing this with her. She always thinks about others before herself, then why did you give her such a huge pain? She is so happy, what I should do?” He cried out.

“Baby, are you alright? What happened to you all of sudden?” He came on the earth back as he heard her voice from outside.

He stood up, wiping his tears and splashed water over his face. “No, I can’t tell her the truth now. I can’t snatch her happiness.” He murmured to himself, staring at himself in the mirror.

He composed himself and opened the door, plastering a smile on his face. He hid all the pain behind his fake smile.

“Wow, sweetheart, I’m going to become Deda. I’m so happy. Thank you so much for giving me such a precious gift.” He said, showing him the fake happiness. But she can clearly see he isn’t happy, she can feel that he is upset. Now she is distraught and thinking he isn’t happy because of this news.

“Baby, you aren’t happy, right?” She asked and a lone tear trickled down her cheek mechanically. Now they both are staring at each other with so much pain in their heart and eyes.

Sidharth is in a dilemma that he should tell her the truth or not and she is so confused and sad that why he isn’t happy after knowing this news.

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