Desire To Control Her (Part: 9 Submissive For A Night?) Sidnaaz


Sana’s P.O.V.

I was trying to forget cafe’s incident all day but couldn’t. Therefore I came to club with Eve to forget everything. We got drunk and started dancing crazily. Everything was going perfect until I saw Sidharth in the club. Again I recalled our club encounter which I was trying to forget.

What he is doing here? He again reached here following me. I’ll kill him.

“Dev, I was missing you so much, baby.” Suddenly Eve shouted, hugging Dev.

Now I understood that Eve called Dev and Sidharth came along. Why we’re meeting again and again.

“Eve, why did you get so drunk when I strictly warned you.” Dev scolded her.

Poor My Eve! Now she can’t even get drunk.

Disadvantage of having a Dom.

“Baby, I didn’t drink too much.” Eve shook her head and stumbled. Dev held her.

“Guys, you both stay here. I’m taking her to restroom.” Dev said to us.

What! Hell No, he is going leaving me alone with this monster.

“Dev, no, I want to stay here and dance with you.” Eve said, encircling her arms around his neck.

He glared her and shouted. “Shut up and come with me. Don’t raise my anger.” He grasped her arms and led her to the restroom.

Sidharth leaned down and I just stared at him in shock. “Hello, butterfly.” He whispered in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Hello, Hi. Now bye bye.” I pushed him away and waved my hand.

As I turned to walk, he grasped my arm and swiftly yanked me to himself. My back body collided with his strong and muscular front body. My whole body is on fire because of our proximity. He caressed his hands down my arms and my body is trembling with his touch. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes, enjoying his touch. Then he placed my hair over my shoulder before caressing my bare back and electrifying my body. His touch directly sending the vibration between my legs and I’m feeling alive with his touch.

“Now turn around and stop me, butterfly. I promise you I’ll leave without any argument.” He whispered in my ear from behind, his one hand his still stroking my back and his other hand is gliding up my thigh from the slit of my dress.

“But if you don’t stop me now, then you’ll be my submissive for tonight.” He added, making me shock. I was almost ready to turn around and stop him by pushing him away but what he did next, I got completely lost in him.

He started placing soft kisses down my neck, making me insane. He’s arousing me and making me feel so damn good. Nobody made me feel like this ever before, it’s heavenly incredible. I’m seriously feeling like he is directly touching my soul through his kisses and making every cell of my body alive with his every kiss. I want to stop him but my body is not with me today.

Now he’s kissing all over my bare back, his one hand is gliding up and up my thigh into my dress and his other hand is wrapped around just above my chest, holding me closer to himself. I can feel his erection between my hips which is turning me on more. I’m dripping wet and my core is aching for him.

Now I’m not in the condition to stop him, my body wants him badly. If I want, then also I can’t stop him.

“So I got your answer, butterfly. Thank you.” He grinned against my neck before biting that spot slightly, making me moan while his one hand stroked my core over the fabric of my undies and his other hand squeezed one of my butts. He very well know how to turn on a girl and drive her insane with his touch.

Oh, God…

My nipples are becoming hard under my dress and craving for his touch.

He vigorously started rubbing my most sensitive spot over the fabric of my undies. Oh fuck! This feels so damn good. I really don’t want him to stop. I’m enjoy it to the core. His one hand is rubbing my wet core and now his other hand is pressing my twins over the fabric of my dress. I’m moaning in pleasure insanely, forgetting about the whole world.

“I can see you’re enjoying this a lot as you’re so fucking wet. I want to fuck you so damn hard right now in this crowd, butterfly.” His words arose the goosebumps all over my body.

“But I won’t do that because you’re my submissive for tonight only and you’re not even sober. I can’t take the advantage of your drunk state. But still I can do a lot more things with you.”

“Right now you’re doing this to me, butterfly.” He said in a husky tone in my ear, grinding his hardness against my hips and he is till massaging my twins and sensitive spot between my legs.

“I’m taking you to the private cabin.” He grasped my hand and led me to the private cabin. I don’t know why I didn’t stop him. I’m so damn aroused, my body is burning with desires.

He locked the door.

“Kneel.” As he ordered me, I came back to my senses and stared at him in shock.

Hell! No, Never. I will never follow his order.

“What? Are you fucking out of your mind?” I retorted.

“Tonight, you’re my submissive and you will do what I order you.” A devilish grin flashed on his face.

“Are you kidding me? Fuck off, I’m going.” I pushed him and turned to walk.

He stopped me by grasping my hand. “I can again bend you over my lap and this time I’ll spank you as you’re my submissive for one night.”

“As if I care, I’m going.” I said, glaring at him over my shoulder. I’m standing facing my back to him.

He swiftly turned me to himself. “You will regret badly if tonight you stepped out of this room, Butterfly. I’ll spank you in the public and I’m very serious.” He warned me sternly and shut my mouth for the first time.

“So kneel down.” He said in a such commanding tone that I instantly knelt before him. I didn’t want to do this but it happened automatically.

A grin of triumph flashed on his face seeing me obeying to him.

“This is for only tonight.” I said to him in a stern tone.

“I was dying to see you sitting like this before me in this position, butterfly.” He said merrily and I rolled my eyes.

He grasped my jaw and raised my face to make me look at him. He bent down and uttered, “if you were my permanent submissive, I would have spanked you for even rolling your eyes.”

I shook my head. “Spanking, spanking? Can you only do this?”

He chuckled. “If you want to know what more I can do, then be my permanent submissive.”

“Never ever. No chance in this birth.” I again rolled my eyes.

“You have such a bad attitude, butterfly and it makes you more attractive and hot.” He whispered after moving down closer to my face. As his warm breath caressed my face, I shivered.

First he bit my earlobe slightly. He caressed his stubble against my cheek, his hand moving down from jaw to neck.

He curled his fingers around my neck and placed a kiss on my cheek. As his lips touched my cheek, my whole body burned and I closed my eyes to feel his touch.


With one cheek kiss only he took my breath away from me.

He has some kind of magical power to drive me insane.

My hands automatically moved towards his face and held it.

“Remove your hands from my face.” He suddenly shouted in the fit of anger, making me flinch but I didn’t listen to him.

He harshly removed my hands from my face, his eyes burning with rage. “Put your hands at your back and never dare to touch me again.” He said sternly after moving up and standing straight.

I stood up and moved my hands to touch him again but he roughly grasped my wrist behind my back.

“Why you never listen to me?” He yelled, shooting dragger at me.

“Why do I listen to you? I will never become your submissive, not even for one night. You can’t control me, no one can control me. Now fucking leave my hands.” Now I roared at him.

What he thinks if he controls me and shouts at me like this, I will obey him? No, Never.

He left my hands and took a deep breath after closing his eyes to compose himself.

“Leave right now.” He said in a calm tone, looking at me, I can still see anger in his eyes. He turned around and stood facing his back to me.

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