Monster’s Bride (Part: 63 Happy Faces) Sidnaaz


“Sidharth had gone to call the doctor and didn’t come yet. He left me alone in this boring hospital.” Sana murmured to herself, making adorable faces. Her eyes shimmered as she saw Mukti stepping into her room. She passed a warm smile to her and Mukti strolled to her, staring at her guiltily.

“Sana, I-I,” she stammered, not understanding how to start the conversation with her.

“Mukti, now don’t thank me for saving your life. It was my duty.” She uttered before Mukti could say something.

“No, you deserve this. Sana, thank you for showing me the reality, for making me a new person. You have succeeded in your plan. Today I have become what you wanted.” Her heart filled with joy after listening to Mukti’s words.

“Please, forgive me, Sana. Whatever I have done with you in past, I don’t know what I was thinking, what I was doing and what I had become. I’m really guilty, I’m sorry.” She apologised to her from the core of her heart, genuinely guilty.

“Mukti, now don’t talk and think about the past as it has passed now. But now you still have a long life, think about it. Do something, so that your brother can proudly say that you’re his sister, do something which genuinely makes you happy. Now don’t spoil your life thinking and regretting your past deeds. Everyone does mistakes but the smart person is who learn from their mistakes.” She explained Mukti, holding her hand. Mukti is just staring at her in disbelief at how easily she forgave her. She is speechless.

“Mukti, go call your brother, my hands are itching. He went to call Doctor but I don’t know why he hasn’t come yet.” She said, feeling irritated because of constant itching.

“Sana, don’t worry, I’m just coming after calling him.” Mukti turned around and then only Sidharth stepped into the room with Doctor.

“Doctor, it’s itching a lot. What is happening?” She asked, scratching her bandaged arms.

“Bacha, don’t touch. Now Doctor is checking and it will be fine.” He said, holding her hand and moved closer to her to distract her. Her eyes widened in shock.

The doctor gave her an injection and she didn’t even come to know. He moved away from her and she blushed hard.

“Bacha, now are you fine?” He asked concernedly, holding her hand.

She nodded at him. “Yes, baby but how? What you did?” She asked, confused.

Doctor and Sidharth passed a smile to each other, Mukti also smiled a bit.

“Doctor gave you the injection.” He told her.

“What? When? I didn’t come to know.” She said cutely, making everybody laugh.

Then the Doctor asked Sidharth to bring some medication for her and he went after placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Mukti, could you help me in sitting?” She asked Mukti. She nodded in response and helped her in sitting properly with the support of the pillow.

“Sana, could I call you bhabhi?” As Mukti asked, Sana hugged her, smiling widely and contentedly, tears of happiness coursed down her cheeks mechanically.

“Of course, I’m so happy.” She squealed cheerily. Mukti hugged her back, smiling.


They reached Sidharth’s penthouse. Sidharth lifted Sana in his arms and stepped into the house. Mukti came behind them.

“What happened to Sana Mam?” Meera asked concernedly after seeing Sana’s bandaged hands.

“Meera, I’m fine. Please, could you bring water for me?” She asked Meera. She nodded and went to bring water for her. Sidharth made her sit on the sofa in the hall.

“Sweetheart, is it still hurting?” He asked lovingly, holding her hand.

“No, my baby.” She pulled his cheeks. Mukti is just smiling at them. She is finding them so adorable.

Sidharth moved closer to her lips but she stopped him by showing her hand to him.

“Baby, do you have any shame? Mukti is seeing us.” She gestured towards Mukti with her eyes.

“It’s okay. You both continue. I’m going.” Mukti said and went to her room.

As soon as Mukti left, Sidharth captured her lips and kissed her softly. She responded to him with equal flavour, moving her hands through his hair. He is hurt by the news of losing his baby and from this kiss he wants to forget this bad news. He wants to start a new life with his wife and sister.


At night Sidharth is sleeping hugging Sana like a small baby. His hand is encircled around her waist, his leg is wrapped around his thighs and his face is buried in her chest. She is ruffling his hair, gazing at him with a smile on her face.

“Chotu baby, your daddy is also a baby like you. When you come to our life, then your Mumma has to handle two two babies.” Sana merrily talked to her baby, placing her hand over her belly and giggled. The poor soul doesn’t know that she has a miscarriage today.

“Tomorrow when I give a surprise to your Daddy, he will become so happy to know about you. I’m so excited to see his reaction. I haven’t told your Daddy about you yet because I wanted to give him this happiness after making everything fine.” She is talking to her baby with joy. She is in a dream world that her baby is alive.

What do you think, what will the reaction of Sana after knowing about her miscarriage?

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