Monster’s Bride (Part: 62 A Heartbreaking News) Sidnaaz


The doctor is checking Sana inside the wardroom and Sidharth is standing anxious for her.

Mukti is sitting like a lifeless soul on the chair which is kept outside. So many things are revolving in her mind that how Sidnaaz fall for each other. Why Sidharth didn’t tell her about her? Why did Sana put her life at risk for her?

The doctor stepped out of the wardroom with a serious look on his face.

“What happened to her?” Sidharth asked worriedly.

“I’m sorry to tell you that she has a miscarriage because of smoke.” The doctor said, falling the bomb over him.

He didn’t even know that she was pregnant and he was going to become a father. The news is heartbreaking for him. A lone tear trickled down his cheek mechanically after knowing that he lost his unborn baby.

He slumped down beside Mukti with a thud like a lifeless soul as he lost the most precious person of his life. Mukti isn’t understanding how to console him.

“My baby.” He said dejectedly, staring straight.

“I was going to become Daddy. God snatched my baby from me.” He uttered in a choked voice and fresh tears coursed down her cheeks.

“Bhai.” Mukti placed her hand over his shoulder.

“How I will tell Sana?” He asked, looking at Mukti, disheartened and she looked at him concernedly.

“No, I won’t tell her about this. If she hadn’t told me about her pregnancy, certainly she wouldn’t have known either.” He said, standing up from the bench and Mukti stared at him, her eyes brimmed with tears. He decided to not tell her because he can’t see her sad.

Then he went into her wardroom to see her. He sat beside her, holding her hand.

“You always put others before yourself and still God doesn’t leave any chance to give pain to you.” He whispered and automatically fresh tears rolled down his cheeks. He kissed her bandaged hand, shedding silent tears.

After some time she gained back her consciousness. He is still sitting, holding her hand. She brightly smiled at him and his all pain vanished away as he saw her pretty smile. Therefore he decided to hide her miscarriage from her, he can’t bear her sadness, it kills him.

“Baby, come.” She shifted on the side to make space for him on the bed as she wants to lie down in his warm arms.

He lay down beside her without wasting a single second and engulfed her in his protective arms, tears escaped out of his eyes. He wants to cry in her arms like a baby and take out her all pain, but he can’t as he can’t share his pain with her.

“Baby, I’m completely fine. Why are you so sad now?” She asked him and he immediately wiped his tears.

“Is it hurting, sweetheart?” He asked, holding her bandaged hand.

“Yes.” She nodded positively with a sad pout and then only he started placing soft kisses all over hands and arms. She is just smiling at him blissfully.

“Baby, now it’s fine.” She hugged him, smiling contentedly.

“I love you so much, sweetheart. You know I got so scared.” He uttered after cupping as they pulled apart.

“Even I got so scared but now everything is fine and I’m so relieved and happy.” She said merrily, touching her forehead with his forehead. They closed their eyes and got lost in each other for some time.

Sidharth stepped out of her wardroom to call Doctor.

As Mukti saw him, she rushed to him and hugged him.

“Bhai, forgive me.” She apologised from the core of her heart, crying but he didn’t hug her back.

“Bhai, please pardon me. I can’t live without you. I promise now I won’t do anything which hurt you. I’m sorry.” She cried, hugging him tightly.

He pulled her away from himself by holding her arms. “Can a father stay angry with his daughter? Mukti, neither before I was angry with you, nor I’m angry with you now.” He told her, wiping her tears with his thumbs and she stared at him in shock.

“I and Sana planned all this to bring you on the right track and to make you a better person. You always did wrong with her, try to kill her but still, she never hated you and even saved you by putting her life in danger. She can do anything for you because she knows how important you’re to me. She knows you’re like my daughter. Please, Mukti, put your hatred on the side and accept her, she has already suffered a lot. Even today she sacrificed her baby to save you.” Sidharth pleaded to her while she is just crying, looking down, she is filled with remorse and shame.

“Bhai, I was blind. I couldn’t able to see the kindness of Sana. I used to think that in this world, everyone is selfish because I was like this. But today everything became clear. Bhai, I promise, I’ll try to become a better person. But why you didn’t tell me that you’re in love with her?” She asked him.

“If I had told you and you would have listened to me.” He said sarcastically and chuckled. Her eyes again moved down on the floor in shame. “Mukti, you have always blackmailed me. Did you forget whenever I stopped you from doing anything you have always threatened me? You never listened to me. I did everything for your happiness, even I married Sana for you because I didn’t want you to harm yourself. You forced me to go against you, Mukti and hurt you.” He gave her a reality check and now she is crying in guilt.

” I hurt you a lot, right?” She asked after clasping his face.

“Yes, you hurt a father more than a brother, Mukti. When you become a mother, then you will understand my pain.” He uttered.

“I’m sorry, Bhai. I’m really sorry.” She cried miserably.

“Ask the forgiveness from Sana, with whom you have always done wrong and who always think about your happiness.” He said, pointing at Sana’s wardroom.

“No, I can’t go.” She shook her head, taking few steps backwards as she is ashamed. Now she has no courage to face a great person like Sana.

“Mukti, today, please don’t step behind. Today give her this happiness. She always wanted to see you becoming a good person.” He pleaded to her. She just cried silently, staring at the door of her room, thinking how to face her.

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