Desire To Control Her (Part: 3 Hey, Butterfly)


In this story other characters are also important, so don’t skip their scenes, enjoy their scenes too.

He raised his hand to slap me but somebody held his hand and our eyes drifted to that person. It’s Ethan, Dev’s friend.

“Eric, leave her right now.” As Ethan shouted at him in anger, he instantly left my hair.

“But she,”

Ethan cut his word and warned him sternly, “apologise to her and leave or you will be punished.” His voice is filled with authority.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you’re a slave of Ethan.” And this is enough, I slapped him hard on his face.

First, he dared to call me slut and now a slave.

“I’m not anybody’s slave.” I barked at him and stormed out of the club. It was my worst decision to come here. I’m hell angry with Eve for bringing me here. I’m feeling like killing somebody.

Ethan’s P.O.V.

I came to Dev. He is now standing alone with Eve.

“Dev, I should check Anna.” Eve said to him, concerned.

“You don’t have to as she has just left.” I informed them.

“What? Why?” Eve asked shockingly and then I told them everything.

“Oh, God! I shouldn’t have brought her here.” She said, regretting.

“Dev, could I go back home to check her?” She took Dev’s permission like a good submissive.

“Yeah, sure, baby. But be on time at night.” They passed a smile to each other.

“I’ll be on time, Master.” She kissed his lips and left.

“I have found my new submissive, Dev.” I told him cheerily and grinned widely like a kid.

His eyes also shimmered with curiosity after knowing this and he asked, “who is she?”

“Anna.” As I told him, he gasped and drink spit out of his mouth in shock.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Ethan?”

“I’m not kidding, I’m serious. I won’t get a more challenging girl than her. She is exactly what I was finding.”

“No, Dude. I know she’s challenging but she’s not into this relationship. She’s a free bird type girl, Ethan. It’s impossible to control her and make her agree to this relationship.”

Now he is demotivating me.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Nothing is impossible for me. She will come to me, you just watch.”

“I can just wish you good luck, Ethan.” He side hugged me.

“Won’t you help me? because you know her better than me for now.”

“I know her, that’s why I’m asking you to stop wasting your time.”

Will he just stop demotivating me?

“Couldn’t you support your friend?”

“I’ll do everything at my level.”

“So send me her number.”

Anna’s P.O.V.

I’m lying in my bed in my pyjamas. I’m scolding myself for going there and munching chocolate in anger. I eat lots of chocolate when I get angry.

Eve knocked on the door and asked, “Anna, are you fine?”

“Bro, just leave, I’m not in a mood.” I yelled at her.

“Anna, please, open the door and talk to me.” She pleaded

After that, I didn’t respond to her. I’m so angry with her for taking me there and I know if I open the door, today I’m surely going to hurt her badly with my words. I have learnt one thing in my life that we should stay numb when we’re angry as the words said in anger can spoil the relationship.

After trying a lot to convince me to talk to her, she said, “I’m sorry, Anna. Call me when you feel better, I’m going to meet Dev.”

Dev’s P.O.V.

I’m waiting for my submissive to punish her for coming late to the club. I love her a lot. She is my life and my priority is to keep her happy and satisfied. She smiles and my world shines brightly. She brought colours to my dark life. I’m so blessed to have her. She isn’t my submissive, my whole world. She is such a beautiful and smart woman with blonde hair and has a toned physique. She has brought sunshine to my life.

She stepped into my room, I looked at her with a smile on my face but my brows creased as I saw her facial expression. She is looking gloomy, her lips are drawn down.

What happened to her?

I stood up from the sofa and strolled to her.

I engulfed her in my arms and asked her. “What happened, baby?” I rubbed her back to calm her down.

“Anna is very angry with me. She is not talking to me. She didn’t even open the door of her room. She had never done this with me before.” She told me grimly as we pulled apart.

I clasped her face. “She is just angry after what happened to her in the club. Give her some time, she will talk to you herself. Don’t worry.” I explained to her, stroking her cheeks with my thumbs.

“You know that I don’t like it when anybody gets upset because of me.”

I nodded. “Yes. I know very well, baby. That’s why I’m explaining to you to don’t worry, she will surely talk to you tomorrow.”

“I hope so.” She said and I kissed her forehead before pulling her into my arms.

“Feeling better?” I asked her after few minutes when we pulled apart.

“I’m feeling so good now.” She finally smiled at me and I felt like I got my breath back.

“What about my punishment, Master?” She asked me.

“Today no punishment, only love. I want to make your mood happy by making you feel incredible.”

She moved closer to me and whispered against my lips. “Your punishments also make me feel incredible, Master.”

I smiled broadly before capturing her lips by grasping her hair with one hand and clutching her waist with my other hand. I kissed her passionately by pulling her head back and yanking her closer to me.

“So punishment time, Eve.” He stated after breaking the kiss.


“Yes! Baby.” I nodded, grinning.

“I’m excited for the punishment, Master.” She said excitedly.

“So follow me to the red room like a good girl.” I ordered before stepping out of the room and she followed me like a good submissive.

I opened the door of the red room.

“Strip for me, my bad girl.” I sat on the sofa and ordered her.

She is standing in front of me and like a good submissive she started removing her clothes.

After she removed her all clothes and I again ordered her. “Lie down on the bed.” She instantly lay on the bed.

She is lying on the bed waiting for me. I’m deliberately making her wait for me like she had made me wait for her in the club.


“Master, I’m waiting for you.” She told me politely, looking at me in anticipation.

Aww. I just love the way how desperate she is for me.

I didn’t reply to her and after five minutes, I strolled to her.

These five minutes were like five hours for her as in these five minutes, she asked me why I’m not coming hundred times.


But she deserves this punishment today and this is just the beginning she doesn’t know that.

I looked at her angry face and now she isn’t even looking at me.

“My baby, you made me wait for you at the club like this, so you deserve this punishment. Don’t get angry and take your punishment like a good girl.” I told her and now she understood that it’s part of her punishment.

“I’m sorry, Master, but I can’t take it when you ignore me.” She made a sad face.

She melted my heart with her cute sad pout. I came above her and pinned her both hands above her head and start kissing her deeply, rubbing my crotch against her groin vigorously, making her go crazy.

“I love you, my baby girl.” After breaking the kiss, I confessed my love to her, deeply looking into her eyes.

“I love you more, Master.”

Then I started tying her hands with the cuffs which are attached to the bed from all corners. I cuffed her wrists and ankles to the bed. She is now fully exposed to me in this position and this is making me hard.

“You’re looking super hot, Eve.” She blushed hard.

My baby!

I spanked her pussy with my hand, she jumped up and shouted in response, “who will say thank you to her master when he gave you compliment?” I love to tease her.

“Thank you, Master.” I grinned.

Now I started rubbing her clit with my thumb and playing with one of her twins with my other hand, she is just moaning and moving her head in pleasure which I’m giving to her.

Now I shoved my two fingers into her. I immediately took it out and again pushed them into her. She is just moaning, she can’t even move her legs and hands. l like it the most.

” Master, I’m so close.” She told me.

“Don’t cum, baby.” I ordered her and she squeezed her eyes to control herself not to cum and I fingered her hard and fast now.

“Could I cum master, please?” She begged me now.

“I said no.” I warned her and slightly slapped her pussy four times after taking out my fingers and sucking them.

“You taste so good, baby.”

Now I stood up and started going out of the room.

“Where are you going, Master?” She asked me in shock.

“You have to wait for me, baby girl like I had waited for you.” I winked at her before leaving. She cried out in frustration behind me.

After ten minutes I came back. She is lying, irritated, waiting for me, her eyes are closed.

“I’m back, baby girl.” As I said, her eyes shot open.

“Please, Master, I can’t wait more. I need you badly.” She requested, dying for me.

And this is enough for me. I pulled down my jeans and shoved deep into her, making her scream. I rammed into her, finally giving her what she needed.

After one hour, we’re lying cuddling each other in the white duvet. She’s listening to my heartbeat and I’m kissing her head and hand. Like this, we both fell asleep.

Anna’s P.O.V.

I’m trying to sleep and suddenly my phone beeped up. I received a message from an unknown number.

I opened it and my brows raised in surprise after reading the message.

Unknown: Hey, Butterfly.

Seriously! Me butterfly?

Me: I’m already in bad mood, so are you fucking telling me, who you’re?

Unknown: I didn’t expect such a rude reply of my such a sweet message.

Me: Whatever. I’m blocking you.

I waited for his reply before unblocking him.

Unknown: I’m Ethan. Dev’s friend.

I opened my mouth in an O shape. I should say thank you to him, he saved me today.

I was saving his number and his message popped up.

Ethan: I’m sorry, you have to face all this in my club. You were our guest. You shouldn’t be treated like this.

I’m shocked by his message. I didn’t expect his apology.

Me: You shouldn’t be sorry. And thank you for coming at the right time.

Ethan: Taking care of our guest is our duty, Miss.
And you were our special guest.

Mechanically a smile flashed on my face.

Me: But still thank you.

Ethan: You can visit another club with me. I promise I won’t let that happen again.

Me: After what happened today, I’ll never visit those types of clubs again.

Ethan: But didn’t you like what was happening there?

Me: I won’t lie, I like some of it and I don’t know why. But what your friend did with that girl, I just hate it. How can he control her so much? Why the girl is with him? It was so humiliating. I couldn’t even see that.

I don’t know why I’m telling him everything but it’s happening automatically. I’m feeling good to share what is going in my mind with somebody.

Ethan: Max can only do what she allows him to do with her. She can use the safe word anytime if she really feels Max is going off-limit. BDSM relationship isn’t just about control. It’s much more. Dom and Sub, both have powers. Dom always thinks about his Sub’s needs and pleasure and he takes care of his sub. He gives all power to his sub to stop him whenever she wants by using the safe word. In return, he only asks the sub to obey him and respect him.

Me: and about the pain? Your club name is also pain and pleasure.

Now I’m getting more curious to know about this.

Ethan: Pain can be pleasurable too.

I rolled my eyes after reading his message.

Me: Really? How?

Ethan: You really want to know?

Me: Yes, of course, I’m curious now.

Ethan: I can only show when you become my submissive.

Seriously? He wants to make me his submissive?

Me: Not in this birth.

Ethan: Ouch! It hurts. Why can’t you be my submissive?

Me: Because I hate this relationship. Living in the rules and following someone’s order like a puppet isn’t the cup of my tea.

Ethan: You shouldn’t hate something if you don’t know about it completely or you haven’t experienced it.

Me: I know about it.

Ethan: You don’t know a single thing about it, butterfly. If you had known, you would have never denied being my submissive.

Me: I think, it’s enough for today. Good night.

Ethan: Good night, butterfly and have sweet dreams.

I’m not understanding that why I was talking to dom and telling him how much I hate what you’re and what you do. He must get angry.

But he didn’t seem angry.

I should say sorry to him for questioning his relationship.

He was talking so sweetly with me.

Why the fuck I’m thinking about him?

I should sleep.

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