Desire To Control Her (Part: 2 Pain and Pleasure club)


Anna’s P.O.V.

“Pain and Pleasure club.” I read the name of the club and stared at Eve in disbelief.

“Seriously, Eve, why did you take me to this club?” I asked her.

She chuckled, “I just want you to experience something new. If you don’t like it, you can go, I won’t stop you.”

“Let’s see.” I said and we both stepped into the club.

I gasped seeing the people walking shamelessly naked and half-naked in the club. Waitresses in the club are braless. People are making out in groups. I can hear the girls moaning and screaming from all around with the loud music.

This is seriously unbelievable.

What the fuck I’m doing here?

I looked at Eve, she is so normal to be here as she visits these types of clubs frequently.

Then something caught my attention. I saw one girl, she is tied up naked with the chair. She is blindfolded, her vagina is fully exposed and stretched. A boy is rubbing the vibrator on her clit. I think he must be his Dom. People are gathered around them watching them, including me. I won’t lie, this is turning me on. I can’t move my eyes from them.

What the fuck is happening to me?

“Could I cum, Master, please?” Her submissive is literally begging him.

Oh my God, this is too much for me to see this torture. But deep inside I become curious to know that he will let her cum or not. I don’t know what is happening to me and why the fuck I’m enjoying this.

“You can’t cum easily today, my slave, this is just starting.” Her Dom removed the vibrator from her clit.

Poor her.

Now he started pulling down his pants with one hand and he is spanking her pussy hard with his other hand.

Why the fucking it’s turning me on?

Anna, Ignore it. This is insane.

I took a deep breath and ignored it by turning my attention towards Eve. I saw her waving at her Dom, Dev. I looked at him. He is sitting with his friends. One of his friends caught my attention who is checking me out. My heart almost skipped beating as I saw him as he is ruggedly handsome. I’m speechless. How on the earth anybody can be so damn attractive?

He’s sitting wearing a white shirt. The first few buttons are opened from the top which is increasing his hotness. His muscles are bulging out of his shirt. He is so damn attractive and charming. I never felt like this before. He’s taking my breath away and hypnotising me with his intense eyes.


I came on the earth back as Eve said, “let’s go.”

“What? I’m going home.” I almost shouted at her.

“At least meet my boyfriend.” She looked at me pleadingly.

“You’re saying like I never met him before.”

“But it doesn’t look good. He has already seen you.” I glared at her.

“Please, Anna.” She insisted to come and made a puppy face to melt my heart.

“Okay, fine.” I accepted and followed her.

I must say all the boys are handsome but the most attractive one is still checking me out. I’m kind of feeling shy.

Dev hugged Eve and kissed her cheek.

He whispered something in her ear which I heard as I’m standing close to them. “You’re late, I’ll punish you in private tonight.” I just stared at them. Eve gave him a sorry look but her eyes glinted with excitement.

“So Guys, she’s my friend. Anna.” She introduced me to the boys. I just smiled at them.

“Good to see you here, Anna.” Dev said to me and I passed him a small smile in response.

“So he’s Ethan, Max, Alex and Stefan.” Dev introduced them to me. So the one who is checking me out is Ethan, the hottest one among them. His presence is making me insane.

“You bad slave, who gave you permission to raise your head and look around.” Suddenly Max shouted at the girl who is kneeling before him in a lingerie set. He yanked her hair. I didn’t notice her before. I’m sure she must be his submissive. But shouting at her in front of his friends is not right. This is crazy.

“Stand up and bend across my lap now.” He ordered her, sitting on the stool.

She stood up obediently and apologized, bowing her head down. “I’m sorry, Master.”

“Lara, I asked you to do something.” He yelled at her and she flinched.

He looks so angry. Why? Lara was just looking around. Seriously this is too much. Why the hell she is listening to him?

I can’t take this. This is so wrong.

She bent across Max’s lap and he yanked down her panty harshly. This is so humiliating.

He started spanking her, saying, “Lara, do you know why I’m spanking you?”

“Because I don’t follow your instructions, Master.” She cried out in pain as he is constantly spanking her.

“After getting spanked in front of my friends, you will learn your lesson.” He said evilly.

He is a sadist person.

“I’m sorry, Master.” She again apologized. He stopped and pulled up her panty.

“You may stand up now.” He ordered her and she stood up.

“I’m really sorry, Master. I’ll follow your instructions now.” She said, bowing her head down.

I shook my head in disbelief.

“Now kneel back and complete your punishment.”

She complied with him instantly.

I looked at Eve, she is busy talking to Dev, standing with him.

“Eve, I’m going to the washroom.” I told her and she just nodded at me.

I went from there. My mind is twirling after seeing all this. I’m not understanding what an innocent girl like me doing here.

I saw people roaming and crawling like a pet all around naked casually. A girl is bent over the table and someone is putting a butt plug into her.

Suddenly I bumped into a strong man by mistake.


I opened my mouth to apologise but he suddenly grasped my hair and yanked it, making me wince in pain. “You slut, don’t you have eyes. Who is your Dom?” He barked at me.

Did he just call me slut?

How dare he?

“Fucking leave my hair, you bastard or I’ll break your balls.” I yelled at him with outrage but he grasped my hair tighter.

This fucking Bastard!

He raised his hand to slap me but somebody held his hand before it landed on my cheek.

Thank God!

If the person had slapped me, I would have certainly broken every bone of his hand.

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