Desire To Control Her (Part: 1 A Sudden Urge) Sidnaaz


Sana’s P.O.V.

I’m getting ready for the club. It’s not a normal club. It’s a BDSM club. No, No, I’m not into all this. I don’t like it if anybody controls me. I’m a free bird. I have my own sets of rules.

But my best friend, Eve is in this relationship. She loves her Dom and he loves her too. Her Dom Is Dev, he is a nice human being but a strict dom. He is very strict with his rules. Eve shares some time about him with me and I get goosebumps after listening to their session. But I have met him personally, he is a very nice person. She loves him, so I’m okay with them.

The club is owned by Dev’s friend, Sidharth. Eve had told me this.

I’m wearing sexy red midi today which is reaching up to my mid-thigh.

Forget to introduce myself, I’m Sana Gill, from India, but now I live with my best friend, Eve in LA. We owned a cafe here. My parents live in India and her parents live here in LA only. Eve is from a very rich family but she always wanted to do something on her own, therefore we opened a cafe together after our studies. I’m a complete chatterbox and live my life like a free bird.

We both have an interest in cooking delicious food. Our cafe is petty famous. I’m so proud of us.

Eve stepped into my room and I turned around as I saw her through the mirror. She is looking stunning in a black hot dress.

“Sana, you’re looking so fucking hot. I’m telling you, today so many doms are going to approach you.” She praised me.

“And I’m going to reject them with a smile.” I grinned widely.

“Poor Doms.” She made a sad pout, feeling pity for them.

“No, they’re lucky Dom as you know me, it’s very difficult to control me when I lose my temper. Nobody can control me and I’ll never allow it.” I said in attitude.

“They have their own ways to control their submissive.” She said and I rolled my eyes.

“By the way, I’m seriously not understanding why are you taking me to this party.”

“Maybe you like it and find your Dom there.” She winked at me.

She is such a tease.

“Shut up. You say anything.” I chided her.

“But honestly, I have a feeling that this party is going become a turning point of your life.” She uttered in a serious tone.

I just shook my head. I’ll never come into this type of relationship. It’s true, the BDSM sessions fascinate me but I don’t like to be controlled. I don’t want rules in my life. I can’t take anybody’s orders. I hate everything about this relationship. I don’t understand why people come into this relationship.

“Really? Let’s see because I know myself very well that I will never come into this relationship, not even in a dream also.” I said with full confidence and we both left for the party.

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

I’m in my BDSM club, standing with my friends, Dev, Max, Stefan and Alex. Dev is my best buddy, he knows everything about me while Max and Alex are my great friends, and Stefan, I don’t know what he is doing in our group. I don’t like him at all. I, Dev, Max and Alex share a great bonding. They are an important part of my life and I genuinely care for them.

My father is the owner of many clubs, BDSM clubs, bars, hotels and casinos. His name comes in one of the tenth top richest people. I’m handling his business. He’s also in a BDSM relationship with my stepmom.

I have a step-sister, Kiara, I love her like my own sister. She doesn’t know about BDSM relationships. She is out from all this because I can’t see my sister getting control and punished by another person. We treat her like a Princess. I don’t feel like she will like all this. The people who are important to me, I can go to any extent for their happiness.

“It’s been two months, Sidharth, you still didn’t find a submissive for you. How are you managing it?” Max asked me, siping the wine.

His submissive, Lara is sitting kneeling in front of him on the floor in lingerie, bowing her head down and her hands are behind her back. She is not allowed to talk, Max is punishing her for disobeying him. I’m a bit shocked because he never punished his submissive in public before. He likes to keep his life secretive with his submissive. I’m finding something fishy.

“What type of sub do you want?” Now Alex asked me.

I opened my mouth to answer him but Dev answered him before me. “Now he wants a challenging submissive in his life, he wants to experience something different.”

He knows everything about me. We’re best friends since childhood. I share everything with him.

“Yeah, now I’m bored with the subs who are easy to control. There is no fun to control them. This time I want someone to be a bit different. As Dev said, I want a challenging submissive.” I told them and they all laughed.

Alex said, “I hope you find your type of submissive at this party.”

“I hope so because you know I’m dying to control a new woman.” I took a sip of my red wine.

“Look, my love, Eve has come.” Dev said, catching our attention and we all looked in the direction where he pointed.

I saw Eve in the black dress and then a woman caught my attention who is coming to us with her. She is looking so damn hot in the red dress. I found her quite attractive and sexy. She has long dark brown hair and a doll-like face, a small nose, full cheeks. She is wearing a red tight-fitted dress and it seems like her tits are begging me to free them by ripping her dress. As my eyes drifted down to her sexy legs, my hands ached to touch them. Her body is perfect. I want her.

After a long time, a woman has grabbed my attention. I felt a sudden urge to control her.

“I want to make her my submissive no matter what.” I thought, checking her out with deep desires in my eyes and my lips drew up to a grin.

I’m extremely delighted to find my new submissive. At last my wait is over.

I have never seen her here or with Eve. Who is she? But I’m certain that I want to know her in deep and control her.

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