Monster’s Bride (Part: 61 Danger) Sidnaaz


Sana is trying to call Sidharth but he isn’t answering her calls. She is extremely anxious for him. The weather is not good outside, everything is giving her negative vibes. Her sixth sense is saying to her that something terrible is going to happen. She is scared, she wants her husband as she feels secure with him.

“Baby, please, pick up my phone.” She said, continuously calling him, roaming across her room.

“Baby, kha ho aap? (Where are you?) You know I got so scared when you weren’t answering my calls.” She flared up as he answered the call.

“Bacha, calm down. I’m fine. By the way, I’m happy.” As he said, she narrowed her bemusedly.

“I’m glad that you’re happy, Sidharth. But Am I missing something?”

“I’m happy because I think now finally Mukti will come on the right path. Today she wasn’t showing hatred towards you. You will give her brother back and then she won’t hate you. I’m sure one day she will certainly see your kindness and love you. I’m getting positive vibes that everything is going to be fine soon.” She felt a bit of relief after listening to his words and seeing his confidence.

But she is still anxious because she isn’t understanding why suddenly she is getting so restless.

“Sidharth, I want to meet you right now.”

Now he became worried for her that why suddenly she wants to meet him.

“Sweetheart, Is everything alright? Did Mukti say something to you?” He asked concernedly.

“How do I tell you, Sidharth that for the first time in my life, I’m so afraid to die.” She wondered. She is scared that how her baby will survive if something happens to her. She doesn’t want him to go into darkness and become a Monster again.

“I just want to meet my husband, can’t I?” Now she asked in a fun tone so that he doesn’t question her more. But he understood that there is something fishy. He knows his wifey very well.

“Okay, I’m coming, bacha.” He hung up the phone after saying this.

“Ganu Ji, please keep everything fine.” She prayed to God, joining her hands and closing her eyes.

Mukti is sitting silently and staring at the wall like a lifeless soul.

“Mukti, Sidharth loves you. He will surely come back.” Cabir assured her.

“This all is happening because of Sana. Today Sidharth left us because of her. She snatched him from us.” Alia is still blaming Sana for all this and Cabir glared at her as he is tired of all this. He never hated Sana, he was doing all this for the sake of friendship.

“Shut up, Alia. This is all your fault. You planned to send goons behind her. If you hadn’t done this, today bhai would have been with me. It’s all your fault.” Mukti rebuked her, pushing her on the floor harshly. She lost control over herself in anger.

“Give my Bhai back or I’ll you.” She picked up the knife from the fruit basket and raised her hand to attack Alia. Cabir grasped her from behind. Alia stared at her in shock, she became terrified.

“Mukti, stop, what are you doing. Have you lost it?” Cabir shouted and snatched the knife from her hand.

“I’m losing my mind. Leave me alone. I don’t want anybody.” She barked at them, pushing Cabir. They left from there.

“Bhai, please come back. I need you.” Mukti howled in agony after slumping down on the floor. She is shattered because she is thinking her brother hates her and she lost him forever. He is the only person whom she loves. She tried to commit suicide because she knew that her brother is there to save her, but now he has gone who will protect her, she is thinking. He was her everything.

On the other hand, Sana is waiting for Sidharth, pacing across the room restlessly. She saw the smoke coming into her room and she hastily opened the door. She became shocked to see the whole mansion burning. The fire is reaching her door. There is hustle-bustle in the mansion, maid and butler are scurrying out to save themselves.

“No, no, I can’t die. I have to save myself.” She rushed out of the mansion to protect herself without thinking anything.

As she reached out safely, she immediately called the fire brigade. She is sweating and coughing badly.

“Sorry, Ganu Ji that today I didn’t help anybody because you know my life is so important for my husband. I can’t put my life in danger as somebody else’s life is connected to my life.” She is so guilty and feeling selfish to protect herself first and not helping others.

She saw Cabir and Alia coming out.

“Where is Mukti?” She rushed to them and asked worriedly.

“I think she is still inside.” Cabir told her, staring at the burning mansion anxiously. Sana palmed her mouth in shock.

“Mukti…” Cabir and Alia started shouting to call her.

Sana is standing numb. She wants to save Mukti but today she is extremely frightened to die. Tears trickled down her cheeks mechanically.

“I have to protect Mukti as I don’t want to regret later for not doing anything after having a chance.” She thought and ran into the burning Mansion to protect Mukti for Sidharth. She put her life in danger for him because she loves him a lot.

Cabir and Alia stared at each other in shock. They can’t believe that Sana put her life in danger to protect Mukti. They are in utter disbelief because they don’t know who is Sana.

“Mukti… Mukti…” Sana is calling her continuously and coughing badly because of the smoke.

She hurriedly reached her room without wasting a single second and saw the door of her room burning.

“What I should do now?” She thought while coughing and breathing heavily. Then her eyes fell over the rod.

She hastily picked it up and screamed in pain as the rod is extremely hot. She started hitting the door with it, putting her all pain on the side.

She hurled the rod and entered inside when the door broke down.

“Mukti, are you crazy? Can’t you see the fire? Get up.” Sana shouted at her as she saw Mukti sitting at the corner of the room.

“Why have you come here to save me? Go, I don’t want to live. Let me die, I don’t deserve to live.” She yelled. She is still in the trauma of losing her brother.

“Mukti, Sidharth loves you. He will surely if,” she coughed. “If something happens to you. Please come with me.” She begged her, crying.

“Do he still loves me?” She asked like a baby after standing up and her eyes shone a bit.

“Yes, he can never stop loving her. You’re like his daughter. You have no idea how much he loves you, Mukti.” She told her, covering her with the blanket. A smile of relief flashed on her face after knowing this.

Then Sana started taking her out. Mukti is now staring at her in utter shock and disbelief because the woman whom she had always abused and humiliated and even tried to kill her, today that woman is saving her.

Outside, Sidharth reached Mansion and his eyes widened in shock as he saw the whole mansion is on fire. He saw Alia and Cabir standing out.

“Where are Sana and Mukti?” The first thought came into his mind.

“Are they inside?” He became anxious and his breath got stuck in his throat, thinking this as the two most important people of his life are inside. He can’t lose them.

“Where are Mukti and Sana?” He asked anxiously from Cabir and Alia about them.

“They are inside. Sana had escaped out safely but she went inside again to save Mukti.” Cabir told him, falling the bomb over him.

He rushed toward the mansion to save his lifelines.

“Sidharth, please, now you don’t go inside.” Cabir stopped him by holding him from behind.

“Let me go, Cabir. I’ll die if I lose any one of them.” He cried out, his heart is thumping with fright. He can’t imagine his life without them.

Then they saw Sana coming out covering Mukti with the blanket. There is burn marks all over her arms.

He sighed with profound relief seeing both of them fine. Sidnaaz passed a faint smile to each other. Mukti is still staring at her in utter disbelief.

He froze as he saw the ceiling is about to fall on them. His heart almost stopped beating.

“Sana… Mukti….” his scream startled them and they moved their eyes up. Their eyes dilated in horror as the burning ceiling fell on them.

They both hurriedly ran out hand in hand to protect themselves and the ceiling fell on the floor after they left. Sidharth, Cabir and Alia hurried to them. He is feeling like he got his breath back after seeing them fine.

“Thank God you both are fine.” He uttered, placing his hand on their face, smiling with profound relief. Sana gave him a smile in response but the next moment only she fainted over him, placing her hand on her belly.

“Sweetheart.” He patted her cheek worriedly. He scooped her in his arms and dashed to the car.

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