Monster’s Bride (Part: 60 Please, forgive me) Sidnaaz


Now Sidnaaz are standing outside of Shukla Mansion. Today is a big day for them as they are going to take a huge step which is going to be very difficult for a brother like Sidharth.

“Baby, all the best.” She wished him, warmly hugging him. He wrapped his arms around her, closing his eyes.

“Thank you for everything.” He said after breaking the hug and placed a kiss on her hand. She smiled at him.

They stepped into the mansion hand in hand with their eyes filled with determination. A servant came with the water for them.

“Bring all of them.” Sana ordered the servant and he immediately left to bring them.

Sidnaaz settled down in the hall. She looked at him and he gave her a worried look.

She clasped his hand and squeezed a bit to assure. “Everything will get fine soon. Trust me.” She smiled at him as she knows her smile is his strength.

“I trust you, sweetheart.” He gave him a faint smile and kissed her hand.

Then he got lost in deep thoughts, staring straight and she kept staring at him, holding his hand tightly. He is thinking about Mukti and she is praying to God to give his sister to him.

“Bhai.” As they heard Mukti sorrowful voice from behind, they stood up.

Sidharth took a deep breath to muster up courage before turning towards her with Sana. They saw Mukti, Alia and Cabir in the worst state because they were locked in the room for three days, their hair messed up, their clothes and face untidy. He felt like crying after seeing his sister’s condition. He had never wanted to see her like this but she deserves this as she had tried to kill his wife, his life.

But his brows knitted in anger after listening to Mukti’s next words.

“Bhai, look what this bitch did with her. This bitch,” her words arose his anger and he shut her mouth by giving her a tight slap.

Alia and Cabir stared at him in shock and disbelief.

“Mukti, she is your bhabhi, my wife. You should respect her.” He yelled at her and Mukti is standing, holding her cheek, staring at Sidharth in disbelief and her eyes became moist.

Sidharth lost his temper when Mukti abused the girl who is doing so much for her.

“Bhai.” She said incredulously. She is badly hurt, not because he slapped her, she is hurt because he slapped her for Sana, the girl whom she hates the most.

“What Sana did with all of you is nothing in front of what you did with her. You sent goons to kill her. You all deserve to go to jail.” He rebuked them in fury. Sana is just silently staring at Sidharth with so much love in her eyes.

She had been waiting for him to support her in front of his family since the day she came to his house after marrying him. She had always wished her husband to take her stand and today finally he is fighting for her. Today she has realised that her husband loves her the most and she is so blessed to have him.

Suddenly Mukti grasped her neck and barked. “Bhai, I hate her and I’ll kill her.” Sidharth’s eyes widened in horror and Sana is trying hard to remove her hand.

“Mukti, leave her.” Sidharth yelled and pushed Mukti on the floor in anger. Sana coughed, placing her hand on her chest. She is trying to catch her breath back.

Sidharth encircled his arms around her shoulder, anxious for her. “Mukti, dare if you try to do anything with Sana. Jaan hai voh meri. Did you listen, she is my life and my whole fucking world. If you again try to hurt her, you will see my worst side.” He warned her in a livid tone, glaring at Mukti and pointing his finger at her. She is staring at him in disbelief, lying on the floor and crying.

Cabir and Alia are also shocked to see this.

“Bhai, I’m your life, your sister.” She uttered, sobbing.

He sneered at her and rolled his eyes. “You’re nothing to me now. I regretted that you’re my sister. Today I’m breaking my all relation with you.” He stated after putting a stone over his heart.

He is extremely angry with her but he can never break his relation with her. This is part of his plan.

Mukti felt like her whole world collapsed in front of her eyes after listening to her brother’s words. She stood up and went to him.

“Bhai, please don’t do this. I’m your sister.” She begged in front of him, crying. Now she became frightened to lose the most important part of her life, her brother. She can’t even imagine her life without him. Tears rolled down Sidnaaz’s eyes mechanically, seeing this.

He wiped his tears and clasped Sana’s hand. “Sweetheart, let’s go. I don’t want to live with these criminals anymore.” He said without looking at Mukti for once even.

“Sidharth, how could you do with us? You can’t leave fab4 like this.” Cabir said and Alia nodded, agreeing to him. Sidharth just scowled at them and marched to the main door of the mansion by holding Sana’s hand.

“Bhai, you can’t go leaving me like this alone. Please, forgive me. I promise now I won’t do anything which hurts you but please don’t leave me. Please, forgive me. If I had known that you love Sana, I would have never done this. Bhai, I love you, I’ll die without you.” She screamed, crying badly and stopped him by holding his leg. Sana cried silently, seeing her condition. She can’t see anybody in pain. Tears brimmed in Sidharth’s eyes but he didn’t turn to look at her as this time he doesn’t want to fall weak and spoil the plan.

“Sidharth, she has realised her mistake. Forgive her.” She said, placing her hand over his shoulder.

“Sana, for god sake stop being so kind always. She tried to kill you and how could you forgive her so easily?” Now Sidharth shouted at Sana and she stared at him pleadingly.

“Sidharth, she is your sister. I know you’re doing all this in anger, but later it will hurt you the most and you know I can’t see you in pain.” She explained to him after clasping his face.

Mukti is just crying in agony, looking down at the floor. Right now she only wants her brother back. She can’t afford to lose him. She will die without him.

“I don’t care to get hurt. I just only know one thing that I won’t forgive Mukti because she tried to kill you.” Now he said, glaring at Mukti. She’s crying holding his legs, kneeling on the floor.

“Sidharth, if you want to go, you can go but I will not leave this house, this house is mine.” Sana stated, making everyone shocked except Sidharth as this is part of their plan.

“Sweetheart, I can’t leave you here alone with them, you have come with me.” He said, dragging her towards the main door.

“Bhai, please stop. Don’t go, please.” Mukti howled, running behind them.

“Sana, please forgive me and please stop him.” She pleaded, folding her hands in front of Sana.

“Sidharth, please forgive her.” She requested and then only Sidharth stormed out of the mansion after leaving her hand.

“Bhai, please, come back. Please, forgive me. I’ll die without you.” She whimpered in anguish. Alia and Cabir tried to console her by hugging her. Sana is also shedding silent tears, seeing her. She can’t see anybody in pain.

“Mukti, I’ll bring your brother back. You have realised your mistake and this is enough for me.” Sana reassured her, placing her hand over her shoulder.

“I just want my Bhai back. I’ll do anything, just bring him back.” She begged in front of Sana.

Sana has no hatred towards her as she is the kindest soul and her heart is pure like crystal. She can do anything for her husband and his family. For now, they can’t see her kindness but soon they will as God is planning something huge for them.

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