Monster’s Bride (Part: 55 A Shocking News) Sidnaaz


Sidharth’s P.O.V.

I’m in heaven right now as I’m lying cuddling my sweetheart. I’m feeling so peaceful in her arms, forgetting my all tension.

I still want to send fab3 to the jail but Sana will never allow me.

“Baby, I have a plan in my mind. I promise if this plan doesn’t affect Mukti, I won’t ask you to act more and I’ll support you whatever you do next.” She said, her eyes are shining with hope. She is working to make Mukti a good person more than me. She is doing this for me because she loves me truly and my happiness is everything for her. I’m so so blessed to have her.

“You have a very big heart, Sana. I don’t know when will Mukti see your kindness and your big heart.” I said, caressing her face with my thumb.

She gave me a pretty smile and uttered, “she will see very soon but for that, you have to become evil in front of her and then only she can able to see my goodness and she will realise her mistake. Trust me, Sidharth, this will surely affect her in a good way.” She said, looking at me with determination in her eyes.

Now, what’s going in her tiny mind? She always has plans after plans. From where does this girl get so many ideas?

“Okay, so tell me what’s the plan.” I asked her, because of her only I once again got a hope to see Mukti becoming a good person.

She told me the plan. It was a bit difficult for me but I’ll be strong this time and Mukti deserves to see my evil side.

“Baby, if you don’t wanna do this, then it’s okay.” She uttered after a few minutes of silence, thinking I’m not ready for this.

She always thinks about me. Why she is so good?

“I’m ready to do this. But you have to promise me that you will take care of yourself and ‘Amit’ your bodyguard will stay with you.” I said in a stern tone and she laughed.

“Okay, my overprotective baby. Now let me sleep because I know these three days you won’t let me sleep.” She said after placing her head on my chest.

She is smart. She knows we’re alone in this house and I won’t let her sleep, I’ll love her every single second. She knows me more than I know myself.

We’ll work on our plan after three days when fab3 punishment will end. I’m so excited to spend these three days with my sweetheart. I’ll make these days the best days of her life which she will never forget.

I smiled with utter contentment and slept, hugging her tightly in my arms after kissing her hair.

Three Days Later

Sana’s P.O.V.

These three days passed with blur. It’s said truly that life passes so quickly when we’re happy. I’m living a dreamful life with my husband. He treats me like a queen and he cares for me so much. We had a lot of fun and unlimited romance but still, I’m not satisfied. I want him more. I craved for him a bit more every day. After meeting him I understood what are sexual desires and having lust isn’t wrong. My desire increases every day. He very well knows how to set my body on fire always. We have a profound love and sexual desires, both are in our relationship.

In these three days, we made love at every corner of this penthouse. Garden, at the door, elevator, corridors, hall, lobby, dining room, bathroom, stairs, kitchen, swimming pool, backyard, terrace, we marked every place of this house with our love.

Sidharth is a gem but he always blames himself for everything. I hope I can give his little sister back to him the way he wants. I’m doing this for him only. I know he still loves Mukti a lot and he had decided to send her to jail for my safety. I know he tries to be happy but from inside he is shattered because of what Mukti is doing. I hope this time my plan works and he stays strong this time. I’m just hoping for the best.

I came out of the bathroom in the bathrobe after the shower and smiled broadly as I saw my baby still sleeping cutely, hugging the pillow.

I strolled to him and kissed his forehead, ruffling his hair after sitting beside him. He smiled in sleep and placed his head on my lap, clasping my hands. I smiled broadly and caressed his hair with my free hand. For a few minutes, I kept gazing at my sleeping baby, forgetting everything.

Then I realised I have to make breakfast.

“Baby, let me go.” I said lovingly, caressing his hair.

“No, I like to sleep like this.” He replied to me in a sleepy tone.

“I have to make your favourite aloo paratha, baby. Now let me go.” As I said, he instantly raised her head from my lap and kept on the pillow without opening his eyes.

“Only letting you go because of my favourite aloo paratha.” He said in a sleepy tone.

He is talking to me in the half-sleep like a small baby. I just love him so much.

I chuckled and stood up after kissing his temple.

“Come soon.” Now he said after opening his eyes and I smiled at him.

“Okay, I’ll come back as soon as possible after making paratha for you.”

“I’m sleeping again till then.” He said, hugging the pillow and again closed his eyes. I just beamed at him.

He’s so adorable! I love him so much.

Then I wore my dress and came out. He sleeps late and then wakes up late. He loves to be pampered by me and even I love it when he calls me bacha and pampers me like a baby. We both pamper each other a lot.

Then my eyes fell on the newspaper which is kept on the table. It caught my attention as there is the photo of Sidharth and me, kissing each other in the newspaper. I hastily picked up the newspaper to read the news, confused and shocked.

Who clicked our this photo?

“Disappeared Rockstar is seen with his new slut.” I became blank after reading the headline.

How could they call me his slut? I’m his wife.

I feel wretched and my eyes became moist. After this, I turned on the TV with my shivering hand.

How could they say this?

“Look how the popular singer Sidharth Shukla is romancing openly. He always said in his interview that he doesn’t make girlfriends as he doesn’t believe in love. So who is this girl with him? Is she his new slut?” After listening to this, I felt like someone stabbed the sharp knife into my heart, tears trickled down my cheeks mechanically.

How could they call me Sidharth’s slut? I’m his wife.

Our kiss got viral. But who made this video?

I slumped on the floor with a thud, crying hysterically.

Why always us? Why does God examine our love again and again?

Today we were going to take a huge step and now this problem.

Why Ganu Ji? Why? Why can’t you let us live peacefully?

If Sidharth comes to know about this news, he will go mad. He can do anything in his anger. I have to be strong for him and hide this news from him. I can’t let him come across this nonsense news.

And I shouldn’t get affected by this news because I know I’m his wife and how much he loves me. It shouldn’t matter to me that what others think about us.

Yes, I don’t care what people think about us. It doesn’t matter to me, the only thing matters to me is that my husband loves me truly and immensely.

I gathered myself back and stood up holding the sofa. I wiped my tears and turned off the TV. I picked up the newspaper and rushed to dump it into the dustbin after crushing it.

I really don’t want Sidharth to ever come to know about this news.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing, standing beside the dustbin?” His voice startled me when I lifted my hand to dump the crushed newspaper into the dustbin. I’m standing facing my back to him. I clenched the newspaper, crushing it more, not understanding how to lie to him. I can’t tell him about the news. If he comes to know, he will lose his mind.

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